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A Storm’s Brewing

Capital City, Terra Alpha
February 6, 2400 09:00
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Aimee sat at the dining table wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt and her hair up in a messy bun.  She was cradling a cup of coffee liberally treated with cream and sugar. 

The large picture window behind her displayed Capitol City in the wash of an early morning sun.  The AlphaTech Building, a local landmark, was gleaming brightly across the street bathing her apartment in gold. Shuttles and anti-grav speeders raced between the buildings in carefully orchestrated order.  And fifty-six stories below, cars and even a few trucks navigated the streets as pedestrians went about their business.

On the opposite wall of the apartment, a large viewing monitor hung on the wall playing the local news. The anchor sat behind the news desk wearing a grey silk suit and a navy tie. There was a graphic of a dour-looking Klingon over his left shoulder.

“The trial of Q’otok, Son of Malkor is set to begin tomorrow.  Also known as Q’otok the Bloody was arrested two years ago for war crimes committed at the Hataka Labor Camp during the infamous Operation Gatecrasher.

“Q’otok was an early member of the Sovereignty of Kahless and quickly rose through the ranks eventually becoming commandant of Hataka. Following the fall of the Sovereignty he had spent nearly a decade in hiding, and officials are calling this a victory in bringing more of the conflict’s war criminals to justice.

“According to court documents obtained by TANN he has been accused of murder,  starvation, and torture during his time overseeing the labor camp. He is also thought to be complicit and even encouraging of medical experimentation on prisoners by the notorious Klingon known simply as Doctor Death.

“His trial was delayed several months after his attorneys argued that Q’otok would be unable to get a fair trial in Paris.  Last week a judge granted a motion to move the trial to Vulcan and the trial will follow Vulcan jurisprudence.   Opponents to this decision believe that Q’otok’s victims will not see justice served with what they believe is Vulcan pacifism.  Q’otok has yet to make any statement other than his initial plea of not guilty.

“In other news officials are calling this the ‘Storm of the Century’. A massive ion storm is moving into the area originating from the Paulson Nebula.  TANN news correspondent Victoria Price is live from Starbase Bravo with more.”

“Thank you, Tom.  As we know last month Coronal was struck by this storm with devastating effects.   I spoke with one of the survivors earlier.”

The broadcast switched to a pre-recorded clip with a woman as the subject.  She looked tired, worried, and defeated.  “We got the evacuation order the night of the first,” she started.   “My uncle owned a small cargo ship and with some neighbors and family friends, we escaped with barely more than the clothes on our backs.  I hear that at the end fights broke out between people trying to get on the last remaining seats. Supposedly someone was stabbed.”

Switching back to the reporter she continued,  “There is no final casualty number but it is feared that over a thousand colonists lost their lives to the now toxic atmosphere. Several colony worlds are being evacuated as we speak as the Century Storm bears down on them.  It appears Caldos Four is one such world threatened by this storm.

“I spoke with Commodore Vega today and her response was that the Fourth Fleet had ‘all hands on deck’ and they are mobilizing every available ship in the area including civilian ships.  Captain Reyes, executive officer of Starbase Bravo, stated that this station will be central to aiding refugees going forward and they are opening the station’s second medical center in preparation for an influx of casualties.  At Starbase Bravo for TANN, this is Victoria Price. Back to you Tom.”

The image returned to the studio, and the anchor nodded,  “Thank you Victoria. Officials are saying that Terra Alpha is currently not in the path of the Century Storm,  but due to its unpredictable nature, Governor Nicholas Ryder has issued a soft evacuation encouraging those that if they have the means and ability to leave they should.

“The Terra Alpha Senate is voting on legislation…” Aimee picked up the remote pressed the off button as Dougal walked into the apartment carrying a bag of food and a tray of coffee.

He gave her a once over, “Ye are still in yer pajamas I see, and ye didn’t need this wee coffee. You already have one.”

Aimee gave her coffee a disgusted look like it had suddenly gone bad.   “I always have room for real coffee.  What else did you bring?”

“Och aye,” Dougal agreed.  “Just a wee bagel.”



“You know me all too well,” Aimee said with a loving smile. She sat up in her chair as Dougal placed the coffee and bag in front of her.

She eagerly dug into the bag and pulled out a cup of oatmeal which she slid over to Dougal and extracted her own bagel and a packet of cream cheese which she smeared all over the toasted surface.

She was about to take her first bite when the monitor started buzzing with an incoming call and a picture of Trinity on the screen.

She answered the call with the remote and sat back in her chair with her fresh cup of coffee in her right hand. “Hey, Trin. What’s up?”

“You’re gonna have to cut your leave short Aimee.  You’re being called back.”

Aimee sighed,  “I expected that.  The news said they were pooling every possible ship.”

“Yeah, it looks bad.  Once I get ahold of Ethan I’m sure he’ll want to take off.  He’s out riding with the kids right now and doesn’t take his combadge with him.”

“I don’t blame him.  I’ll swing by the medical clinic and get some supplies and head to the ship then.”

“Thanks, Aims. Oh, could you tell Dougal for me?”

“I’m here lass.  I heard the whole thing,” he said leaning into the view of the camera.

“Thanks, Dougal.  I’ll talk to you two later.”