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USS Saratoga
February 2400
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The Century Storm had weighed heavily on many of the crew as it had come to an end, Ritru was especially troubled as she began remembering the evacuation of her home planet and the hit of the supernova. She had been sitting alone in her quarters as T’Prel was on the bridge, she sat on the couch that was located near the window staring out into the vast emptiness of space while they traveled.

The evacuation of Aarius VII from the devastating ion storms that had been hitting all over the Paulson Nebula had taken a toll on her mental well-being, with memories flooding back that she soon wished to forget. She sat there in silence, alone with her thoughts running wild inside her mind.

Sitting in her shared quarters wasn’t doing her any good only making things worse, though she would have preferred to just stay to herself alone. She needed to get out and get away from the dark thoughts that kept circling her mind. Standing up from the couch that she had been sitting on headed out of her quarters and down the corridor towards the turbolift, that would take her to the arboretum. She enjoyed going there as it was a calming place to just relax and unwind while enjoying the sounds of the waterfall.

After a few minutes, she arrived on the deck where the arboretum was located. Ritru began to walk down the corridor towards her destination as people were walking up and down the corridor as they headed towards their destination. They nodded to her as they passed though she wasn’t in a state of mind to acknowledge them. Reaching the doors of the arboretum, standing there for a few moments she took a deep breath before she entered.

People were walking around enjoying the beauty of the place, Ritru began to slowly make her way down the winding path until she reached a spot with a bench that was located near the waterfall that no one seemed to be at and sat down. Closing her eyes she listened to the soft sounds of the water hitting the pond below, as well as the sounds of birds chirping.

Ritru was so relaxed she didn’t hear T’Prel walk up to her, “there you are.” T’Prel said as she had been looking for her for the last few minutes.

Opening her eyes she looked up at her partner, “I just have a lot going on in my mind and needed a way to clear my head.” Ritru responded as she closed her eyes again while T’Prel took a seat next to her.

T’Prel placed her hand on hers and just sat there quietly with her for a while, she wasn’t going to push the issue of what was bothering her right now. She had learned a long time ago not to push her when she was bothered, upset, or angry, she knew that she would open up when she was good and ready to.

After a few moments had gone by Ritru opened her eyes and looked at T’Prel just sitting there with her. “Thanks,” she responded as she squeezed her hand. “Just have had a lot on my mind, this last mission just made me remember what happened to my home many years ago.” She finally replied with what was bothering her, she was the only survivor of her entire family.

“I understand, it has had an impact on all of us as well,” T’Prel replied looking at her.

“I have been having nightmares, sleep has been rough the last few nights,” Ritru admitted even though T’Prel knew that she was.

“This might not be a popular suggestion, but it might help.” T’Prel began to speak in hopes of not making her mad as she knew how stubborn she could be about certain things. “It would be a good idea to talk to the counselor, it will help to get this off your chest,” T’Prel responded as she continued to hold her hand for reassurance.

Ritru didn’t like the idea of talking with a counselor, she always disliked talking about her problems with anyone let alone a counselor. She knew that T’Prel was right though, sighing she looked at her. “Maybe your right,” she finally replied after a few moments of silence as she contemplated her suggestion.

“I will go with you if you wish for me to come with you,” T’Prel said as she had been there for her through her good times as well as the tough times.

“I appreciate that, though I think I’ll just go by myself for this one,” Ritru replied with a soft smile as they both just sat back on the bench looking at the view in front of them for a while longer while they enjoyed each other company.

Ritru stood up after a few minutes passed by, looking at T’Prel who stood up shortly after. “I am going to go talk to the counselor now, what do you say to dinner tonight?” Ritru asked as they knew they would be arriving at Trill later on today.

“That would be agreeable,” T’Prel replied as Ritru smiled kissing her before they parted ways. T’Prel sat back down for a few more minutes before she had to head back to the bridge.

James was sitting in his office going over the many reports that were piled up on his desk, seemed like more people were coming in to talk with those in counseling over what had transpired over the past week. Which was understandable due to their last mission being as sensitive as it was. He was deep into his work when he heard the doors open, looking up to see who it was.

Ritru walked in and began to look around, she was about to say something when James walked out of his office with a smile on his face. “How can I help you?” He asked as he motioned for her to have a seat in one of the chairs.

Ritru looked at him for a moment before responding trying to tell herself that she needed to get this off her chest when all she wanted was to walk out those doors. “I need to talk,” she replied as she finally took the seat that was offered.

“Of course,” James said as he took the seat across from her. “What seems to be on your mind?” He asked as he sat there looking at her, “oh where are my manners would you care for something to drink?” He asked standing back up, heading towards the replicator.

“Sure I’ll take a Raktajino,” Ritru responded.

After getting the two glasses from the replicator he returned and handed her a drink before taking a seat yet again. Ritru took a sip of the drink before looking back at James, “Well it all began during our last mission in the Paulson Nebula.” Ritru began as she would explain everything that has been going on since.

They would continue to talk for well over an hour as she began to feel a bit better after getting things off her chest. “I believe things will begin to go back to normal though would like to have a couple more sessions.” James had suggested looking at her for a moment.

She nodded in agreement, “that will be agreeable.” Ritru responded then realized she started to sound like T’Prel and couldn’t help but let out a chuckle.

“We will be arriving at Trill, I would recommend that you take some time off the ship to unwind.” James said before he continued, “I will see you next week for your next session.” James had finished before standing up from his chair.

“I will thank you,” Ritru replied before she walked out of the counselor’s office and headed to her quarters to take a shower. She was due to be on the bridge within the hour, so she wanted to freshen up a bit before her shift started.


  • I'm very drawn in by this consideration of the impact the Century Storm had on Ritru. Given her trauma with the loss of Romulus, it was a keen insight to see how it would shake her differently. Too, I appreciated the discussion between T'Prel and Ritu about seeing a counselor. Despite having a counselor on the bridge in TNG, Star Trek doesn't always full embrace the importance of mental health practices and treatment, so it was special to see them giving the counselor his due. I'm certainly curious to see how this will play out with Ritu further.

    April 25, 2022