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A Cry for Help

Pulson Nebula
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Dolon Prime 

M-Class Planet in orbit around a G-type star.

Planetary System

Dolon Prim is the fourth of six planets in the Dolon system. With a mass of 1.21 Earths, it takes 2.5 days to complete one orbit, and is 1.32 AU from its star. Its moon, Eris is a dusty, cold, rock with a very thin atmosphere. This self-sustaining community is a protectorate under the United Federation of Planets. 



Colonized mostly by settlers from Earth 2370, their goal was to set up a semi-agrarian society. The colony is led by a council of elders and continues to prosper….Trade ship, according to regular reports that are sent to a nearby Federation outpost.  

Late 21st century – Planetary bodies is identified as GJ 2929 d in the Pulson Nebula. It would later be named in honor of the astronomer Jacobe Ray Dolon who first observed and studied the planet.  

  • 2249 First deep space probes sent to map the Pulson Nebula 
  • 2250 GJ 2929 d categorized as being a potential for colonization. 
  • 2260 First colony ship arrived with 125 settlers. 
  • 2263 Report that colony failed. 
  • 2335 Terraforming Team arrives at GJ 2929 d
  • 2340 Colony ships arrive from Earth. .
  • 2341 Officially recognized as Dolon Prime a protected Federation planet.
  • 2366 USS Enterprise-D hid in the nebula from a Borg cube. 
  • 2400 Pulson Ion Storm

At the time of colonization, the eastern portion of the Norther Continent was selected as the most hospitable site to initiate the spread of civilization. Accordingly, a centralized community was established upon plateau near the Rubicon River. The small settlement was just waking up when the effects of the Ion storm started to impact the planet. 


Each morning for the past ten years Governor Albert Gendrue, a stocky human in his late 50’s, sat upon his porch with a hot cup of tea as the first rays of sunlight spread across the valley. He welcomed the gentle sweetness of apple mixed with honey. Albert enjoyed watching the  dazzling display of colors as the soft pings and light blues played in the clouds as a heavenly purple embraced the distant mountains. 

What had been a calm morning quickly turned into a nightmarish scene. The calm bright colors were replaced by dark rolling blue and gray clouds that belched forth bolts of lightning. Winds whipped up and gusted so hard that some trees bent, and others broke in half. The darkness shook Albert, because while the weather control system allowed rainstorms, he nor any other settlers had seen anything like this. 


One of the primary pieces of equipment terraformers installed on Dolan in the mid-22nd century was the weather control system. By the time the first settlers arrived, it allowed them to maintain appropriate seasons for growing and building the settlement.  

When activity from the ion storm first started to impact weather patterns and environment upon the planet. Settlers believed the weather control stations was malfunctioning but eventually they discovered it was something beyond their understanding.

Two days and four hours after the storm first hit, Albert’s porch had been completely destroyed  along with one third of the other buildings in the settlement. As the damage from the storm started to take its toll, settlers began taking shelter in caves not far from the settlement. 


Community elders and leaders demanded answers from Albert, but unfortunately, he had none. 

While most of the settlers had taken on less technical occupations, such as farmers and builders, there were only five people who continued to study the stars and have a technological aptitude. 

Within the main cave system, Warren Li the only astrophysics and engineer sat in a makeshift command center with Govern Gendrue. Both men had known each other since they were children, but while Albert showed a bit more of his age, Warren still looked like a vigiours 30 year old. Warren only had 1/3 of Vulcan heritage, but it was enough. 

Albert stalked the room like a caged animal and when he heard the suggestion, he stopped and hissed at Warren. 

“I am sorry, but could you repeat that?”

Warren’s face was calm and stoic. “It I imperative that we send a beacon and call attention to our plight.” He argued. 

“What you are saying is that our only course of action is to call for help, from who?” Albert questioned and then answered on his own. “The Federation, Starfleet…Earth?”

Warren attempted to explain when Albert stopped him. “You know better than that Warren.” He paused and shook his head. “Our parents and grandparents came to this place to get away from the Technocratic society of the Federation.” 

Warren thought for a moment. “Fine.” He stated in defeat. “All that they worked for, and others died for to give to us will end here.” His eyes narrow and he pointed toward the entrance of the cave and his voice rose in anger. “Our settlement, our home is nearly gone.” He stared at Albert as his heart pounded in his chest. “Whatever is happening is bigger than we can imagine or prove from our limited tools.” 

Albert understood the argument and lowered his eyes to stare at the ground for a moment. A  homing beacon, one of the few devices remaining from when settlers first arrived on this planet. 

Hours later after the beacon was launched into space, Starfleet vessels and starbases in the area became aware that someone was calling for help. 


R’Tor leaned forward in his chair as the USS Adventure raced across the stars. 

Alerts had gone out requesting assistance from all Federation vessels in the area.