Part of Starbase Bravo: January 2400

Reporting In

Sector Echo-One-Green - Engineering Support
January 2400
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After getting all settled into her quarters and starting to get acclimated with the station, it was time to begin her shift here in about half an hour. After getting changed into a fresh uniform she headed out of her shared quarters and headed for the turbolift. After entering “Sector Echo-One-Green, engineering support.” She ordered as the doors closed and the lift began to move towards its destination. After a few moments, the lift finally stopped at its location and she exited, walking down the corridor towards engineering support.

After a few minutes of walking she finally arrived walking in, she looked around to see if she could see the officer she was supposed to report to. When she finally spotted him she walked up to him and smiled. “Ensign Nilah Virahl reporting for duty sir,” she said standing at attention looking at him.

Livingston tried his best to ignore almost everyone that came into the shift office. Unfortunately, as he peered around the room – his colleagues had left him high and dry. Standing up, he narrowed his eyes at the ensign before him. He considered asking her to stand at ease but decided against it as he approached Nilah. “Roger that, Ensign.” He extended his hand for a firm and confident handshake. “Welcome to beta shift. What brings you here?” He asked.

“I just arrived on board a few hours ago and was told to report to you for assignment,” she replied looking at him as she shook his hand in return. She hoped to be assigned to the shipyards to gain some experience but she would work anywhere that was needed.

Liv grabbed the PADD from his desk and hovered it near the ensign to allow the computer to pull up her transfer papers. “Wasn’t told we were getting anyone new today.” He gruffed. Scanning the information on the semi-transparent screen he darted his eyes back and forth between the device and the woman in front of him – perhaps trying to ascertain if the information seemed to correlate with the person before him or if it was just filler. After a few moments of awkward silence, Liv spoke, “Virahl comma N, the almighty computer system has assigned you to secondary maintenance services – are you familiar with this branch of base engineering?”

Now Nilah started to feel like an idiot coming in on her first day not reading up on how different a starship and starbase are. “Please forgive me, I am not” she replied in embarrassment that showed. ‘Great way to make your first impression Nilah’ she said to herself standing there.

“Well,” Liv chuckled. “Then, I’m not gonna be the one to disappoint you. I spent six months in secondary maintenance, nearly ripped my beard out.” He leaned back and propped himself up on the rim of the shelf behind him. “What do you want to be doing six months from now, ensign?” He asked. 

“I hope to get a shot at the shipyard side of things,” she said looking at him as she was quick with that answer. 

Liv shook his head in restrained disbelief. “Rookies always want to get a shot at shipyards.“ He said. After punching up a few changes to the orders, Liv swiped them up to the holo display in front of them. “Give it your best shot and I’ll see you back here in three weeks,“ he paused, “maybe two.“  

Raising an eyebrow at his comment, sure he gets that sort of thing all the time but she knew she could do it. She took extensive courses at the Academy for shipyard construction. Was probably the reason why for her assignment on a space station that had a shipyard, “thank you, sir.” Nilah replied with a smile, “hopefully you won’t see me again,” she replied.

“I hope so too, ensign.” Liv playfully saluted her as she walked out. 

She left the engineering support room and headed with padd in hand to the construction yard to begin her work, she would need to check in with the lead there and get orders on what they wanted her to do first. She was feeling confident, though not too confident where she would look to sure of herself. She just hoped she would make a good first impression when she arrived.