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Jackson's House
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Jackson Porter was born on July 14, 2371 at Starbase 103 to Henry Francis Jackson and Alicia Mae Porter (nee Fisher). Her father was a career Starfighter pilot, and his mother was a chef in a Vulcan-Human fusion restaurant on the station’s Promenade. Growing up, he loved flying with his father and frequently watched recordings of the training exercises.

When the time came in high school to start thinking about a career path, Jackson knew he wanted to go to Starfleet Academy and become a pilot like his father, though he also acquired some good cooking skills from his mom.

Today, just as he left school, he got a message from his mom that Starfleet had sent a response to his entry application…



Jackson ran up the path to his house, eager to open his letter from Starfleet that came while he was at school. He threw open the door and ran into the kitchen where his parents were standing around the island counter.

“Well, well, well, it’s about time you got home,” his father said.

Alicia nodded in agreement. “We were starting to think you’d never get here.”

Jackson was trying to catch his breath. “I’m…I’m sorry, I-I got caught up with Jeremy and-”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Henry interjected, “I know friends are good, but if you’re going to be in Starfleet, you better learn to prioritize and to be on time, Cadet!”

“I…” Jackson paused to process what his dad said. A huge smile crept across his face. “Wait, am I…does that mean!?”

“Congratulations, Cadet!” Henry and Alicia said together. Alicia tightly hugged her son in happiness, and Henry came over and hugged them both.

“That’s my boy!”

“Thank you, oh, thank you both!” Jackson thanked them both, then stepped back to stand at attention and render a salute. “Sir!”

Henry returned the salute. “That needs a little polishing, Mister Porter.” He then smiled. “But don’t worry, you’ll get a lot of practice at it.”

Jackson was still smiling from ear to ear. “I need to go tell Jeremy, and everyone else!” He ran out of the kitchen and up to his room, grabbing the PADD that had his official acceptance letter on it. The door had barely swung fully open before Jackson pushed it shut and jumped on his bed. “Computer, call contact: Jeremy.”

The computer beeped a few times while it called his best friend. A few seconds later, the image of a tan Hispanic teen came up on the viewscreen. “Hey JP, so what’s the news?”

Jackson held up the PADD close to the camera. “I got in! I’m going to Starfleet Academy!”

“THAT MAKES TWO OF US!” Jeremy also held up his PADD with his acceptance letter, and the two teens started jumping up and down in celebration. “I can’t wait to become a chief of security! Maybe someday I’ll get stations on the Enterprise!”

“Maybe, but not until after I make CAG on a carriership somewhere! Look out Rommies, here I come! Pew pew pew!” Jackson pretended that he was flying a fighter.

“Is that Jackson I hear?”

A woman’s voice came over the audio and was quickly followed by a female face joining Jeremy on the screen. “Yes, Misses Ortiz, it’s me! Jeremy and I are going to Starfleet!”

Jeremy’s mom placed her hands on her cheeks and screamed. “Ahhhh, I knew it, I knew you’d both get in together! Oh, I’m so happy for both of you!” She gently pushed Jeremy to the side and took his place on the call. “Do your parents know yet?”

“Yes, we do!”

Another female voice, this time from behind. Jackson turned around and saw that his mom had, likewise, come up to join the call. Alicia stepped in front of Jackson. “Hey Mariana, can you believe that our boys will be joining Starfleet together!?”

“Uhh, mom-” Jackson started.

“Dios mio, I’m so proud of them!” Mariana replied.

“Mom, can Jackson and I-”

Mariana waved her hand back at Jeremy. “Hush, son, let me talk to Alicia!”

Jackson chuckled. “I’ll talk to you after dinner, Germ,” he managed to say before Alicia scooted closer to the screen.

“Gotcha, JP!” Jeremy flashed a dual thumbs-up before their mothers completely took over the call. It was all good, though. After all, the boys would be spending much of the next four years together.