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Profile Overview

D'vaid Maec

Romulan Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Maec


Chief Strategic Operations Officer
USS Altai (Archive)


A man of organization and neatness D’vaid can fool most anyone of his abilities. He has been looked down on because of his origins as a Romulan. He promises to show the people that judge him just how capable he is. He will do anything to show his loyalty to Starfleet.



D’Vaid was born on the Romulan Colony of Terix II, but was quickly taken away from home after an attack by an unknown enemy in the colony. D’Vaid’s parents escaped and headed for the nearest colony, which happened to be Starfleet. Most families would have refused to go to Starfleet, but D’Vaids didn’t share the same thoughts of Starfleet as most Romulans. 

After explaining what happened the colony that D’Vaids family landed on took them in with open arms. D’Vaid was raised in the more open society of Starfleet not keeping with the main values of the Romulans. He was treated differently by the other kids, but he learned to not let it bother him. It was best to just live his life no matter what others thought. 

D’vaid decided at a young age he wanted to join Starfleet and began working on it from the time he was 15. D’Vaid’s childhood was good and he had loving parents, but he wanted to do more. He decided he wanted to do a job to support others. After research, he figured out what he wanted to do. 

He passed his exam and began his time at Starfleet Academy. The time at the Academy was not always easy even though he was part of the Federation some of the students did not want to believe he was friendly. His years in Starfleet were good, but he was mostly alone, which was ok it gave him the ability to focus on his work. 

He was incredibly skilled at organization and listening and helped the teachers on multiple occasions in getting all the information recorded. He finished his time at the Academy and graduated in the top three percent. 

He was then given an assignment as Yeoman for the USS Atlai. As the rank of Ensign he was swiftly sent to the location of the Atlai. 

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2399 - Present Yeoman USS Atlai