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Part of Endeavour: The Risan Beachhead

In Command….for awhile.

Endeavour Bridge/Randall's Quarter's
Friday 8th April 2157
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“Ship’s log, Ensign Josh Randle in temporary command of the ship.” Josh took a deep breath. “The captain is leading a boarding party, to assist the Risan ship that we have encountered. In his absence, he gave me command of the bridge. It surprised when the captain had me assume command. I did take the command courses at the Academy, but I thought it wouldn’t be this soon that I was asked to command a starship.” He looked around the bridge. “All ship’s systems functioning normally.” He closed the log.

Randall stayed in the command chair, watching the screen, showing the Risan ship, and occasionally looking at the other stations on the bridge.  Everyone was watching their consoles for any sign of distress from the captain’s party, or any indication from the Risan ship that they might be targeting the Endeavour with its weapons. 

The captain sent regular updates, as per regulations, so he knew that the captain and his party were well.

Josh liked the chair. He liked being in command. At first it was intimidating, but he soon started feeling comfortable. 

As time went by, he watched the bridge shift relived when their shift changed, but he stayed, wanting to return the ship to the captain himself.

One of the engineer’s requested that weapon systems be shut down, so they could proceed with updates to the systems. Josh and the bridge weapons officer talked it over, and given the current situation, they both felt it was an acceptable risk, so Josh told the engineer, they could proceed. 

Josh moved back to the command chair. He pressed a button, “Personal log. Now I know why only chosen few are selected to be starship captains. They have to decide, every minute, who to send on an away mission, what systems be prioritized and when to use the ship’s weapons. I’ve only been sitting in this chair for about 2 hours now, and I am exhausted. But….I want to do this again…and I will be better next time. Close log.”

He looked around the bridge. 

He now waited the next report from the captain. It’s overdue by 10 minutes.