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On The Mend.

Randall's Quarters
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Josh entered his quarters. He had been assisted by one of the orderlies from sickbay, because walking has been difficult for him following his surgeries, 

Once the orderly helped him to the couch, Josh looked at him and said, “Thanks for the help. I can manage from here.”

The orderly, his name was Paul, nodded. “If you need something, anything, feel free to contact him.” Paul turned and walked out of the room.

Taking a deep breath, Josh tried to stand up, but his knee buckled, and he flopped back into the couch. He tried again, this time managing to stay upright. He started walking to the desk, and at that moment, his knee gave out and he fell to the floor. He crawled to his desk and managed to maneuver the chair to support him, and he got up and sat in the chair. 

He turned the computer on, and when it booted, he checked his mail, looking for messages and orders. He quickly dispatched with the messages, and since there were no orders, he went back to the main screen.

“Computer, record the following, and place it in my personal files.” The computer acknowledged the request. “Personal log, Josh Randall. Today I was released from sickbay, having spent the last 6 days there, as a result of the injuries I sustained from the Orion’s.” Josh paused. “At first, the Orion’s started asking me questions about the ship, it’s mission and it’s crew. When I didn’t answer, they started hitting me, mostly in the face and head, sometimes in my stomach. I must have passed out, because when I woke, I found myself back in the area they were holding me in. I kept looking around for any sign of another member of the crew, but I never saw anyone.” He took a deep breath. “The next day, they brought me back to the interrogation area, and started with more questions, and when I declined to answer, they started beating me again. At one point, the chair I was tied to, fell over, so they just started kicking me, all over. I feared I was going to die that day. I had no idea how long they beat me. I guess they got tired and dragged me back to my cell, still tied to the chair.” Randall’s hands shook. “The next day, and days after that, two of the Orion’s game into the room, and started beating me, no time did they ask me questions, so I guess this was just fun for them.”

Josh pressed the ‘pause’ button.

“By the time I was rescued, and brought to a hospital ship, the doctors found that I had, two broken knees, both kidneys and liver damaged beyond saving, factures to both orbital sockets, a damaged ear drum and multiple fractures to my back, hips and legs. I underwent surgery to transplant artificial liver and kidneys, repair both knees, repair the orbital fractures to my face and repair both eyes, repair all the fractures, and insert a new organic eardrum.”

“With therapy, the doctor says I should be back to duty in about a week. We start tomorrow.”

“Computer, close log.”