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Part of USS Denver: Mission 1: Flight of the Valkyries

Hull Repair

Deck 5
May 6, 2374 09:35
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Crewman Aoife Mckenzie hated EVA suits, even if it wasn’t on the outside of the hull.  She was inside someone’s quarters on deck 5. To whom those quarters belonged to neither mattered nor did she care.


She scanned the exterior bulkhead with a tricorder. Approaching the area of the breech she holstered the tricorder and set her tool kit down.  Opening it she removed a tool and started removing the inner paneling and stripping insulation away from the bulkhead exposing the inner structural beams and the outer hull skin.


And there it was.  The crack ran perpendicular to the deck nearly forty centimeters long. It was a stress fracture caused from damage to the inertial dampening and structural integrity systems.  Ordinarily the repair would have been done on the outside of the hull, but considering dropping out of warp was out of the question at the moment here she was.


Using a laser drill she drilled into the thick tritanium with a laser drill at both ends of the crack.  This would stop it from spreading any farther. It was slow tedious process since the material was designed to be resistant to energy weapons, but eventually she completed the process. 


Exchanging her laser drill for a welder she carefully filled the void in the crack with molten material.  A scan with a tricorder confirmed that it was a good weld.


Next she extracted a piece of titanium plate, and cut it down to completely cover the damage.  A tack weld held the doubler plate in place while she welded the four sided perimeter to the inside of of the hull plate.


“Computer release emergency force fields on this deck.”The computer beeped in her earpiece and the emergency force field buzzed out of existence allowing atmosphere to return to these quarters.  She made a quick scan to verify that it was holding pressure before pulling off her EVA helmet.   Once free of the claustrophobic apparatus she went about reassembling the inner insulation and bulkhead paneling.