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Part of USS Europa: And the Cradle Will Fall

Eerie Feelings

Eldara Corridors
MD2 23:45 2399
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After the group had been given their respective assignments Natalya watched them all depart for the areas as ordered. She knew the crew wouldn’t let her down and that gave her peace of mind. She had been on a lot of missions in her time with Starfleet in different capacities, but this ship gave her a very eerie feeling and she couldn’t quite shake the fact that something was wrong. She shook off her thoughts and looked at Beckman.

“Let’s see what we can find on the Bridge. Watch your step I am not quite sure what we may find.”

“Roger that ma’am,” Willow said as she proceeded to follow along after a brief moment to check the mag status of her boots.

She proceeded slowly down the first corridor on the way to the Bridge at least that’s what it should be if the schematics were anything like a regular Cardassian ship. She went from room to room checking for any survivors but instead found dead crew members.

She looked at Beckman “You look a little shaken Lieutenant everything ok?”

“I don’t like the idea of dead ships ma’am,” Willow admitted. “Mum’s Starfleet, so I’ve heard a fair few ghost stories. Classics like missing crews, pirate attacks, strange illnesses that drove everyone mad.” She tapped at the clear plex of her enviro suit helmet. “No chance of that last one as long as the transporter bio-filters work out.”

She nodded and decided to leave the comment where it was, but made a mental note to come back to it later. After a grueling search, they finally made it to the Bridge, which looked pretty intact. She was about to give orders when the power flickered on.

She received a comm message from Ashatia “Commander Koerner, power has been restored for the time being though I suggest you get what you need as soon as you can. I don’t know how long this will hold sir.”

She looked at Beckman “Begin downloading the records hopefully that will help us get to the bottom of this.”

“Records, gotcha,” Willow replied, then set off for what she guessed might have been ops, but really could have been anything. Tricorder was out quick enough and then set down on the console to sort it’s own interface out and more importantly provide the console with a language she could understand. A few chirps in the cold near-vacuum, then all the Cardassian switched over to Federation Standard. “Two minutes on the last accessible records.”

She went to the Engineering console and began to go through the records to see if she could determine why the ship had been disabled with her prior knowledge she made short work of the records determining the reason was sabotage. She frowned and made a note to let the Fleet Captain know. She closed the information when she heard a sigh from Beckman.

“Everything ok Lieutenant?” She inquired.

“Yes and no. I got the data but it looks like a mess. The only intelligible piece out of the entire lot is that the ship was operational and the impulse engines were running, but everything else is a corrupted mess. Or encrypted. But no one should encrypt the flight data for a civilian freighter, ideally.”

It definitely wasn’t the news she wanted to hear. “The information was corrupted? Sounds like there is more to this than we first thought.”