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Part of USS Saratoga: Facing the Storm and Bravo Fleet: The Stormbreaker Campaign


USS Saratoga - Aarius VII
January 2400
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“Sir we have arrived at Aarius VII,” Deza replied as the ship came to a stop above the planet. The other ships within the convoy had arrived about thirty minutes before they did. Jeesa came out of the turbolift like she was on a mission that concerned Azras as she looked at the Commander as she came to a stop right in front of her.

“Everything alright Commander?” Azras asked as she saw a look on her face that meant she found something.

“I request that you call a senior staff meeting?” Jeesa asked while she stood there catching her breath as she rushed to the bridge with important information that would impact their mission.

Nodding she tapped her commbadge, “All senior officers please report to the observation lounge immediately.” Azras ordered before ending the comm channel, those that were already on the bridge had stood up from their stations and headed for the observation lounge.

The rest of the senior staff arrived shortly after and all took their seats around the table, Jeesa had gotten the screen set up with her information. “What have you found Commander?” Azras asked once everyone was seated, she knew something was going on that prompted a senior staff meeting.

“Things are going to get more complicated here,” Jeesa began as she showed the information on the screen. “That storm that had passed through the area back there is indeed the one that is moving in this direction.” Jeesa began as she pulled up the calculated path that it is taking. 

“We believe that it is traveling in this direction, though  with it traveling this way it might buy us some time to evacuate that planet but not as much as we originally thought.” Jeesa continued while taking a breath before she continued.

“How long do you think we have?” Azras asked looking at her with concern that they might not have enough time to evacuate and get out of there in time.

“From our calculations about eight hours give or take,” Jeesa replied as everyone else looked at her with concern. “Previously it was believed we would have twelve hours to evacuate,” she added with a sigh.

“While we were there we found that there was also a subspace rift, what we thought was strange was that it had closed with no assistance from any starship. After some investigation, we found that the rift was so small that it couldn’t stay open on its own for long and closed by its own accord. By our calculations, the storm is going to be very intense and deadly to those that are on the planet below.” Jeesa added looking around the room, not something they wanted to hear.

“How so?” T’Prel asked looking at her.

“Once the storm starts and hits the planet’s atmosphere will make it toxic, killing everyone within a matter of hours.” Jeesa said in response, “it is imperative that we get everyone off before that happens.” She added before turning to Chon’al who looked like he had a question.

“Do you think that they will ever be able to return?” Chon’al asked looking at Jeesa.

Her face was that of concern of the unknown, “right now it’s really hard to tell, I have run some simulations of different possibilities with the information about the storm, if my calculations are correct it’s a high possibility they will be able to.” She said taking a breath before she continued, “once this is all over we would need to return to do some more investigation to see for sure.” Jeesa replied with a sigh as it wasn’t sounding very promising.

“What will we tell these people if they ask?” Dazra spoke up after listening to what was being said.

Jeesa was about to open her mouth to speak but Azras decided to answer that question, though she didn’t want to be heartless giving false promises was probably not the best idea in this situation. “We will just let them know that we will try our best but we are unsure at this time.” Azras replied taking a breath, “we will not make idle promises but in the same sense will do all we can so they can.” Azras finished speaking before turning it back over for more questions.

Dazra was going to say something more but decided to keep her mouth shut, which has gotten her into more trouble than she could count. She rather not get demoted yet again for something stupid.

“Can we force them to leave if they don’t want to?” Teila asked looking at Jeesa as she didn’t want to watch thousands of people die because they didn’t want to leave.

“I hope it doesn’t come to that but I don’t believe we can just force them to leave if they are unwilling,” Jeesa replied with a sad look in her eyes.

Teila sighed without saying much else, she knew they would be in a rock and a hard place if it were to go that way. She just hoped that they would listen and willing to leave to save everyone’s lives.

“Any more questions?” Jeesa asked looking around the room, no one else spoke up they seemed to understand what was at stake here.

“Alright, since you are all here I will go over assignments,” Azras replied while she had them all in the room. “T’Prel you will be commanding the Oneida during the evacuation. Rass and C’Riia will be accompanying you,” Azras ordered.

“Understood,” T’Prel answered.

“Deza I need all shuttle pilots preparing all shuttles to be launched to assist with the evacuations,” Azras said to Deza.

“Aye sir,” Deza replied.

Azras then turned to Jheria and Piyu, I know this is going to be difficult but I need you two to make sure that both transporters are ready when evacuations begin.” Azras said looking at the Andorian woman.

“Understood,” came both of their replies.

“Make sure that there are no issues once we begin,” she added as they both nodded in response.

 Turning to the others “I need the rest on standby to assist with evacuees once they are on board,” Azras replied.

“Understood sir,” the rest said almost in unison.

“Dismissed,” Azras replied as they all left the observation lounge to get busy with what was about to take place. She had walked to her ready room and contacted the other ships with orders before she would place a call into the planet below.