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Part of USS Odyssey: Like Father Like Son

Winds of Change

USS Odyssey NCC-80000, docked at Starbase Bravo, Mellstoxx system, Beta Quadrant
Stardate: 77001
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“Captain’s log stardate seven-seven-zero-zero-one. Odyssey has been tractored back to Starbase Bravo for immediate repairs and overhaul. Our sudden arrival out of the blue took Starfleet by surprise, as such Rear Admiral Zack Marshall-Bennet will be leading our debriefing. He has already made available to the crew the counseling and medical services of Starbase Bravo. These last two months have placed quite the strain on everyone on the Odyssey. Full R and R will be granted to all while the ship is docked. In the meantime, I am pleased to report that contact has been established with my brother’s vessel, the League. They were fortunate enough to miss the shockwave caused by the Quierrnal’s destruction and avoid the heavy damage that we’ve sustained.”

Sitting on the edge of the sofa in his ready room that sat under the sloped windows, Captain McCallister sipped on his first mug of tea of the day. He wasn’t sure how he wanted to start the day. Hell even the new year. He hadn’t slept much the night before. It was weird being back on the Odyssey. Things between him and Karyn hadn’t completely gone back to normal. There was still some tension there, he could feel it. That said, he was glad to be back and see his sons. They had changed in the two months they had been away. At one point late last night he felt like a stranger in his own home. Things weren’t right on the Odyssey, he couldn’t put his finger on it and he knew things with himself weren’t right either. 

His computer console activated by itself as it rose from underneath the desk, interrupting his thoughts. It only did that when a priority call was coming in. Glancing over to the desk, he placed his mug down on the nearby coffee table and got up. Moving across his large ready room, he tugged on the ends of his uniform jacket and inputted his clearance codes as he approached the desk. 

“Authorisation McCallister four-seven-alpha-tango.” He said before the holographic display illuminated from the desk to show the face of his brother, Horatio, also sat in his ready room. “Horatio, it’s good to hear from you.” He greeted his younger brother as he perched on the end of his desk.

“Likewise J-P.” Horatio said with a sincere smile. “I heard Odyssey had a rougher ride escaping from the Quierrnal than we did. Are you all okay?”

For the first time in his career, James wasn’t sure if everything was okay. He genuinely didn’t know how his crew would come back from their experience with Captain Jyster. Instead of sharing that , even with his younger brother, he just went for a simple response. “We will be.” He took a breath. “And the League?”

“Nothing my SCE teams can’t handle. In fact we’ve docked at a Quarran repair station. They seemed keen to take the work we can provide from some of the damage we’ve sustained.” Horatio answered, sounding almost cheerful with his present situation. “How long will you be back in the Alpha Quadrant for?”

Shrugging his shoulders, James genuinely didn’t know the answer to that either. “Not sure, yet. Odyssey is going to be out of action for a few weeks. I’m sure Starfleet wants to conduct a number of debriefs to cover everything that has happened as well cover our other exploits while in the Delta Quadrant.”

“Well, look after yourself J-P.”

“I will,” James said. “And thanks for coming to our rescue, Horatio. Karyn and I are especially grateful for the time you put into the boys.”

“Isn’t that what an uncle is for?” Horatio rhetorically asked. “Anyway, I didn’t do as much work as you’re giving me credit for. They did most of it by themselves from the sounds of it. Give them time to tell you both about it.”

Smiling to show his appreciation, James nodded at the suggestion from his brother. “I will.” Realising he had nothing else to say, he wished his brother well. “Good luck Captain McCallister, just make sure you don’t explore too much of that quadrant. Leave some for the rest of us.”

“Understood, and good luck to you all as well Captain McCallister. League out.” Horatio said before he closed the channel. 

Rubbing his nose bridge after the channel closed, McCallister gave out another heavy sigh. 

How was he supposed to move on from here? 

How were any of them supposed to move on?

He didn’t know.