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Flying Fur

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Flying Fur – Part I. 

Starfleet’s continuing mission to go where no one has gone before is embodied by Task Force 47.  Serving in the 47th fleet the USS Adventure and its crew brings a unique brand of character development to supplement the exploration and diplomacy mission. 

Lt. Commander R’tor is a large feline species called Caitian. He looks like a black and white tiger. He commands a small Aquarius class ship called the USS Adventure. He is steadfast in both his friendships and passion for justice. 

First Officer Mark Russell A bold yet cocky and sometimes argumentative first officer.

Edward Clark a born flyer and academy friend to R’tor is the ship’s primary pilot. 

Chief Petty Officer Colt an efficient and energetic technician who is an inquisitive engineer.

Doctor Valerias a medical doctor who’s bedside manner is as cold as her Vulcan logic


The USS Adventure landed upon the isolated planet of Dolan Prime within the Pulson Nebula. After meeting with the community, they were able to develop a plan to protect the inhabitants from the century storm. From the perspective of the planet’s surface, highly erratic weather patterns were the result of a failure of a weather control system. 

Prior to landing, the Adventure detected a powerful energy wave moving toward the planet which would have devastating repercussions for the people. With no time or ability to evacuate the people, the inhabitants were relocated to a deep cave system. Additionally, they cannibalize the ship’s shield and deflector array to turn the weather control system into a small deflector shield.  While there were tense moments, this plan shielded the people  throughout the storm. When the storm had passed, the people showed their gratitude  by agreeing to re-connect with the federation. A survey showed portions of the planet suffered damage to its organic systems. For this reason, a mass  replicator unit was left behind to help supplement the food supply for the population.  Only time would tell if the land would recover and sustain them and a larger population.

~end log~


Season 2, Episode 3, “Flying Fur” 

While departing the Pulson Nebula the USS Adventure is hit by a mysterious energy wave which results in an unexpected impact on the crew. They must discover a solution to their predicament or live in an altered state of existence. 

R’tor was just about to give the command to leave orbit when he was hit by a huge sneeze. Not only did it shake him, but it caused a few others on the bridge to jump. R’tor rubbed his nose and leaned forward a gave the order. “Helm, set in a course out of the nebula full impulse.”  He thought inwardly and calculated that it would take about an hour and a half for them to reach the edge of the nebula at that speed.


We see the USS Adventure adrift; power levels are erratic, and the crew lay unconscious throughout the ship. First Officer, Commander Mark Russell’s head ached, as he slowly roused from his unfortunate nap. He looked around and noticed the rest of the bridge crew were also beginning to stir. Russell noticed the had attempted to get up, but his legs were wobbly. He helped Clark from the floor and steadied him as he took his station. R’tor remained unconscious. The first officer gave a few quick commands to start repairs and tapped his combadge, “Russell to the doctor, medical emergency on the bridge.” 

The medical bay was little more than a storage closet with two bio beds, or so one medical technician mentioned to Doctor Valerias at one time. Her response was very much in line with her culture. “I see no logical reason for such a classification.” 

Dr. Valerias examined the readings on her tricorder and note that she would need to run additional tests to determine why he had not roused from his slumber when everyone else had. “So far, he has a variant of the Thelusian flu.” She reported to the first officer. “For now, you are in charge.” Mark still had much to learn and his interaction with the crew had been less than amicable.


Unfortunately, since many components were left behind on the planet’s surface, navigation shielding would all that could be generated, as noted by the engineering chief. When Mark returned from the medical bay, he reviewed the auxiliary station to  monitor the progress of repairs. Colt entered the bridge; his brow was wet with perspiration. It was no doubt he and his team had been working as fast as they could to get the ship operational again. “Commander, our power systems are back online, we have limited engine power currently, but we are working on it. The commander huffed in frustration, “And unfortunately no warp drive.”  He stated as he rubbed his chin and noticed his face was matching his bristly attitude.  

“How long till we have warp drive back up?” Mark inquired.  Colt crossed his arms and bobbled his head back and forth as he thought about it. “Potentially, three hours.” Mark winced at this calculation, “Well get to it Chief.” He stated in a tone of dismissal.  Colt felt the hairs on the back of his neck raise as he turned. He was still getting adjusted to Mark’s strict attitude, but his tone rankled him. Before Colt exited the bridge, Mark called after him. “Chief.” Colt paused and looked over his shoulder to acknowledge his commanding officer.  “And thank you.”  This was a rare show of courtesy and it caught him off guard. “Umm, ya, your welcome.”  


Colt had not eaten all day and could feel his stomach complaining. Lucky for him a replicator was located just at the entrance to the engine room. A convenient location to grab a quick snack or beverage while on long duty shifts. He normally would grab a water and sometimes a hot dog, but today he had an odd craving for; “Tuna Fish and cold milk.” The replicator whirred to life  and in the dispenser was a small plate with blot of tuna fish and a small glass of milk. He Looked at it perplexed. This is something I would not eat. He thought to himself, at least not without crackers or even bread. But for some odd reason it looked appetizing. 

His focus on the dish and glass was interrupted when an officer called to him. “Hey Chief!”  Colt looked up to see crewman Tyson and two other technicians huddled around the anti-matter flow regulator. “We are having difficulty realigning the anti-matter intermix flow.”  Colt downed the food and held his finger up to indicate that he was on his way. After drinking down the milk, Colt was ready to work. “Let see what you have.” He stated as he wiped the remaining milk from his upper lip. 


A Science Officer turned from her console to address the XO. “Sir, according to our readings I’m picking up anomalous radiation readings,” she said, double-checking the computer’s conclusion before voicing it. “Where?” The first officer asked abruptly. The response from the officer did little to alleviate his feelings, “All throughout the ship.” He looked around in surprise and jumped from the command chair and flew over to the station to examine the readings for himself. As he reached over the console Mark noticed blotchy orange spots appearing on his hand. He shook his head an made a mental note to contact the med bay after the current crisis has passed.  


A crewman entered the medical bay complaining of blurred vision along with an intense headache. Dr. Valerias directed the crewman to the empty bio bed and scanned him with a medical tricorder. She arched an eyebrow,  because the readings were perplexing. While the tricorder is good for many readings, Valerias decided to use a light source to examine the young man’s eyes. At first glance they reacted normally. When the light was removed, instead of shrinking back to a normal round shaped pupil it became vertical slit. Throughout the ship others were noticing changes also. 


Mark scratched at a inch behind his head and continued till Clark turned in his chair, “Is there a problem commander ?” Mark stopped and looked up at him. “Wha….what do you mean ?” And he began to scratch at an area on his neck and face. “Umm…you seem to have an issue.” Clark continued and he pointed to the intense itching action. Mark instantly stopped scratching and dismissed it. “It must be some kind of allergic reaction.” Then he moved uncomfortably in his chair. “Maybe you should report to sickbay,” Clark followed up.  With a roll of his eyes Mark dismissed that idea. Clark turned back to his station and could have sworn the XO needed a haircut. 


Sarah Lighthorse brushed dark bangs out of her eyes. Normally her hair is kept short and tied back, but it seems her hair worked itself loose. She leaned forward to gain a better view of her screen. Colt began checking in with his team, because he knew Mark would be looking to get an update. As he looked around the engineering bay he noticed two of his crew asleep at their consoles. 

“Hey!” He shouted. Both of them woke with a start. He stared at them and shook his head. “You fall asleep again and I will put you on report.” His gruff growl made him sound more put out then what he was. “Listen, we need to get warp drive back online.” He called as he strolled to his workstation. 

Clark put his index finger against his temple as a piercing pain caused him to wince, suddenly he heard an eerie growl coming from behind him. The bridge went quiet. Clark turned around and his eyes grew wide at the sight. Staring back at him with wild cat like eyes and wearing a Star Fleet uniform. “Commander?” Clark’s voice cracked. The large cat hissed and leaped from the command chair. 


Doctor Valeris initially attempted to contact the bridge with no success. She then contacted engineering.  “Doctor Val?” Colt asked confused as he was not expecting her call.  “Have you identified the type of radiation that permeates through the ship?” There was a long pause before Colt replied. “Umm. No, we have been a bit pre-occupied attempting to get the engines back online.” He recommended contacting the bridge. She acknowledged that all attempts to contact the bridge failed. “I’ll have those readings forward to you doctor.” While Colt believed the doctor, he was still required to follow protocol and contact the bridge. 

“Engineering to the bridge?” No response came. Colt did a quick diagnostic of the communication system and found no irregularities. He decided to organize a team to check out the bridge. Before he could do that, a furry blur tackled him. 

Dr. Valerias reviewed her findings and her conclusion seemed logical, but she would have to verify it first. It did not take long for the verification she needed. Clark, with his uniform torn and face bleeding from a gash upon his face staggered into the medical bay and secured the door. “Doctor!” Clark huffed, “Something is happening to the crew. 

Her stoic Vulcan stare did not falter. “Indeed, we are seeing the a form of ionizing radiation directly impacting the structure of DNA and being transformed.