USS Altai: Spectres in the Dust

Outpost 1-SZ has been fully activated and the crew are getting used to life on the base. Their newfound calm is soon disrupted when something sinister emerges from the asteroid field.

Mission Description

Life has regained a semblance of normality for the crew of the Altai. Having established a base of operations on Outpost 1-SZ, they have begun to make it their own. Few subspace transmissions of note have been detected from within Breen space or its surroundings. All seems well.

Despite this apparent tranquillity, thoughts of an inevitable encounter with the Breen lurk in the back of everyone’s minds. Science and Engineering departments continue to unravel the mystery of signals sent by the mechanical “spider” found within a fake asteroid. Apprehension also lingers like a dark cloud over what lurks in the caverns beneath.

From the black recesses of the asteroid field, the next piece of the puzzle soon arrives.

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12 August 2022


USS Altai: Spectres in the Dust

Alton looked around hs quarters to make sure everything was in place. The quarters were just one room, but in the room their was a bedroom area, a living room and a dining room. He had placed candles throughout the room to add to the atmsphere. He had dressed casual for the evening. The dining [...]

9 August 2022

It's Okay to Not Be Okay...

USS Altai: Spectres in the Dust

Tonight on the outpost of 1-SZ, most of the crew from the Altai and the station itself have come to the mess hall to enjoy a movie on movie night. Mainly because it was one of those days where it is all quiet out there in space, little activity that they could find from the Breen, and there was [...]

6 August 2022

Night at the Gym

USS Altai: Spectres in the Dust

To blow off some steam, Alton headed down to the ship’s gym to get some work in. When he arrived, the place was deserted, so he started with 10 minutes of stretching to warm up. Then he moved to one of the treadmills, He started it at an easy walking pace, and when he felt stretched out, he [...]

29 July 2022


USS Altai: Spectres in the Dust

The away team had gotten what it needed from the dreadnought’s nerve centre. The cryptic text had been hard to decipher, pointing the way to the energy dampening weapon module’s exact location. The unit was located in a tactical assembly two decks up from where they now stood. The computer had [...]