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Personal Correspondence to Hannah Murphy and Elegy Weld – Re: Heriah Rex

Message Inbox (Hannah Murphy and Elegy Weld)
March 2400
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FROM: Rikata Mol – Doctor / Counselor – Trill Military, Sciences Division

TO: Medical Resident, Starbase Bravo ENS Hannah Murphy

CC: Staff Psychiatrist, Starbase Bravo LT JG Elegy Weld

SUBJECT: Heriah Khatain Rex

Greetings from Trill. I am Doctor Rikata Mol, Joined Trill and both Doctor and Counselor for the Sciences Division of the Trill Military. I was recently assigned to Earth to study and become more familiar with humans and Earth. Quite a remarkable planet. My primary purpose for being on Earth was to look after our interests in Heriah Khatain Rex. I understand she was recently assigned to your starbase as counselor. LT JG Weld, I am sure you two will work closely together and work well together.

I have the honor of being both her doctor and counselor during her time on Earth studying at Starfleet Academy. I feel I know her quite well and wish for you to know her just as well, perhaps better, and to help guide her on her path.

A little about her though.

Heriah has been joined for only 14 months which include 2 months of observation on Trill and her final year on Earth. Her symbiont is named Rex and has undergone a traumatic history. It was Refkin Rex (male) who was an officer in our Special Forces who was captured and assimilated by the Borg. They attempted to assimilate Rex as well as the host but aborted when they saw they were going to kill the symbiont. Some scarring and implants still remain on Rex. We could not undo all the damage.

Refkin was rescued however only after 36 hours of Borg assimilation so full assimilation did not take place. The host took ill and died only a week later as his isoboramine levels plummeted fast. In those last days, he proved violent and nearly impossible to control. The next two hosts Davmorda (female) and Luftine (male) had similar tales along with similar results. Both were oriented in careers that some would consider violent. Both survived only 5 years before taking ill and eventually dying while also losing their minds to the apparent wrath of emotions stemming from the Rex symbiont.

It was I who stepped forward with a plan to find a kind and caring heart to be Rex’s next host, thus Heriah Khatain was called in. She was already on Earth and at the Academy. She agreed to the joining though hesitantly after seeing how Rex’ previous hosts lived their joined lives and eventually died. In her own words, Heriah may feel as a ‘rehabiliatory host for Rex.’

Symbionts are highly honored on our planet and losing one is a blow to the populace. And we certainly do not want to lose a symbiont because the previous hosts proved too violent. Which is why we chose a kind and loving heart. So, yes, Heriah is something of a rehabiliatory host. Her joining is something of an experiment to see if someone like Heriah can calm the pain and anger within the symbiont.

It was my assignment on Earth to see Heriah every two weeks for checkups and counseling sessions. Her joining with Rex seems to have gone well. The joining operation went as planned with few abnormalities stemming from the damage done to the symbiont. The 14 months I spent with her afterward was very pleasant. She did of course suddenly decide to focus on security as opposed to what she was already studying. That was something I did manage to talk her out of. It came as a surprise but Trill generally do take different paths once joined. She eventually took a page out of my book and turned to counseling. Though she did spend a great deal of time in the gym and fought in the Starfleet Academy bantam-weight combatives division.

At first, in our sessions, Heriah seemed to have battles with her emotions. She showed the occasional violent swing, sometimes seem to talk to herself, kept to herself, had nightmares, etc. almost anything you would expect from someone dealing with paranoia or multiple personalities. This can occur among newly joined Trills and effects 1 in 50 maybe. This all went away during our sessions as she became accustomed to being joined. Her path was harder and longer than most given the difficult history of the symbiont’s past.

You may have a little difficulty in dealing with Heriah as she can be stubborn. Believe me this stubbornness stems from Rex. Heriah may have a hard time with new people though she does try to make friends quickly. She can become anxious quite easily. See if her pupils dilate, if she sweats, or if her spots take on a red tint. Those are sure signs. She can generally calm herself. I have given her plenty of wisdom, words, phrases, meditation techniques, things to tame the beast you might say.

Her isoboramine levels remained high throughout this past year. Rex’s previous two hosts did start to lose isoboramine within a year of being joined. Though neither of them lived more than five years after accepting the Rex symbiont, Heriah shows no signs of having to suffer a similar fate.

My professional opinion is that all is well and she will prove herself more than adequate aboard your starbase. Please create a schedule to see her though. I would suggest she meet with the two of you on a monthly basis. Both of you at once if you prefer or stagger her visits. Doctor first then Counselor two weeks later then back to Doctor or the other way around. You decide.

If either of you should need me, you now have my contact information. Please do not hesitate to contact me should the need arise. Also, do not mention to her much of our messages back and forth. Heriah is a sweet woman but can take issue with others talking behind her back. She is aware however that I am sending you material.

Please find attached to this message a data stream containing session recordings, dialogues, my personal notes, and much more that I have developed over the past year in my dealings with Heriah Rex. These should prove useful in helping her better herself and prepare you for any unforeseen mishaps.

Please do import the replicator matrix for Benzocyatizine into your computer if you do not have it already and just in case you do not have a supply on board. It is the medication used to treat low serum isoboramine levels in Trill patients.  Heriah Rex is not on this medication nor have I ever had to administer any dosages. Just keep some handy in case the unforeseen happens to emerge.

All this and more is in my data stream. That and the Starfleet medical manual on Trill physiology should prove adequate I do hope you will find that it answers all of your questions.

Keep in mind though, should a Trill’s isoboramine levels drop below and remain lower than 40%, for any reason, emergency stasis treatment is mandatory in hopes to keep the symbiont alive for transfer to a new host. This is a remote scenario however as I, in my professional opinion, foresee nothing of the sort. You have a completely healthy Trill on your hands. We just need to keep her in top health.

May your path be smooth and clear of obstacles,

Rikata Mol




  • Doctor and Counselor, If you wish to create a dialogue or session recording in JP, I am more than willing to do so. You can take on the role of Rikata as doctor or counselor in said JP if you like. If you do however decide to write in that your characters perused the attached material, your reactions should be of minor concern. That there is no real danger here, but there does seem to be some things missing. Recall from my first post that the Trill were willing to leave out some stuff Starfleet did not need to know. So there may be gaps or it simply seems like something is missing or intentionally left out. Heriah is oblivious to this fact but Rikata is actually in love with her and this can come across in his writings (also 'attached'). Come up with what you will (just don't doom Heriah to death or some awful crime). Rikata's writings is something Heriah has not even seen, neither have I apparently. We are creating here, so let's create.

    April 29, 2022