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Part of Starbase Bravo: Q2 2400

Arrival at a new home (2396)

Starbase Bravo
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After a long and rather boring trip Cynndle Oin’sun stood looking out the window as the transport approached Starbase Four. He couldn’t help but admire and watch in awe as the massive station, his new home where he would finish his final year at the academy, grew larger by the second. His attention shifted to the traffic around the station as he began to focus on each of the ships, both federation and civilian, that he could see. His eyes darted from one to another taking them in as he thought back to his training and tried to identify each by Class and Name paying special attention to the Borg and Dominion era vessels as they have always had an elegance to them, he felt was rarely matched.

His attention snapped back as an announcement came over the speakers; “Docking at Starbase Four in 20 minutes. All crew and passengers prepare for docking and disembarking. Safe journeys.”

Never one for patience he returned to his bunk, slung his already packed duffle onto his back and headed to the airlock and waited as the transport came in and docked. he wanted to be the first off the ship and onto Starbase Bravo, the home of the might Fourth Fleet. 

After a couple of minutes of impatiently waiting, he felt the ever so slight bump as the airlocks locked in place and the door in front of him slide open. Without hesitation he stepped through and onto the station and was greeted by a pair of ensigns who were assigned to look after the transport and the offloading of passengers; without hesitation, he went straight up to them and stood at attention.

“Cadet Oin’sun reporting for duty at Bravo Fleet Academy”

The operations ensign smirked; “At ease cadet, you are a couple of days early, the new semester doesn’t start for a few days.” Pausing, looking down they taped on their PADD and without looking up “You are to be based here for your final year it seems, lucky you. Report to the academy officer once you have settled into your bunk.”

“Thank you, sir. I will do that now.” 

After a short ride in the turbo lift, he found himself at the academy facilities on the starbase. Looking around he was impressed with them though realized they were but a small offshoot of the main facilities on Mellstoxx II itself. Without delay, he went to the main office and reported in with the Lieutenant on duty and was assigned a room.

“Welcome to Starbase Four, or Starbase Bravo as we like to call it cadet Oin’sun. As a fourth-year student, you will not spend much time on Mellstoxx II, you will be assigned duties following the start of the term but I would expect you will be assigned to one of the ships or the base here itself to get more hands-on operational experiences.”

“Thank you, sir, I look forward to the challenges ahead of me and being here on Starbase Four, sorry Starbase Bravo.” 

The Lieutenant smiled and nodded, as Cynndle turned to go the Lieutenant spoke again, “Take the most of these quiet days cadet, there is a lot to see on the station and once the semester starts your time will be limited.”

Cynndle paused; “I will do that sir…Thanks.”

Without challenge, he found his room and confirmed his identity on the door panel before being admitted.  Looking around he smiled; finally, after 3 years he had his own room and was living on a Starbase – though I don’t know how much time I will actually get here. He quickly unpacked and stored his clothes and the few personal items he brought with him before leaving the room to explore the station.