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What’s Treason When Your Well Compensated For It

Oliver’s Office (The Hub), Crimson Installation, Diitov
September 1st, 2399
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It seemed quieter in the installation than usual though none of the staff or ‘guest‘ questioned the eerie silence. Michelle was known to be a bit of an eccentric and what she wanted was the law. The installation was of course hidden deep under the waters of Diitov, but if anyone knew the scale of Michelle’s enterprise, they would usually not even try to cross her. She not only had enough secrets on this planet to keep her safe, but many agents and locations throughout the galaxy. If she wanted something done all that was needed was her name to be uttered, though she saved that for the most special occasions. She held a grip over her enterprise, and it was time to put some of her skills to more use. 

Michelle quickly strode through the corridors of the installation, the dark red lights seeming more sinister as she strode by. She took no time making it to her private office, one that not many of anybody had seen. The office was circular but in a huge scale, in most cases it just seemed inherently big, but it housed a few secrets. She smiled and pushed a button on her wrist PADD. 

The shimmering image of Angel appeared in front of her. “Michelle, what can I do for you?” 

Michelle clasped her hands and spoke smoothly “Initiate Epsilon Lockdown, isolate all systems and activate the hub.“ 

As the sentence was uttered an immediate alert trilled through the installation. One that the members knew well and never quested. Epsilon Lockdown meant that no one could use communications or be in any system that was deemed necessary by Michelle. This usually varied but if it was a system locked out a symbol would appear indicating so. In most cases this never impeded the work, but it was serious because everyone knew something was going on. 

The hub was the room that Michelle stood in and transformed into a room full of screens and information with Michelle able to control it all from her wrist. She had built an empire that used technology, but she could still do a face-to-face meeting if necessary. 

She slipped a comms device in her ear and tapped in a command on her wrist. Within seconds she heard a gruff voice “Yes, ma’am?” 

“Prepare to go visit our friend it’s time we talked.“ She said as she looked at the screen in front of her giving her the information on the Neptune’s crew and compliment, which was helpful, but she needed more. She tapped in another command and a picture showed up on the screen to the left. It was the friend she had referred too. 

“We’re in position and ready.” the voice came back. 

“This isn’t an invasion, Percy. Cool your jets. Well, maybe it is, but regardless.” she said in a calming yet sinister tone. 

This was something she had been thinking would work for a few weeks now. She had been trying to get information on the whereabouts of the Neptune, as it seemed to drop off the radar. She had tried all the contacts she had and none of them could find the information so now she was moving to Starfleet personnel. She had targeted a particular officer that had the access she needed and was about to make her move. 

Apartment Complex, San Francisco

Percy was sitting outside the apartment complex watching for the target who had arrived only a few minutes prior. He activated the ear comm that was connected to Michelle “He is here and the teams are set Ma’am.” Percy, of course knew the teams were for contingency only, but there for the protection of Percy and his team. 

“Proceed as instructed.” Oliver replied in a straightforward voice. 

Percy motioned to his team members and they began to follow him into the complex. They made it to the apartment and Percy instructed his team to hang back unless ordered. He activated the door chime and waited for a reply. Only moments later the door opened revealing a man with a confused look on his face. “Can I help you?”

Percy smiled “Mr. Jameson, if you have a moment I would like to talk to you about an opportunity to better yourself. I am with the Angel Cooperation and our president wants to extend an offer to you. She can’t be here, but she wants to talk to you if you have a moment.” In most cases, Percy knew people would not be ok with such an interaction, but Michelle had picked someone she had evaluated would go for the plan. Jameson wanted better and felt inadequate in Starfleet, which was how Michelle got most of her help. 

As a prior member of Starfleet she knew the way to influence people into a better life, which was what she offered. 

Jameson nodded and let Percy in, looking around before he closed the door. Percy went and stood before Jameson offered him a seat. Percy knew that Michelle could see and hear everything going on, but he was used to it. She didn’t show her face in initial contact, as to not compromise herself. 

Jameson looked over at Percy “So what is this offer?” 

Percy smiled and placed a device on the table in front of Jameson and activated it. The device projected information regarding the position and opened a comm channel with Michelle.

“Good evening Mr. Jameson, I am Michelle the president of the Angel Cooperation, I have seen your exemplary work in Starfleet and want to extend an idea to you. I would like you to stay in Starfleet, but work for me as an informant. If I need information you will forward it to me or my associates if needed. You will of course be well compensated for this.”

Percy saw Jameson’s eyes grow wide at the suggestion before his reply came “What? I could never…That would be treason against Starfleet.”

A laugh could be heard over the comms “Treason is all in the eye of the beholder. I have all this to offer you.” The screen changed showing a huge list of things Michelle knew Jameson wanted. Replicators could do only so much and it helped to have resources which was what Michelle had. She was a criminal in most peoples eyes, but in her own she was an entrepreneur with a few secrets.

Jameson looked through the list and was shocked whoever this person was she had resources even better than Starfleet it seemed. Jameson couldn’t hurt himself to join this organization even if only to be a small part of it. “This is very interesting, but what can I do I am just a lowly analyst.” 

“Being an analyst gives you more abilities than you could imagine. You have access to information most people don’t see and you’re not just any analyst I know you have access to certain projects and ships. Currently I am wanting to know the location of the USS Neptune.”

Jameson made a note of the name “Well you are suggesting I commit treason for an organization I pledged my life too, but they haven’t done anything to make me feel like I am cared about. I just sit at my desk and work with no recognition.” Jameson concluded making his decision. “Alright, I accept your offer, but if something happens am I guaranteed protection?”

Percy couldn’t help but smile it was a question he heard often and always the same answer.  

“Percy give our new friend your parting gift.“ came the reply.  

Percy pulled a device out of his jacket and handed it to Jameson. “This is a communications device and a contingency device all in one. If you have an immediate emergency you turn the cylinder counter clockwise and it will activate a signal for us. Otherwise it’s a comm device to contact the President. Only use it when alone or use this.“ He handed Jameson an earpiece.

Michelle was sure now that Jameson had joined her organization so now it was time to be truthful. “Jameson now that you have joined I can be truthful with you. I am Michelle Oliver or as most call me in my organization Overlord. I command people through the galaxy and have a huge network of information. I can move mountains if so desired and you’re now just a small part of that.”

Percy saw Jamison’s eyes widen when he heard the name. “Oliver you’re legend in Intelligence and one of the most looked for criminals in the galaxy. Starfleet has done everything to find you and nothing. Now I can see why because you have way more power than people understand.“ 

You could hear the laugh on the comms “You flatter me. I am who I am. It has been a pleasure Will. We will talk soon until than Percy will give you instruction.”  

Jameson nodded and looked at Percy “So what now?”

Percy laughed “Find the information as requested and transmit it using this system.“ he said as he passed a PADD to Jameson. “Also you will find information for some compensation regarding your decision to join Ms. Oliver. Just know if you cross her it would be the biggest mistake you would ever make.“

Jameson nodded looking at the PADD seeing the compensation he realized he had made a good decision. He stood as Percy exited his apartment.  


Michelle had a pleased look on her face she had succeeded and quite easily. She hadn’t even pulled out the other side of offers. She would keep those for later. She pulled up the web of her organization and added Jameson to the list. This was the first step towards finding the Neptune and one of the many to continue towards its destruction. She hadn’t built her organization for just this, but it was the main goal currently and one she would achieve.