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Warp Core Breach

Tuesday 5th April 2157
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Once it was clear and the gas was cleared from the ship she looked at Khadijah, Tali as well as to Captain Campbell. “We need to make a quick run to engineering, we only have so long before they begin to wake up for this to work.” Xiang replied looking at them, “Khadijah once we get there we will get to work on preparing for the fake warp core breach, Levy we need you to be on the lookout for any trouble.” Xiang said looking at both officers.

“Understood sir,” Khadijah replied.

Levy looked at Xiang and nodded. Levy knew her job, but she never questioned being told. “Understood, Sir.”

Turning to the Captain, “Once we are ready I will give you notice.” Xian said as she knew the other teams would be heading to the cargo bay to rescue the rest of the crew.

Campbell, who was getting ready to storm the bridge with his husband, Knight, and Wishmore so they could release control of the ship from there, just nodded to his chief engineer. “No unnecessary risks, commander.” He reminded her as he winced in some pain. Though Doctor Wishmore had given him as much pain relief as he could, he still ached from the injuries sustained from his torturing from earlier.

With Levy leading the way they made their way toward engineering grabbing phasers on the way. They were finding knocked-out Orions lining the corridors as they walked quickly to their destination. Once they arrived Levy made sure that engineering was secure, once it was they entered, she and Khadijah began their work. Levy stayed by the door to make sure that no one entered to spoil their plans.

She gave Khadijah specific instructions on what to do to make this work without triggering a real warp core breach, while she worked at the warp core. Things were lining up and everything was beginning to fall into place for them to fake a warp core breach.

“Everything is in place,” Khadijah said looking up from the console she was working at.

“Perfect,” she replied as she pressed the comm button to notify the Captain that they were ready to begin. Once she got confirmation from the Captain to go ahead and start the breach she nodded towards Khadijah. Tapping the console the fake warp core began, she kept an eye on things to make sure things went as planned and nothing went sideways. After a while, she was informed that the ship was finally free from the Orions and they left the area.

Shutting it down the ship had moved out of the area to find a place to begin repairs, taking a sigh of relief she knew that she and her team would have their work cut out for them in the many repairs they would have to complete to get this ship ready again.