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Old Flames Part 2

USS Neptune
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(USS Neptune)

(Ryders Personal Quarters, 20:00)

Michael had tried to fall asleep early, but he was tossing and turning as the sweat rolled down his face. He had been thinking about what had happened a few weeks prior with Felicity. Even after what happened everynight she was on his mind. He couldn’t sleep most nights because he was thinking of her. He had tried to get her out of his head on multiple occasions, but it was to no avail.

He sat up and looked out the window seeing the starts stream by as the ship headed back to Starbase Bravo for returns. He put on his robe and shuffled slowly from his bedroom. He looked at the time and blinked ‘This is ridiculous. I need sleep.’ He thought to himself as he looked and eyed the bottle of whiskey on the stand. He shook his head and saw a message on his PADD. He opened it to see a message from his wife. 



I have been thinking and I feel that I have been very distant to you lately. I have fought you more than I should’ve and I have spent little to no time with you. I heard you were coming back to Starbase Bravo. I am planning to spend time with you. 


Your Love. 

Michael clenched a fist as anger overtook him. She always tried to smooth things over and he was tired of her façade it would be back to the same in a few weeks. Michael had been struggling on what to do. In one respect he loved his wife, but in the most harsh way possible Felicity had stolen his heart long ago. She had always held his heart though he never admitted it till a few weeks ago when he was drunk.

He wasn’t drunk now and he was quite sure of his feelings for Felicity. He closed the message out from his wife and pulled up the messages between him and Felicity. He smiled because she had made him feel happy for the first time in a long time. He didn’t want to admit it though because he felt he needed to make it seem like things were ok with his wife. He knew they weren’t and he knew they never would be again. She had already pushed him away for far too long. He wanted to talk to Felicity.

He paused for a second and shrugged before opening a new message.

Hey Lic,

I know it’s late, but I was wondering if you wanted to come to my quarters and talk. I can’t sleep if not that’s ok I understand.



(Felicity’s Quarters)

Felicity had finished a long day at the Brewhouse and was winding down. The day had been so busy she had forgot she was supposed to talk to her mom. She felt bad, but after sending her mom a message she felt better. Her parents were understanding, especially knowing her profession.

She walked into her bedroom and looked at the nightstand seeing a picture she hadn’t admitted she had. It was her and Michael at his birthday celebration at the bar. She smiled before proceeding to take a sonic shower. She began to roll back yet again through the many memories she had with him. She had one thing she hadn’t told him and wasn’t quite sure how she could tell him. It wasn’t something she had admitted to anyone, but Michael needed to know. She got out of the shower and put on some clothes.

The warmth of the clothing hitting her skin she sighed and went to pour a glass of whiskey when she saw her PADD lit up. She looked at the message and smiled. With a small solitary reply she said she would be there. She decided she should dress in something a little different so she threw on a tank top and a pair of loose jogging pants.

She grabbed a bottle of Michaels favorite and headed for his quarters with a smile on her face.


(Ryders Personal Quarters)

Michael had changed into some more comfortable clothes before seeing the acknowledgment from Felicity and he smiled. A warm feeling came over him, which was not something he felt when his wife was around. He was just sitting back down when he heard a chime. “Come.” He said.

Felicity entered the room and gave Michael a kiss but paused “Was that too forward?”

“After what happened a few weeks ago I don’t think so.” He said as he kissed her back and offered her a seat. He had been wondering how their next interaction would start and it was just as he supposed. He eyed the bottle and pointed “Is that for me?“

Felicity nodded “Only if you want some.” She said with a laugh. She grabbed two glasses and poured one for her as well as for Michael. She took a sip and felt the warm feeling as the drink went down her throat. The feeling was something she was used to, but she loved it.

Michael took the glass and drank the whole thing in one sip before sitting the glass back down.

“You ok Mike?” Felicity said as she noticed how quickly he drank the glass.

Michael sighed “Not really.” He tossed the message from his wife to her. “I got this today and I’m frankly tired of this song and dance crap she gives me. I never feel happy anymore, not around her at least.” He pushed before continuing thinking of his words carefully “You however…since coming back into my life I’ve felt happier than ever before. I don’t know why I made the worst mistake and let you go when I did.”

Felicity blushed at the comment “Mike I never told you, but it broke my heart when you refused me, but I could never stop loving you.” She stopped taking another sip of her drink “In fact I never dated anyone else because my heart has always been yours.”

Michael smiled “Lic you’ve never left my head all these years, but there is something I can’t remember. Didn’t we have a few intimate nights when I was at the Academy.”

Felicity paused and she knew she had to tell him “We did in fact more than a few…there’s something I never told you.”

Michael wondered what she meant “What’s wrong Lic?”

Felicity paused and grabbed Michaels hands looking in his eyes “You promise not to get mad?”

Michael nodded “I’m sure there’s no way I’d be mad.”

Felicity doubted that statement “Well we had a lot of amazing times together, but after you left I found out I was pregnant. I had never been with anyone else so I knew you were the father. So I guess the news I have for you is that you have a daughter.”

Michael paused and time seemed to pause as he tried to fully process the information. He knew he had spent a lot with Felicity, but he couldn’t recall such a thing. He wasn’t mad nor was he mad at her for some reason he was elated with joy. He had never been able to have a child with his wife and he had always wanted a child. He stood up and looked Felicity straight in the eyes before kissing her with the most passionate kiss he had ever given.

Felicity stopped and looked at him “You reacted better than I thought you would.”

Michael smiled “Though I am surprised and somewhat shocked this news is something I never thought I would hear. What’s she look like? What’s her name? How old is she?”

Felicity pulled up a picture of their daughter and handed it to Michael before proceeding to answer his questions. “Her name is Mary and she’s 24 years old. She’s perfect and she wants to meet you. I just never knew how to tell you.”

Michael’s eyes widened “She’s 24 years old? Where is she currently?”

Felicity looked down “I know I should’ve told you sooner. She is currently on Earth. I could arrange for her to come here to the Neptune or you could.”

Michael nodded “Yes, but we will have to be careful don’t want to spread all this around so soon. Especially with you know who still being around.”

He looked at Felicity “I’ve made my decision I’m going to divorce her. I want to spend the rest of my time with you.”

He held her hand and kissed her again. “Since you’re here, do you want to spend the evening here?”

Felicity paused for a minute “I really shouldn’t, but…” before she could say more Micheal kissed her like he had never done before. She wrapped her arms around him. There was no moment better than this.

He looked at her “With you in my life there’s nothing better except maybe learning I have a daughter.”

Felicity led Michael into his room and felt loved by him like never before.

The next morning Michael woke up and looked again at the picture of his daughter. Longingly wanting to meet her he decided to try and contact her. He looked for her information before finding the way to contact her. He dressed himself leaving Felicity to sleep. He brushed her hair and gave her a kiss before going to his desk. He opened the comm and waited as the line rang.


(Marys Apartment)

The day had been long and Mary was exhausted; she had been helping design a new propulsion system for Starfleet. She was a freelance engineer, but very smart from the accounts of others. She had just gotten back to the apartment and settled in when she heard a ring for her comm device. She smiled and saw it was from the Neptune, but the name was someone she had only ever heard of from her mom.

It was her dad…she was shocked she wasn’t prepared for this. She paused for a minute and she couldn’t decide what to do. She decided to take a chance and answered. She took a deep breath as her dad’s face appeared. She was shocked she had finally seen him.

Michael was speechless. She was beautiful “Mary?” He said.

She nodded, not being able to speak a word for a moment. She couldn’t think of what else to say “Dad?”

Michael smiled “Mary I don’t know where to start. Do you want to come to the ship? I want to meet you in person.”

Mary looked and smiled “That sounds like an amazing idea. I have always wanted to see a Vesta class, but never had the chance.”

Michael stopped for a second “What do you do Mary?”

“Oh I am a propulsion engineer. Might be able to make the Neptune even better.” She chuckled.

She felt comfortable talking to him even though she barely knew him. He was great and she was so excited to finally meet him.

Felicity got up from the bed hearing Michael talking. She dressed and made her way into the room to see Michael talking to Mary. Her eyes widened as she had not expected Mary to answer her dad. She came up behind Michael and wrapped her arms around him. “Hi Mary darling.”

Mary looked surprised “Hi mom! I’m planning on coming to visit the Neptune soon. Just need to know when she’s at Earth next.”

Michael looked at Felicity than at Mary it was weird all that had transpired, but he felt like he had a family and that for him made the past few months bearable. He looked back at Mary “We should be back at Earth in the next few weeks.”

Mary smiled and nodded “I will make sure to take the time. Can’t wait to actually meet you in person dad. I’d stay and talk but I need to get some rest.”

Michael nodded “It’s ok Mary.”

Mary smiled “Love you…dad.”

Michael paused “I love you as well Mary.”

The call ended and Michael looked at Felicity “I didn’t expect that. I’m super happy though. I love you Lic.”

To Be Continued…