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USS Columbia (Archive)

One of several Galaxy-class starships constructed during the Dominion War to serve as a battleship, the Columbia was quickly brought up to full exploratory specs in the years following the war. In the 2380s and 2390s, she was sent on two seven-year missions of deep space exploration, making dozens of first contacts under her first two captains. After a mid-life refit in the 2390s, she was relegated with most of the fleet to defensive duties, until being assigned to the Fourth Fleet in 2400. Now under the command of Noah Armstrong, she has returned to front-line exploratory service.

The Columbia is intended to be a moderate-paced quality-focused RPG, with stories drawn from veins that would be recognizable to fans of Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Star Trek: Voyager, emphasizing exploration and character growth more than combat.

This Bravo Fleet RPG is rated 111 under the RPG rating scale. For more information on this and other rules, check out this document.


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Previous Starships to bear the name Columbia

Columbia (NX-02), NX-class starship
Commissioned 2154 | Decommissioned 2161

USS Columbia (NCC-621), Hermes-class scout
Commissioned 2265 | Decommissioned 2280

USS Columbia (NCC-2002), Excelsior-class heavy cruiser
Commissioned 2282 | Decommissioned 2345



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22 August 2022

1.01 - Stairs and Ladders

USS Columbia (Archive): Amid Swirling Dust

Captain’s Log, Stardate 2400.9   After two days, we are ready to activate Relay Station Delta-November-Foxtrot-01 at the far edge of the Nekrit Expanse. This station has been modified from the basic design to also include a general subspace beacon, allowing it to serve as a wayfinding aid [...]

1 March 2022

Swagger stick yourself up off the floor

USS Columbia: Sol Sub Umbra

Turning the corner into main engineering, Lieutenant Andreus Kohl paused a minute to gain his bearings. He leaned close to a bulkhead, keeping back from the bustle of engineers moving around like bees worshiping the warp core. After studying the faces he saw, and mentally comparing them with the [...]

15 February 2022

All the Way Down

USS Columbia: Sol Sub Umbra

From where Chrishell Reiko was sitting, she thought Lieutenant Andreus Kohl moved through Sickbay like a classically-trained actor performing a stage play. Kohl strode around the nurse’s station without looking where he was going, too busy pointing at a chart on a holo-display. Despite his [...]

1 February 2022

Doing An Essential Job

USS Columbia: Sol Sub Umbra

Livvy sighed standing before the accelerator/generator.  There was carbon scoring across the main panel as something overloaded the capacitors sending electricity arcing in all directions. “Davies take a look at and get me a full diagnostic on the driver coil assembly.   T’lal [...]