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So Much For Getting Some Rest

U.S.S. Columbia NCC-76991
MD01 - 2130 Hours
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Henry rubbed his tired eyes as the words on the holo-display in front of him were beginning to blur. Having to uproot his life for the second time in as many months and adjust to yet another new ship, a new crew, had involved more than a few long days and today was one of them. He’d long since lost track of the time. It was only when a familiar face appeared in the doorway that he finally dismissed the display with a swipe of his hand.

“Don’t you have a home to go to?” Head Nurse Dorem asked as she leaned on the doorframe of his office and folded her arms.

Henry leaned back in his chair and flashed her a tired smile. “Well I wanted to finish a few things off before I head back to my quarters.” He’d never referred to his quarters on either the Venture or the Columbia as home. His home was currently serving on the Aquarius as her chief flight controller.

“I think it’s time you left. We should be able to manage without you for a few hours.” She told him teasingly.

Pushing himself out of his chair, Henry moved towards the doorway. “Sounds like you’re giving me an order and I thought I gave the orders round here.”

“That’s just what we let you think.” Her smile widened. “Now go home and get some rest.”

In the short time they’d known each other, the two had become close. “You take good care of me, y’know that?”

“Someone has to, with that husband of yours off on his own assignment.” She replied softly.

Henry gave her another smile before slipping past her and leaving Sickbay. Upon reaching his quarters, he quickly began to shed his uniform, folding it neatly, and pulled on his yoga pants. “Computer, play waves crashing ambient sound.” He instructed as he rolled out his yoga mat.

After lighting a number of candles and placing them around the room and ordering the computer to turn the lights out, Henry began his usual yoga routine. Since he began taking classes at the Academy, he’d found yoga as the perfect way to relax and clear his mind so it had become a twice daily routine, morning and night.

As he pushed his hips back and he moved into downward dog, the deck beneath him lurched violently causing him to fall sideways. “So much for getting some rest.” Henry mused as he scrambled to his feet. Blowing out the candles was his first priority before pulling his yoga pants off and once again pulling on the uniform that he’d spent most of the day wearing.

Senior Officers to the Bridge.” The captain’s voice echoed through the room as Henry pulled his uniform jacket on. The instruction caused him to roll his eyes. One of the aspects of being the ship’s CMO that he disliked was the need to assemble on the bridge at times like this instead of going straight to sickbay to treat patients. Being an assistant chief had been so much simpler.

Henry tapped his commbadge as he moved out into the corridor. “Young to sickbay. Status report.”

Dorem here. We have a few cuts and bruises so far, one sprained wrist but nothing more serious so far.” The head nurse reported.

Based on what he’d felt, Henry didn’t anticipate anything more than sprains or fractures but he would still rather be in sickbay than joining in the confab on the bridge. But he was CMO now, this was all part of the job. “Alright, keep me apprised. I’ll be there as soon as I can. Young out.”

Stepping inside the turbolift, six or seven others already inside, Henry instructed it to take him to the bridge.