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Part of Endeavour: The Risan Beachhead

New Orders

Endeavour NX-06
Friday 8th April 2157
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Being able to finally rest over the past few days after being relieved of duty by Doctor Wishmore to recover from the beating he took by the hands of the Orions, Oliver was in a deep sleep in his quarters. Though it was late in the afternoon and he hadn’t done much, besides taking his dog Paddington for a walk around the ship, the brief sleep was a welcome one. Fynn had dotted on him while he recuperated and for the first time in days the bruises on his chest no longer hurt as much and the deep cut on his lip was starting to heal up. The one above his left eyebrow though was taking longer. 

When the intercom went off, he automatically knew it wasn’t good news coming in. A call from the bridge told him that he was receiving a transmission from Starbase One. Endeavour was planning to be there by the start of the following week and he wondered if it was his old friend, Captain Tom O’Brien, calling ahead. 

“Direct the call down here.” He said as he quickly pulled on a nearby hoodie and soon realised as he plopped his head out of the other end it wasn’t his and it belonged to Fynn. The huge MACO emblem blazing across the front was a big giveaway plus it was slightly tight around his chest and shoulders. He hoped that O’Brien didn’t mind, so he moved himself off from his bed and then over to his desk. 

Paddington, a pomsky breed, looked up from the cushion he was lying on as a way to show he was aware of movement and then decided to place his head back down and close eyes. He wasn’t interested. 

The call came in and Oliver was surprised it wasn’t the skipper of Starbase One, instead it was his former mentor and superior: Diane Paulsen. 

“Commodore Paulsen.” He greeted her with a smile. “This is a nice surprise.”

“That’s Rear Admiral Paulsen,” the red-headed woman said as she pointed to the additional pips on either shoulder. “Starfleet has given me full command of our frontier operations.”

“Well congratulations, ma’am.” He said, still smiling at his seeing his former commanding officer going up in the world. “I hope the new rank hasn’t taken you away from the bridge of the Poseidon?”

“Not completely, but I have made it my personal flagship for now.” She smiled before continuing, “I’m calling in to see how you and the ship are doing? I’ve just finished reading your after action reports. Some nasty business with the Orions there.” 

Nodding in agreement, the young captain told her they were well on the way to being back to their normal selves. “Our planned stopover at Starbase One will be a short one, just some routine maintenance and re-supplying.”

“Well that’s what I’m calling you about, Olly.” Paulsen said, somewhat wincing a bit. “I’m afraid I need Endeavour to take a diversion elsewhere before returning to Starbase One.”

Intrigued with what she had in mind for them, Campbell just said the one word. “Oh? 

“A Tellarite freighter picked up a distress call from a ship that reported it was being attacked by a Romulan ship earlier today. Unfortunately they didn’t feel they could respond and raised it with their superiors at the Tellarite Space Agency. They’ve shared it with the rest of the coalition and it turns out-”

“We’re the closest ship?” Campbell said finishing her sentence. 

Nodding to confirm, still showing her grimace expression. “Olly, if it was any other ship nearby I’d send them but you can be at their location within a couple of hours at warp four. Plus the ship is Risan.”

“Risan?” Campbell repeated. “We’re a few days away from Risa, how come it’s out this far?”

“We don’t know.” Paulsen answered, shrugging her shoulders. “The Risans are a key trading partner with the Vulcans and Tellarites. Earth has tried to open up stronger ties with Risa but due to the distance between them and the Commonwealth, we’ve never been successful so far. So I want you to render aid to them and escort them back home.”

“Understood ma’am.” Campbell said. “Is there anything else you’d like us to do?”

“Obviously determine if the Romulans did attack them and if this is part of some sort of wider plan the Romulans are preparing. If they plan to invade Risa it might give them a new point to launch quicker attacks against other coalition worlds. So I suggest you and your crew spend at least a week there, assessing all that is on Risa.” A wry smile appeared across her face as she was hoping that her former first officer was getting at what she was hinting at. “Do I make myself clear captain?”

“I believe so, ma’am. We need to get a lay of the land, maybe put on a good show to the Risan government? Show of good faith for both parties?” Campbell suggested with a cheeky expression plastered across his face. He knew she was giving him and the crew time to relax on the pleasure world, if their mission allowed it. 

“Exactly.” Paulson’s grin grew. “I’m sending you all of the intelligence and data we have on the Risans, but it’s minimal. I’m sending my orders over, they also include you being reinstated on duty. I expect to hear from you once you’ve made it to Risa. Good luck and also Oliver, next time I call I don’t expect to see you in a MACO hoodie. Starfleet is the only branding of clothing for you. Am I clear?”

About to defend himself, he realised how much she was pulling his leg. “I do ma’am.” He answered back, still smiling.  

“Just tell Fynn to stop leaving his clothes around on the floor. Paulsen out.” The admiral closed the channel.

Leaning back in his chair, he turned around and looked down at his dog. “So Paddington, sounds like we may get a holiday this year.”

Paddington looked up and wagged his tail at his master with excitement. 

The main cabin door then opened, allowing for his husband to enter. Turning around to see him, wearing his MACO uniform (jacket undone), Oliver greeted him home. “How was your shift?”

“Nothing too exciting.” Fynn answered as he sat on the edge of their bed and took his jacket off and started to undo the buckles on his boots. “How are you feeling?”

“A lot better,” Oliver said, with a smirk. “I’ve just spoken to Rear Admiral Paulsen and she’s giving us our next orders.”


“We’re heading to Risa.” 

“Risa?” Fynn repeated. “That should be interesting. What’s there waiting for us?”

“Besides diplomatic overtures,” Oliver said as he leaned forward and started to straddle his husband, “endless coast lines with the most beautiful beaches.”

“Sounds perfect.” Fynn said as he placed his arms around Oliver’s waist. “How come we’re going?”

“Closest ship.” Oliver answered.

“Well let’s hope the Orions don’t appear there.”  Fynn stated. “I take it though we’ve gotta get underway?”

 Nodding, Oliver planted a kiss on his husband’s lip before leaning over and tapping the intercom panel. “Campbell to the bridge, begin long range scans for a Risan ship sending out a distress call. They should be at least two hours away from us at warp four. The moment we’ve found them, then set an intercept course and engage at maximum warp. Also have sickbay standy by for casualties. I’ll be up the bridge shortly. Campbell out.” He closed the channel with a thump on the button on the panel and turned back to his husband. “I’m afraid our planned quiet evening tonight is going to have to go on hold.”

“As long as I get to have a couple of hours of your time alone on Risa, then I’ve got no qualms.” Trommler said as gently pushed his husband off from him. “Plus, I want my hoodie back. It doesn’t suit you.”

Rolling his eyes at how much he was being badgered about it, Oliver yanked the hoodie off and went over to his closet to get his uniform jumpsuit on before he made his way back onto duty. 

He was determined for this mission to go a lot better than the last one. Hopefully the Risans wouldn’t try and capture them.