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New Tenants

Trivas System
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Glinn Ilmok narrowed her eyes as she skimmed over the ideograms displayed on her small PaDD. The request currently on display wasn’t unusual, at least not on the surface. Ever since the first contingent of Federation personnel had come aboard, there’d been a surge in requests of a similar nature. And in almost every case and circumstance, they could be quickly approved and forgotten. The one currently sitting on the display in her hand, however, dealt with articles that could cause a great deal of trouble if not carefully regulated.

“Dalin,” Ilmok approached her superior, “A moment?”

“What is it, Glinn?” the woman remarked, looking up from the console she had been working at.

“There is a request pending for the establishment of a liquor business on the Promenade. While not specifically prohibited, I wanted to see if you had objections to me speaking with this merchant to ascertain the particulars of his intended shop before approving it,” the Glinn explained.

“Alcohol from the Federation?” Dalin Nefet took a moment to mull the question over. She had served just at the tail end of the Dominion war, and even then had only been a raw recruit. Her exposure fo Federation goods of such a nature were scarce, but she could still vaguely recall them. Her instinct was to ban the store outright, given how rancorous her former crew mates had been upon imbibing some of the less regulated wares the Federation had on tap at the time. Her instincts, however, were also tempered by her own superior’s policy of only denying a merchant a space if the wares they wished to peddle were actually dangerous. Alcohol hadn’t made the list, which meant that outright rejection based solely on personal preference was out.

“As long as the merchant can provide evidence to support that he will only stock items below a certain threshold of alcoholic content… I can’t see a reason to deny his request,” the Dalin said, obviously not thrilled with having to say such.

“The Legate’s policy?” the Glinn asked.

“Yes…” Nefet nodded with a sigh, “And it would be wise not to test her unless we have an airtight case. Make inquiries, but should this merchant be of the reasonable sort… approve his occupancy.”

“Very well,” the Glinn nodded, sending the merchant in question a missive to meet her outside the empty shop he had wanted to occupy.

Haggis had arrived somewhat aggravated by the protocol the station had implemented, including taking his stock and locking it up until further notice. ‘These Cardassians think they have the right to take my wares.’ he thought to himself. The fact that he was here to put a store in was sheer coincidence, but the fact is it was happening. Haggis though an older man could still beat anyone who crossed him that included drinking. He laughed at the thought as a message popped up on his PADD. He rolled his eyes and headed to the shop he had requested.

He arrived to see no one there, which seemed typical anytime he needed to meet with someone. Cardassians didn’t respect anyone’s time but their own. He knew some and was good friends with them, but they would admit the same thing. He stood there tapping his foot waiting to find out not only about his stock, but the status of getting a shop.

Glinn Ilmok approached the rather agitated Human, her brows already creased in annoyance before she ever even spoke to him. His mannerisms spoke of his mood, though the Glinn didn’t have the faintest clue why he would be so on edge. Sucking in a calming breath, the Cardassian approached the man she’d told to meet her.

“You must be Mister McCreery…” the woman said, her tone somewhere between annoyed and disappointed.

Haggis looked at the Cardassian and became of normal manner again. “That I am, Haggis McCreery.”

The woman’s face twitched just a bit at his rapid change in attitude but didn’t let it stop her from making introductions, “Very well. I am Glinn Ilmok, the head of station operations here on Empok Nor. The reason we’ve put a hold on your request is because I and my direct superior have concerns over the nature of your intended business. While the wares, in general, are legal here in Cardassian space, there is an issue of regulation that we need to discuss prior to you being allowed to establish your storefront.”

The Glinn tapped some commands on the PaDD she held and the door to the vacant compartment slid open, allowing the Cardassian to walk through the threshold and into the interior. Once the two of them were inside, the woman continued, “Cardassian laws require alcoholic beverages of any nature to be below a certain content threshold. There are also products that, while not hazardous to other species, do pose a threat to the Cardassian biology. Such products would therefore be banned from being sold or carried by your establishment. Are you familiar with these restrictions, Mr. McCreery?”

Haggis nodded, he knew that the restrictions were in place and he followed them to the letter. “I am aware of them and have never tried to break the restrictions on any station or base I sell in. I own multiple establishments in the galaxy. I will adhere to your rules fully,” he said looking at the Cardassian.

The Glinn nodded at the man’s words while she ran her eyes over the list of items currently detained in the cargo hold. The inventory did indeed follow the guidelines that had been given to the Federation, though a few items toed the line just a bit. It was not, however, enough to give her the leeway she would need to deny his request outright. Ilmok closed her eyes for a moment, taking in a breath before finally giving the man a measured look.

“I can find nothing to be outside of the agreement we made with your government. Because of this, I will release your wares and allow you the use of this space. You will release the standard fee for occupancy, that being twenty slips of latinum. This will secure your residency for one year. You will also owe the station a monthly maintenance fee of two slips per month. This covers any and all required upkeep, power grid usage, and protection costs since your establishment carries with it a higher chance of theft given you wares. Is this acceptable?” the Cardassian explained at length.

Haggis nodded and grabbed the slips of latinum, as a business owner he hated making payments so he had the years payment already prepared. “Here is forty four slips, which should cover the full year in both occupancy and maintenance. Also I hope to see you again Glinn Ilmok. I am always happy to serve and will even cover for any parties or dinners the station may have.”

He smiled though he was agitated his mood quickly changed at the good news given. He was sure the Glinn was wary of his attitude, but it was how Haggis was and he couldn’t change that. “I am not sure what alcohol you like, but please take a bottle out of my stock on the house and complements of Old Haggis Brews.”

The Glinn took the payment offered to her, though she didn’t seem entirely pleased by the sudden remittance of the entire sum of due fees all at once. She did not, however, turn down the payment or make any commentary that confirmed her displeasure.

“Very well, Mr. McCreery,” the woman said after counting the slips to ensure that everything was in order, “Your payment has been confirmed. I will relay your interest in supplying your wares should the station host any festivities. Have you any questions for me before I go?”

“Nothing that I can think of Glinn,” He smiled as he walked around the shop envisioning what it would soon look like.

Glinn Ilmok took the platinum he’d given her and departed, leaving him to his flights of fancy as he wandered around the space he had just rented.