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Blue Thoughts

January 1, 2400
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Roars of applause and shouts of encouragement echoed throughout the stadium. The sound rose as the bull rushed passed the muleta, which is the brightly colored bit of cloth that is used as a matador’s cape. Doran moved with ease as he waved the cape. The Bull rushed passed the matador a second time and the crowd cheered in exuberant excitement, not knowing if the creature would hit the Andorian or not.  

The second duty shift had ended and with all the activity Lt. Jg Doran Thoor wanted to get away from the hustle and chaos in the hallways. He retreated to the holodeck, where he had found an intriguing program nearly three months ago.

Old Eath, Spain. According to the description, it appeared to be some sort of sporting activity. His first few encounters were quite frustrating, but he was resolved to master this sport.

Doran, had no idea humans could be so brutal.  The battle with the large beast exhilarated him, because for his tactical mindset it was not easy to predict the animal’s actions.  The bull fight was also elegant with the pageantry of bright clothing and movements between the animal and matador was similar to a dance.

Doran sidestepped and waved the cape for the third pass when the distinct hiss of the holodeck doors silenced the crowd for a moment. Boos and geers targeted the individual entering the ring.

It had been a long day. Patrolling the Promenade with Ensign Thompson and talking to people. Ta’set wasn’t the best at being friendly and getting to know people. Not to mention most people didn’t easily trust a Romulan. Some time on the holodeck would be just what he needed. Romulans only used holodecks for combat training purposes so he had been incredibly surprised when he found out that here in the Federation he could use them for fun. He still mainly used it for tactical training, but every now and then he enjoyed himself.  As he walked in there a program already running. An Andorian was fight some kinda of large creature that Ta’set have never seen before. “Oh sorry. I didn’t realize this station was in use”.

“Computer pause program.”  Doran snarled.  The crowd was immediately silenced and the bull froze in mid motion. His antenna twitched slightly as he glared toward the interloper. With so many new people on the base it was not unexpected for someone to walk in a program while it was running.

Doran was less irritated by the program being interrupted and more set off by being seen in his attire. His blue skin complimented the silk and satin, richly beaded waistcoat, and knee-length skintight trousers of trimmed in gold and silver.

Ta’set took a look around at the program now that it was paused. Ancient earth, a a big crowd and people in colorful attire.  A large creature of some sort with sharp looking horns that appears to be charging at an.. Andorian? The Andorian was wearing some kind of extravagant colorful outfit. If this wasn’t a strange sight Ta’set didn’t know what was.

He paused for a moment and approached the person.  At first he noticed the pointed ears and thought he was dealing with some sort of malformed Vulcan, but as he got closer he noticed the man was not Vulcan at all, but of Romulan heritage and wearing a Starfleet uniform with the rank of Ensign.

“Ensign?”  He questioned.

Ta’set touches his rank insignia, still not entirely used to the rank. “Yes, that is my rank”

Doran rolled his eyes and his antenna dipped in annoyance. “Yes, I know that is your rank. It is how I refer to people I do not know.”  He gave the Romulan a long look. “Normally, this is an opportunity for you to explain your reason for being here and to introduce yourself.” 

“Oh. Apologies. I am Ensign Ta’set from the Promenade Security.” Ta’set says. “I am new to the Federation and things here are… different” Ta’set pauses for a second. “As to why I am here, I was hoping to use the holodeck for some recreational activity. That is not something I was ever able to do in them Empire so I was wanting to explore opportunities here. I was not aware that you were in here. My apologies.”

Doran hufffed a bit and grumbled under his breath as he decided what to do.  “Very well.” And he waved his hand indicating the ensign should follow him. He took a few steps and announced, “Arch.” 

“When a holographic program is running, there is a control panel outside that indicates the program that is running.” Doran then tapped a few controls and his costume disappeared and his normal duty uniform appeared.”  He then turned to the ensign and addressed him. “It is considered poor manners to enter a holographic program while it is running, unless it is an open program.” He looked over the panel on the arch. “It appears I did not lock the door or define is as being private, so no harm.” He sighed at that slight over-site. 

“Anyhow.” Doran began. He explained the arch and how to find, build and even modify and run programs. “While this only scratched the surface, the computer can run you through a training program.” He touched the control panel to save his current progress and the holodeck returned to the standard black and yellow grid look. 

Doran turned to the ensign, “What sort of program are you looking to run?”

“Thank you for helping me understand the holodeck and it’s etiquette. I was attempting to run a program that would allow me to learn more about Star Fleet interactions and protocol.”

Doran tilted his head to the side as he thought about it a moment. “Did your academy classes not cover that information sufficiently?” He turned and tapped in a few commands and a room that any fist year cadet would recognize came into being. “Romulan, umm…What made you want to join Starfleet ?” 

“I fled the New Romulan Empire to get away from the danger and corruption. My shuttles navigation systems were damaged on the way out and I ended up in Federation Space instead of Republic space. I was rescued by a Federation vessel and things just kinda progressed from there.”

With a nod Doran acknowledged the statement. “Computer begin program.” The room filled with holographic cadets quickly taking their seats. “This lecture will, without a doubt provide you with all the information you seek.” Doran indicated that the Romulan should take the empty desk. “Dr. Salak does not take kindly to tardiness.”  Doran gave a short laugh. as a Vulcan professor appeared before the podium. 

“Exit.” He ordered. 

“I am not as tolerant as others, but since your new…” His voice trailed off because he did not know what else to say.  He signed heavily, as if he was remembering a previous conversation.  “I’m sure you will find your way soon enough.” 

“Thank you for your kindness. May we meet again” Ta’set says