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The Doctor Is In. That’ll be 5 Cents.

USS Altai, Sickbay
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Dr. Atticus Randall looked up from his PADD as a blond woman in her mid-twenties entered sickbay. Setting his medical journal down he stood and walked over to her. “Hello Ensign, ” he greeted in his posh English accent. “What seems to be the matter?” He motioned for her to sit on a nearby biobed.

Astrid grimaced as climbed onto the bed, “I think I was electrocuted.”

“You think?” Atticus picked up a medical tricorder and started scanning.

“I blacked out for a moment. Breathing hurts and my heart feels…. well, I don’t exactly know how to describe it.”

Atticus set the tricorder down and picked up a hypospray. He filled it and injected the drug into her arm. “You did receive a electrical shock. It would appear that your suit protected you.”

“I expect that’s the point,” she said with a weak smirk.

“So, it hit you in the chest, where did it bloody discharge?”

Astrid shrugged, “Uh… yeah. I think I might know.” She peeled off her left glove to reveal a series of ugly burns on her fingertips.

Atticus frowned in sympathy and picked up a dermal regenerator and ran it over the burns. After several seconds the burns had faded into a healthy pink. All traces of the injury now gone. “How did you do this to yourself?”

“I didn’t do it on purpose,” Astrid retorted, “This wasn’t my plan. Our insane Chief Engineer decided to electrify the computer core, and when the bug thing jumped on it, I must have been in the way of an electrical arc.”

Atticus shook his head, “Let me get a screen set up and get you into a hospital gown for the next part.”

“Doc,” Astrid said with a sigh. “They’re just boobs, and I’m wearing a bra. Let’s just get this over.” She was already peeling out of the top of her hazard suit. Tossing it to the food of the bed she lifted up her tank top to reveal the wound.

Atticus activated his dermal regenerator again and soon his patient was good as new. He made one last scan with his tricorder and smiled. “There, almost good as new. The rest of the symptoms will start to pass in a few hours, but do me a favour will you? Don’t be jumping into any bloody lighting for a few weeks will you?”

Astrid was pulling the top of her hazard suit back on and laughed, “I’ll see what I can do. No promises. First day on the job and I’ve already shot at a mechanical spider, and did my best lightning rod impression.”
Atticus laughed as he put his equipment away. “What’s your name by the way Ensign?”

“Vogler, Astrid Vogler.”

“Nice to meet you Miss Vogler. Doctor Atticus Randall, at your service madam.” He made an exaggerated bow in the same vein of a proper eighteenth century gentleman.

Astrid made a more subdued bowing of her head. “See you around Doc. Let’s just hope it’s not any time soon. No offense.”

“None taken Ensign.”