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Profile Overview

Henry Young, M.D.

Human Male

Character Information


Chief Medical Officer
USS Columbia


Lieutenant Commander


Henry Stephen Young



Lieutenant Commander Henry Young is Chief Medical Officer of the U.S.S. Columbia.


Early Life

Henry and his twin brother Lucas were born in the waning weeks of a long, dry summer on Marcos XII. Their parents, Matthew and Christine, were both born on Earth and moved to Marcos XII in 2365. Born at 03:21, Henry was the oldest with Lucas following along 37 minutes later. The boys’ upbringing was fairly standard. Their father stayed at home to raise his sons while their mother continued with her legal career after taking a year long maternity leave. The family would add a fourth, and final, member in 2376 with the birth of Henry’s sister Eleanor.

A chef by trade, Matthew tried to pass on his love of cooking and baking to his children with limited success. Only Henry showed any interest in learning at his father’s arm. He would regularly be found assisting his father, initially by stirring or mixing and when he was older he was taught to chop ingredients. By the time he left for the Academy, Henry was cooking whole meals on his own. For a while he considered following his father and becoming a chef but ultimately a career in Starfleet won out.

His mother didn’t bother trying to pass her love of the law onto her children. Christine, instead, tried to pass on her love of music and in this she was considerably more successful than her husband. Since childhood, Christine had played the violin and each of her children took up a musical instrument with Henry playing the cello, Lucas playing the flute and Eleanor playing the violin. Henry also inherited his mother’s love of yoga and likes to fit in a morning yoga flow before work and, depending on how difficult a day he’s had, one after work.


Henry started classes at Starfleet Medical Academy on Earth in the fall of 2386. He’d travelled to Earth with his parents at least once a year to visit grandparents but this was his first time in San Francisco. Science, biology in particular, had always been a strong suit of his in high school so medicine seemed like a natural choice for him.

A studious person, Henry’s marks were consistent and in the top 20% of his class throughout his time at the Academy. At the same time his twin brother was at Starfleet Academy studying to become an engineer. After four years at the Academy, Henry graduated and was commissioned an Ensign. He continued his medical training as an Internal Medicine resident with a focus on infectious disease on Starbase 133.

Henry enjoyed the 3 years he spent on Starbase 133 but believed it to be rather dull when compared to life on a starship. By the end of his tour on the Starbase, Henry was itching for a ship based assignment to get out on exciting new adventures. He completed his residency in 2393 and received orders to report aboard the U.S.S. Challenger, a Galaxy-class starship, as a medical officer with a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

What he found after a few months on the Challenger was that life on a starship could be just as boring as life on a starbase. While there were more challenging and exciting moments on the Challenger, they were still broken up by weeks of routine and boredom. Whatever preconceived notions he had of life in Starfleet were finally shattered in his first few months on the Challenger.

After 3 years on the Challenger, Henry received a promotion to Lieutenant and was transferred to the U.S.S. Galaxy, another Galaxy-class starship, as her assistant chief medical officer. He enjoyed the challenge that this first leadership role presented to him in that he wasn’t just treating patients but also having a hand in the running of the department and deputising for the CMO when necessary.

Starfleet felt that after 3 years spent in this role on the Galaxy, Henry was ready for the task of running his own medical department and in late 2399 he was transferred to the U.S.S. Venture,  as her chief medical officer. This assignment only last a couple of months because the Venture was quickly slated for a refit so Henry was transferred to the U.S.S. Columbia, his fourth Galaxy-class posting in seven years. He would once more serve as CMO and the transfer to the Columbia also came with a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Personal Life

Henry came out at the age of 15 to a family that were immediately accepting and supportive of him. He dated a few times in high school but none of them ever became a serious relationship. It wasn’t until he was at the  Academy that he had his first proper relationship, which lasted for a year and a half.

In 2387 he met Dujan Trill, a flight control cadet. Dujan had been born on Farius Prime  but became orphaned at the age of 2, being found outside a local government building. No-one had been able to identify his parents so without a proper surname, he was given the surname Trill.

Henry and Dujan crossed paths a few times while at the Academy, mainly at parties, but never became friends. They would encounter each other again in 2393 when Henry was assigned to the Challenger where Dujan was serving as a flight controller. The two quickly became friends and spent a great deal of their off duty time together. That friendship quickly developed into something more and by the end of 2393 they were dating. When Henry was transferred to the Galaxy, Dujan requested to be transferred, which was granted within weeks of Henry leaving the Challenger.

2 months after their transfer, Henry proposed to his boyfriend, who quickly accepted. They were married in 2397 on Marcos XII followed by a honeymoon on Casperia Prime. Dujan, who never had a proper surname of his own, wanted to take Henry’s last name for himself.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2386 - 2387 Medical Cadet Starfleet Medical Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2387 - 2388 Medical Cadet Starfleet Medical Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2388 - 2389 Medical Cadet Starfleet Medical Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2389 - 2390 Medical Cadet Starfleet Medical Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2390 - 2393 Internal Medicine Resident Starbase 133
2393 - 2396 Medical Officer U.S.S. Challenger NCC-71099
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2396 - 2399 Assistant Chief Medical Officer U.S.S. Galaxy NCC-70637
2399 - 2400 Chief Medical Officer U.S.S. Venture NCC-71854
2400 - Present Chief Medical Officer U.S.S. Columbia NCC-76991
Lieutenant Commander