Part of Starbase Bravo: January 2400

A Friendly Face

Starbase Bravo Arrival Area
January 16th 2400
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Sonja looked out of the window of the shuttle seeing the massive station in front of her. It had to be the pinnacle of Federation Engineering and something she began to get excited for was to explore the station and its many levels. She was on the shuttle with a few other Ensigns, but not any she recognized. She had made some small talk to the others in the shuttle, but after seeing the station all she could do was wait to step foot onto it.

After the docking procedures, she stepped off the shuttle onto the station, which looked brand new in every way. She looked at the bay in amazement it was way bigger than she had ever expected her first assignment to be. She had grabbed her bag and was beginning to walk towards the exit when she heard a familiar voice.

Steven was there greeting and guiding new officers and crewmembers when he saw a familiar face and had to call them over. “Sonja! Holy crap!” He waves her over while putting a hand up to stop a petty officer. “Sorry but this is a priority one uhh, officer check in. Yup that’s what it is.” He then took her orders and started fumbling with it. “Oh wow this is going to take a while, hey guys could you take my line here, I need to figure out what’s wrong with my stuff.” He told them before stepping off to the side.

“Sonja Thompson. Holy cow lady, I was not expecting to see you here at all. I thought you be assigned to like, I don’t know, some starship or somewhere on the frontier, wherever they shove all you Security people at.” Shane told her as he ever so slowly worked on her orders so that she wouldn’t be able to leave just yet.

Sonja flipped around and her eyes lit up as she saw Steven. She made her way over to him and watched him fumble through her orders. It made her laugh just like Steven to make a sow when she showed up. She recalled the test where he couldn’t focus because she was part of it as well. She looked at him and finally spoke “Steven you always were one with words. Are you having issues with my orders? I know they were just fine when they were handed to me.”

She listened to his next remark and shrugged “I thought I would be on a ship, but that didn’t happen. I am still trying to figure out why…maybe it’s because this is the nicest station and I proved myself. I am not sure, but whatever the case I am here! At least I know someone.” she said as she pulled her hair back.

“Me, issues with your orders? Nah, just an act to have a chat with ya without having to deal with a line.” He told her with a smirk. “Oh yeah, this station is amazing. There are so many viewports to watch the construction or watch ships come and go. Sadly I’m stuck doing this job for a while before I can get up there to fly the shuttles and runabouts. Or do the job of guiding ships in and out of the station. Maybe hold the door closed until the last second and then open it up and be like ‘Just kidding!'” He joked as he entered the last bit with her orders and saw where she needed to go, so this time he slowly created the nav points and the route. “I mean, I say I would be unprofessional but you know how I am. Once I’m in the job, Professional Steven at your service.”

She chuckled at the remark and looked at Steven “If anyone can do it that will be you Steven you have always had the drive to do what you want even if that causes issues for the others.” She smirked “Heard anything about the other friend if they were stationed here?” She winked at Steven as he knew what she was talking about.

Steven shook his head, “That is so true, so true. Think on my first day here, like a week before New Years, I may have guided some people to the wrong locations. Kind of hard when this station is massive. And then I had a little too much fun after the New Years Party.” He shrugged his shoulders then frowned when she asked. “Now that you mention it, I don’t think so. I haven’t really been checking the roster to be honest. This station got like almost a hundred thousand people, give or take a hundred or so. I mean I could search by name, sure, but still. Woo.”

Sonja laughed “You got to make sure you get people to the right place. How do I know you are guiding me to the right location?” She winked giving him heck as she always did. “Hopefully we will see them crop up sometime in the near future.” She looked at the information he gave her and nodded “Well it looks as though I have somewhere to head.” She looked around and gave him a peck on the cheek “Thanks for the help, Steven. I am sure we will see each other around. Should we plan dinner to catch up?”

“Well I’ve been doing this for a couple weeks so, I’ve gotten better.” He chuckled then swiped her information her way. “That will guide you to your quarters where you can drop off your things and then guide you to where you need to report in. So-” He was caught off guard with the peck on the cheek and had to reboot the brain to process the question that she asked him. “Yes, we should actually. That is a great idea. Because catching up with you would be fantastic,” Then he looked at his coworkers. “And because I am getting the stink eye from my pals over there, so I should probably return to my line.”

Sonja smiled and nodded “That sounds like a plan. Yeah, you better get back to it I don’t want to get you in trouble. I will talk to you soon my friend.” She concluded as she walked out of the bay heading to towards where the nav beacons were leading her.