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USS Aquarius
January 2400
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It was another day aboard the Aquarius as they had just finished their first mission, Tajir had been released to return to duty as the Aquarius left Caldos behind heading towards the old Romulan Neutral Zone. Tajir walked onto the bridge and everyone stopped what they were doing to look at him with a smile on their faces.

“Captain on the bridge,” Sato replied as they stood at attention.

Smiling in return as he knew they were glad to have him back after what he had gone through on Caldos. “At ease,” he replied as everyone returned to their stations and their work. 

Tajir headed into his ready room as he need to finish some reports before sending them to Starfleet Command as well as review other reports, staff changes, and duty assignments as they traveled. 

After walking in he headed for the replicator and grabbed himself a cup of coffee then sat down at his desk, no sooner than he did a message popped up on his computer. Opening the message he began to read, raising an eyebrow as he finished, “interesting.” He replied though no one else was in the room with him.

“Looks like we will be getting a problem child,” he replied though in his mind everyone deserved a second chance. He would just be keeping an extra eye on him, the transport would meet up with them tomorrow afternoon for transfer.

The three prisoners would also be transferred to the ship to be taken back to Starbase Bravo for trial as well. He started working on his report of what had transpired on Caldos and the three prisoner’s roles in the situation. 

He sat there for a moment thinking about all that had transpired on Caldos as well as his close call with losing his life. After a few moments of staring off, he rubbed his face and began to work on his reports, though not soon after he started the comm channel went off.

“Bridge to Captain Derohl, you have an incoming transmission from Devron Fleet Yards.” Ensign Sato replied over the channel.

Raising an eyebrow wondering who it could be, “send it to my office.” Tajir replied as the comm channel ended and his computer began to beep. Tapping a few buttons the screen changed to an image of his wife Sari, smiling he hasn’t been able to talk to her since they arrived at Caldos.

“Good morning my dear,” Tajir replied.

“How dare you not call me and tell me what happened, instead I had to hear about it through the grapevine.” Sari spat out which caused Tajir to raise an eyebrow at her straightforwardness in getting to the point.

“I am sorry dear, I had planned on calling you today,” Tajir said knowing full well he wasn’t going to win this one.

“I should have been notified sooner Tajir!” Sari exclaimed as she rolled her eyes with a sigh escaping her lips.

He just nodded, “sorry.” Tajir replied before changing subjects, “so how are things going over there on Devron?” Tajir asked while looking at his lovely wife over the screen.

“It’s going, though things have been a bit busy nothing out of the ordinary,” Sari replied. “How are you doing?” She asked looking at him, she missed him and she hoped she sees him soon.

“I am doing alright, back on duty heading toward the old Romulan Neutral Zone,” Tajir replied.

“Try not to get yourself killed again,” Sari replied with a smile.

“Well I can’t promise that but I’ll try,” Tajir replied as they very well knew the dangers of being on a starship. They would continue to talk for a while longer before they had to get back to work. After the channel closed Tajir sat back in his chair and signed before getting back to work.