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Wrong Quarters

Starbase Bravo - Junior Officers Quarters
January 2400
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After departing from the Promenade finally after her recent run-in with Ensign Wolfguard after not paying attention to where she was going. She made it to the turbolift and gave it directions as to where she wanted to go. After what seemed like hours, when in reality only took about a couple of minutes to reach its destination. Once the doors opened she walked out, heading down the corridor towards where her shared quarters were located.

She thought she had reached the right one, though she mistook one number and attempted to enter her code to get in it wasn’t working. “Weird,” she replied not realizing she was at the wrong quarters. Hers was the next one over from where she was, she kept trying but kept getting an error which caused the door to open with a woman standing at the other end. Raising an eyebrow as she was told that Ensign Murphy hadn’t arrived yet.

Looking confused she looked at her padd again then at the number above the door and her face turned red realizing she had the wrong door. “I am so sorry I misread the number on the door, guess my quarters are right next door.” She said looking at the Ensign in embarrassment.

Sonja had been trying to get settled into her room after a decent time of getting all her paperwork done. She had arrived at her quarters exhausted and yet wanting to unpack all of her stuff. As this was going to be here home was full of posters of different gaming aspects. She was a nerd for all intents and purposes and even though she loved working out her second love was gaming. She had gotten everything put up and was proud of the work when she kept hearing an error at her door.

She rolled her eyes and continued to work until she couldn’t stand it anymore. She activated the door to see a confused Trill in front of her as she stood there tapping her foot. As she heard the Ensign’s reason she sighed “It’s ok what’s your number?”

Looking at her, “578.” Nilah replied still looking embarrassed.

Sonja giggled “You were so close it’s right there.” She said pointing.

“Ya, I realize that I read the number wrong I do apologize.” She said looking at her for a brief moment, “thanks again sorry for bothering you.” She said as she was about to turn to walk next door to her quarters.

Sonja shook her head “Truthfully no need to apologize it could happen to anyone. I guess I should introduce myself since we will be neighbors. I am Ensign Sonja Thompson and I promise I don’t bite…most of the time.” She giggled.

She chuckled, “I am Ensign Nilah Virahl it’s nice to meet you.” She said with a smile, “I sure seem to be making an impression upon arrival.” She said chuckling, “first I run into another Ensign while not paying attention to where I was going now I am trying to break into someone else’s quarters.” She said with a nervous chuckle, she really needed to get over this nervousness talking to people.

Sonja shook her head at the comments “Don’t be so hard on yourself. This is a new experience for all of us and we will have to get used to the changes that occur with such a huge change. Just take a deep breath and realize you are only the person you strive to be.” She said with a friendly smile.

She chuckled, “just really surprised that my first assignment is a Starbase. I figured I get assigned to some starship before ever being assigned to a starbase.” She replied with a smile, “I am not complaining I think this is a great opportunity especially on a starbase such as Starbase Bravo to gain some experience and knowledge.” Nilah replied though she was beginning to just talk, “I came from the Academy down on Mellstoxx III.” She added before stopping herself from talking her ear off which she tended to do sometimes.

Sonja just stood there listening wondering if the Ensign would eventually catch herself. “I think we are all surprised about the path we were given, but sometimes all you can do is push forward and hope for the best. I think this opportunity is better than any of us realize.”

“Sorry, I tend to talk too much when I get nervous,” she replied as she stood there for a moment thinking of what to say next without looking like a fool. “I better let you get back to what you were doing. I still need to get settled before I report for my first shift in a few hours,” Nilah replied with a smile looking at her. “It was nice meeting you,” she added.

Sonja smiled “It’s ok no need to fret. It happens I’m sure we will see each other soon being neighbors and all. Have a great evening Ensign Virahl.” 

Sonja watched the ensign go into her quarters. She closed the door to hers and went back to getting her room sorted.