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Smash and Grab

USS Altai, Bridge
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Streth stood together with Jones at the rear of the bridge. On the large wall display there shone a schematic of the dreadnought that currently loomed over the Altai like a giant, hulking leviathan. 

“Maec’s done a damn good job calibrating the sensors to cut through some of the magnetic interference,” Streth manipulated an LCARS panel to enhance some of the interior spaces of Breen ship, “but it’s still patchy. Any ideas on where that dampening weapon is likely to be?”

Jones stroked his chin as he stared at the schematic of the dreadnought. He watched as Streth manipulated it, which now had various interiors of the ship appear on screen as Streth went through it. He thought about it for a moment to the question Streth gave him before he reached over, in gesture that he was going to take the controls. Once controls were relinquished, he navigated and brought up a full view of the bow of the ship. He then highlighted each ends of the pikes of the ship. “If the weapon were to be anywhere, it be on these pikes here. We know from some experience with them in battle that they have at least three torpedo launchers, one on each of these four pikes. So one of these pikes doesn’t have a torpedo launcher, but very much could have the weapon.”

He stepped back for a moment in thought before he looked to Streth. “We should also send Beck over as well. If I am remembering this correctly, the Breen use organic technology. I believe that is something worth recovering as well for Starfleet Engineers.”

Streth nodded, “Agreed. But we should keep our priorities clear. The first objective is to get that dampening weapon. If no threats present themselves, the team can move on the Breen biotech. I want Beck to send over a DOT first, give us some recon before we beam anyone over. We’ll need Beck there as the operator.”

“Streth to Engineering,” the com channel opened, “Report to transporter room one immediately. Bring a DOT unit.” 

“Copy that, Cap!” Beck replied over the intercom.

“Let’s go give them the brief,” the two of them made for the turbolift, “Ensign Maec, you have the bridge.”

D’vaid’s eyes widened at the words it was something he had been taught, but not something as a yeoman he thought would ever happen. He turned around and made his way back to the chair and sit down looking at the ship ahead of him. He made his first order “Make sure and keep as good of a lock on communications as possible, as well as to make sure that we keep a lock on the away team if possible. With sensors still scrambled be on the watch for any change in the ships power levels.”

Jones smirked a little at Maec’s expression, certainly something all junior officers go through when they get the conn for the first time. Now Jones just waiting for the lift to arrive at its destination so to follow Streth to the briefing room where they can begin.

In the meantime, Beck had arrived to Transporter Room One with his DOT right behind him. First thing he did was he went over to the transporter console, commandeered it from the transporter chief and began to access his personal terminal in his office directly from the transport console to download a program to it. With the program, Beck was able to bring up several displays where they appeared to be various sensor displays and visual monitors from the DOT itself.

The turbolift doors hissed open on deck seven, “We’ll brief in the transporter room,” Streth marched along the corridor in lockstep with Jones, “I don’t want to waste time.” They rounded the corner, turning through the doors on the right to find Beck deeply engrossed in the transporter control terminal. Streth was pleased to see that the DOT had also arrived, “Streth to Hazard Team,” he called, “report to transporter room one. Prepare for boarding.”

-Hazard Operations-

Astrid pulled on her gloves and attaching them, to her Hazard suit.  Consulting the buffer band on her wrist she check to make sure the environmental helmet was still stored inside its memory.  Streth’s voice over the comm broke the silence in the locker room where her team was getting ready.  The air was always so tense you could cut it with a knife before a mission like this.  They were good at their jobs, but their jobs had deadly serious consequences.   They were the canon fodder for the rest of the crew, and there was really no way around it.

Tapping her combadge she reported to Streth, “We are gearing up and will be there right away Sir. Vogler out.”

Turning to her team she turned to Magera, “Mags, you have Bravo Team.  You’ll go in first and I’ll be right behind you with Alpha Team. Okay people,  we’re going into this blind, but this does not excuse us from the rules of engagement.  Your job is to follow orders and remember your training.  My job will be to get you home.  Stop at the armory and load up.  We need to prepare for any thing. Move out!

-Transporter Room One-

Astrid and the rest of the Hazard Team entered the transporter room armed to the teeth.  He palms were sweating  as she flexed her fingers around the grip of her phaser rifle. There was dread in the pit of her stomach.  Something ominous to her, and she absently locked her lips.

Streth, Jones and Beck were ready to greet them. “Ensign Vogler,” Streth eyed the compression rifle slung across the team leader’s shoulder approvingly. From what he’d seen the caverns of 1-SZ, there was no doubt they were ready. He noticed too the formidable form of Ensign Magera, carrying with him the demolition charges that Streth now associated with the cigar chomping Akh.

The captain’s eyes glinted, shining out even against the luminescent glow of the transporter pad behind him. His antennae pointed forward as he surveyed the team, “This is going to be a quick operation,” his tone was blunt and to-the-point. “Our mission here is to gather intelligence on Breen activity in the region, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. I want to know why in the ice this ship has turned up, powered down, on our doorstep. Ensign Vogler has also identified a crucial opportunity to learn more about the Breen’s energy dampening weapon that killed so many during the war with the Dominion,” Streth paused, pushing the memories of that time far from his mind. He would not allow emotion to prejudice what needed to be done. Not now. Thoughts of Starbase 104 pierced his mind, of Vulcan intelligence officer S’Ton. Ever the stoic, even as the casualties poured back through the airlocks, “Locating and extracting this weapon from the Breen ship will be your first objective. Lieutenant Jones will share our best estimation of the weapon’s coordinates to each of your tricorders before beam-in. Lieutenant Beck will first send over a DOT unit to ensure the area is secure. He will then accompany the team and assist with extraction of the weapon,” Streth surveyed the room, “Is that understood?”

“Crystal sir,” Astrid replied.

“Can’t have your best engineer get vaporized, right?” Beck joked with a grin. DOT made a ‘groan’ noise.

Jones cleared his throat as he lifted up his padd and started ‘swiping’ the data towards the Hazard Team’s tricorders. “These are the estimated coordinates of where the weapon will be. With the ship powered down as it is, our sensors are unable to locate its exact location. If you are able to access the warship’s main computer, that may help you narrow down the search.” Jones said as he looked at Beck before returning his gaze to the rest of them. “Secondary objective is an optional one at best. If circumstances were to prevent you from accomplishing this objective, don’t sweat it. Clear?”

“Davies, you are on the Breen main computer, ” Astrid said to one of her engineering minded team members. “Sir, if you don’t care if an objective is completed you shouldn’t offer it.  It will be done.”

“Good. The secondary objective is the Breen’s biotechnology. Last I remember from being in Starfleet Intelligence, the Breen use organic technology with their systems. Perhaps something similar to the Isolinear gel packs that we’re currently using now on our vessels. We’re not one hundred percent sure. If there is an opportunity to gather data on Breen biotechnology, take it. If you can acquire it, store it or tag it. But as I said, if you are unable to, just let it go. Questions?” Jones asked.

“Understood, ” Astrid replied.  She looked over at Magera and nodded to him. “You’re up my Brown Tree. Alpha Team will be right behind you.”