Part of Endeavour: The Risan Beachhead

A Suggestion

The Bridge
April twelfth twenty-one-fifty-seven
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When the captain returned to the Endeavour, and was cleared by medical, he resumed command, making my time in the captain’s chair memorial.

The ship is now presently orbiting the planet Risa, in one of their shipyards. I’ve been helping with repairs. I helped reroute power to the helm, then assisted where I was needed. I did assist down in engineering with trying to restore power to the bridge stations.

Now, I was back at the helm, running diagnostics on the helm. While that was going on, I did some research using the ship’s computer to find any information about the people of Risa. They seem to have some slightly different ideas of “pleasure” then I’m used to. The captain said that the captain of the disabled ship had asked the crew to come down while our ship is being repaired. 

I wondered if I might skip this invite.

I had been thinking about asking the captain if he would be willing to allow me to organize a party, party might be the wrong word, something more of a casual gathering of the crew, on a weekly basis, so the crew might be able to meet the rest of the crew. Myself, I’ve been here for weeks, and I barely know anyone.

My senior year, at the academy, someone organized a weekly party, with the approval of the Commandant. It would be usually held at one of the mess halls. There would be food, drink and music. Dancing was encouraged. I was hesitant, but I was talked into dancing with another 4th year cadet. I had taken dancing lessons when I was younger…my mother’s way of getting me ‘out of my shell’. I must have been alright cause I would usually end up dancing with many female cadets. 

A few people hooked up and left the party together. I didn’t. I was shy around the female cadets, so I never ‘hooked up’. 

I think something along these lines might increase the moral of the crew….I certainly would like to get to know the rest of the crew.