Part of USS Saratoga: Facing the Storm and Bravo Fleet: The Stormbreaker Campaign

Getting Underway

Starbase Bravo / USS Saratoga
January 2400
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“May I have a cup of coffee light cream and sugar,” T’Prel asked the barista that was at the bar area.

“Coming right up sir,” came the woman’s reply as she walked off to prepared the coffee for the customer. After a few moments, the barista had returned setting the cup in front of T’Prel, “here you go sir.” the woman replied with a smile as T’Prel picked up the cup, smelling the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

“Thank you,” T’Prel replied picking up the cup she turned around spotting a seat that was near the window. Walking over she sat down she began to look out the window watching the ships come and go from the station. 

Ritru had a long day, she was pulling some hours on the starbase while they waited for the Saratoga to arrive, assisting with getting things ready for refugees. Once her shift was over and she knew the ship would be here soon she decided to head down to the coffee shop to get some tea.

Ritru had walked in, getting her cup of hot green tea she noticed that T’Prel was sitting at one of the tables. They had served together for the last few years over a couple of ship assignments, “Is this seat occupied, Commander?” Ritru said with a smile standing there.

Looking up at the Romulan women standing there she gestured towards the open seat. “Please,” she replied as Ritru sat down taking a sip of her tea. “So looks like we are waiting for the same ship to arrive,” Ritru said with a wink.

“Indeed Commander,” T’Prel replied knowing full well that they had been assigned to the Saratoga together. They had developed a deep friendship over the years, which turned into a romantic relationship over the last couple of years.

Just as Ritru sat down did they see a ship drop out of warp and begin docking with the starbase. “Well looks like our chat has been cut short,” Ritru replied with a small chuckle.

“So it would seem,” T’Prel replied as they both got up from their table and headed out towards the docking bay. 

“Care to have dinner with me tonight?” Ritru asked as they walked down the corridor of the starbase.

“That would be agreeable,” T’Prel replied.

“Wonderful,” Ritru replied with a smile. “I heard there is a nice bar and grill aboard the Saratoga that would be a perfect place,” She added as they made their way to the docking port. Though they made it a point to walk slow as they knew the rest of the crew would be arriving as well, there were some things that Ritru wanted to talk to her about along the way.

“There is something I have been meaning to talk to you about,” Ritru admitted as they walked.

T’Prel stopped walking for a moment and looked at her, “what is it?” She asked as it has piqued her curiosity.

“We have been seeing each other for the past couple of years,” she began looking at T’Prel. “I think it would be agreeable if we move in together,” she stated as her heart was pounding as she never brought it up before.

T’Prel looked at her in thought for a brief moment, “that would be agreeable.” She replied as Ritru was halfway expecting her to reject, she was happy that she agreed. “I will talk with the quartermaster about you moving into my quarters as they will be a decent size for our needs,” T’Prel replied as they began to walk down the corridor again towards their destination.

“Wonderful,” Ritru replied with a smile.

They finally made it to the docking port making it onto the ship to be greeted by Captain Azras Dex. Ritru nodded to the Captain before turning towards T’Prel, “I’ll see you later Commander.” She replied before walking off to get things settled into their new quarters, then to meet with her department head.

T’Prel nodded towards Ritru before turning her attention back to Azras, “you didn’t have to come down here just to greet me, Captain,” T’Prel said raising her eyebrow.

“It’s alright Commander, we can discuss what is going on while we walk,” Azras replied as they turned, beginning their walk down the corridor towards the turbolift. 

“I have already taken the liberty while I was waiting to catch up on the current situation as well as the Saratoga’s current mission,” T’Prel said which caught Azras a bit off guard, she wasn’t expecting a first officer who was as proactive as she was. Though it was a nice change from the norm.

“Great,” she replied as they entered the turbolift. “Bridge,” she ordered as the doors closed shut behind them and began to move towards its destination. “Once the remaining crew and supplies are on board we will depart along with the convoy that will be tagging along to assist with the evacuations. Though we will be taking the brunt of the refugees since we are a larger vessel and can handle the load.” Azras began before she paused for a moment to catch her breath. 

“We will be heading towards the trailing part of the Nebula before entering going towards the center,” Azras added looking at the Vulcan woman standing next to her.

“Understood,” T’Prel replied as the lift came to a stop with the doors swishing open as they both exited and took their places.

“Status report,” Azras asked looking back at Commander Odan at the Ops station.

“We are ready to depart, remaining crew and supplies are on board,” Odan replied looking at the Captain.

“Systems status?” She asked while she remained to look in his direction.

“All systems are ready to go,” Odan added.

Nodding she turned towards Deza, “do we have clearance to disembark from the starbase?” Azras asked.

“We are cleared for departure,” Airje replied.

“Bring us out,” Azras replied as she sat there watching as the Saratoga began to disembark from Starbase Bravo, moving away to a safe distance. Once they were clear Azras had sent the coordinates to the other ships.

Azras had given the coordinates to Airje, “set a course warp eight.” She ordered as they would only be going that speed until right before they reached the entrance to the Paulson Nebula from the trailing side.

“Aye sir,” Deza replied tapping a few buttons. “Course and speed laid in sir,” she said looking back at the Captain.

“Engage,” she ordered as the Saratoga as well as the other ships accompanying them went to warp. “Estimate time to arrival, fourteen-hundred hours tomorrow sir,” Deza replied.

“Very well,” she replied looking at T’Prel. “You have the bridge, I will be in my ready room.” She replied as she stood up, T’Prel just nodded as the Captain walked off the bridge and into her office to go over some reports.

  • Azras Dex

    Commanding Officer
    Squadron Commander

  • T'Prel

    Executive Officer

  • Deza Airje

    Chief Flight Control Officer
    Second Officer

  • Ritru

    Chief Communications Officer
    Third Officer

  • Odan Feraslo

    Chief Operations Officer