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Heriah Rex

Trill Female

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Starbase Bravo




Heriah Khatain Rex

January 6, 2378 (Heriah Khatain) | January 19, 2399 (Heriah Rex) | UNKNOWN XX, 21XX (Rex)

Trillius Prime


Heriah is a Trill female who is often described by her peers to have a heart of gold and a caring nature. She is joined with a symbiont who had been previously joined to a Trill who was temporarily assimilated by the Borg. The symbiont, Rex, did endure trauma but survived though the host did not. Heriah is actually the third host since the Borg incident and the longest surviving host. Though she may display troubling character quirks at times, something, this time, is keeping the host alive and from rejecting being joined.

Going back to her qualities as having a heart of gold and a caring nature, she may sometimes show impatience, confusion, irritation or even anger depending on the situation. All this surfaced after her joining with Rex. More than that surface as well. Heriah carries, with her, the memories of her past hosts and some of the skills of each as well to include weapons training, hand-to-hand combat, tactical and security, business, etc. She does have her own skillset that she likes to utilize, but the others tend to surface when she needs and sometimes when she does not need or intend.

Heriah celebrates three birthdays (her birthdate, the date she became joined, and the perceived date for her symbiont’s birth) all rolled into one. She likes to tell me that she is “22\1\~300″ years old.

Heriah will answer to almost any name people choose to refer to her by. Most call her ‘Heriah’, others shorten it to simply ‘Riah”, “Khatain”, “Khat” (‘cat’), “Tain”, and the Trill usual “Rex”.


Heriah is slim but it not underweight by any means. Though not overweight either, she has toned herself quite fit. Prior to joining, Heriah worked hard on her looks and her figure, fearing her unanswered application for joining working against her and her career. Upon joining, however, Heriah found a new, and second, home in the gym and on the sparring mat. She is light-skinned but enjoys maintaining a slight tan. She keeps her hair long, sometimes braided because you never know when you can hit the gym. Heriah has deep verdant eyes.


You can read some people simply by looking them in the eye. Usually you can tell if there is kindness or malice behind those eyes. Heriah, on the other hand, is oftentimes regarded as unreadable or containing a stew of emotions. Being a joined Trill and with the enmatic Rex in her gut and in her mind, Heriah will appear lively and enjoying herself when also keeping her wits about her, remaining circumspective and even eyeing possible weapons to use should something unfortunate happen.

During conversation, Heriah will sometimes stop herself as though thinking about what to say next or appear to be in a silent dialogue with herself as though talking herself out of or in to something.

Though she is jovial and inviting, Heriah does keep a collection of random bladed and blunt weapons on display in her quarters. Despite being as graceful as a ballerina at time, she is also well practiced in several martial arts with the knowledge of several holds to render an opponent helpless or dead.


Prior to joining, Heriah was a fashion model for a line of clothing owned by her family. Her sisters all left to expand the fashion line to other worlds. Heriah never left Trillius Prime as she did not really have any real ambitions yet. Her mother groomed her to take over the business in time. Heriah, though, had only one interest in her life and that was to be joined with a symbiont. Though going nowhere, except for up and down the runway wearing how much or how little her mother gave her, Heriah felt that becoming joined with a symbiont would put her on a path to greatness.

During her college years on Trillius Prime, Heriah enjoyed studying ancient history and found the topic of religion an intriguing one. During a course, she ventured to a monastery to dive into the study of the Codex of Ț’Ril and the practitioners of the Path of Ț’Ril, calling themselves the Alle’Ke’Zonda’er. It is their belief that the Trill acquired their name from the goddess deity Ț’Ril. There, Heriah was only gifted with more question and confusion in her quest to study and understand the religion. Though she studied it, Heriah never had a grasp of it and never found herself becoming a practitioner.

Coming of age, and still unjoined, Heriah decided to leave Trillius Prime and ventured to Earth in an attempt to escape the underhanded shame of remaining unjoined despite her numerous applications. She applied to Starfleet and started taking courses without a dedicated focus in mind. She studied science and a little medicine, but found flight control and navigation a bit more of her interest.

One day, she was recalled to Trillius Prime and discovered her application for joining was approved. She was joined with Rex, a traumatized symbiont that managed to survive an attempted Borg assimilation when a previous host had been captured. After the host died, followed up by two more failed joinings, Heriah came along and hesitantly accepted the joining.

Returning to Starfleet, she immediately took up tactical and security with a heavy interest in weapons and hand-to-hand combat. She found the gym almost like a second home for her.

After some counseling sessions and some meditation to help Heriah center and find herself, her doctor and counselor Rikata Mol helped to guide her to her focus in counseling. A highly stressful and possibly violent focus in Starfleet was decidedly not the best course for her to follow. Seeing the domineering and violent natures of Rex’s previous hosts, it was decided and Heriah agreed that a less stressful focus was in order. Though Heriah still enjoys working out and engaging in action-packed holonovels, she has chosen to stick with counseling for the time.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2400 - Present Counselor Starbase Bravo