Part of USS Heracles: USS Heracles – Halting of a Diplomatic Solution and USS Heracles: Operation: Homestead

Halting of a Diplomatic Solution Part 2

Location: Alpha Quadrant – USS Heracles
Stardate: 74769.63 Time: 0811 hours
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Stardate: 74769.63
Time: 0811 hours
Location: Alpha Quadrant – USS Heracles


—Vausees Ready Room—


Vausees reclines in her chair as the door to the room slides open and Debrah enters. As the door closed behind her, she came to a halt beside Vausees’ chair and slowly twisted it around so Vausees was facing her.

Vausees opened her pale blue eyes and peered into her fiance’s brilliant emerald eyes. Vausees face was filled with concern as she stared into Debrah’s eyes.

“I don’t enjoy not knowing what’s going on,” she said to Debrah, who had knelt in front of her fiance.

With Vausee’s hands in hers, she continued to kneel and listened to what was spoken. Even though she thought she knew what needed to be said or done, she realized that in moments like this, she had to let her Captain and her love figure things out.

Debrah looked up into Vausees eyes and for the first time could see the pain and confusion in her eyes. Reaching up she placed a hand on her cheek and gently caressed the side of her face.

“I would do anything to take this away from you,” she whispered quietly as she continued to stare into Vausee’s eyes.

Looking down into her fiance’s eyes and hearing what she had just said to her, she smiled and turned her head to press her lips lightly against the soft inside of Debrah’s wrist. ‘I know,’ she retorted.

As she peered into Debrah’s eyes, a thought sprang across her head. Her mouth formed a smile, which quickly grew into a grin. She gently took her love’s hand from her face and turned to face the holo-monitor.

“Computer, connect to subspace communications array 2456 and send a secured transmission to Starbase 72 priority message to Prothypourgós Thý’ella,” she instructed.

The order was validated with a quiet beep and the message ‘waiting for message’ was shown. Vausees kept the grin on her face and looked at Debrah, who was now the one who was perplexed.

“Thý’ella, please contact Heracles as soon as possible. We have a scenario out here that could benefit from your experience, or rather the Angelikós Zilotís technological achievements,” Vausees explained as her fingers began to move through a file that was being holographically presented as she spoke aloud the message. “I have included a recent ships log to this message, and I need your assistance in determining what is going on,” Vausees stated as the log was attached to the message. She then tapped a luminous icon on the monitor, which resulted in a faint beep. “Computer, send the message and file.”

Debrah stood up and looked at Vausees, “What did you just do, hun?” she said, her gaze fixed on the now-empty holo-monitor.

“If I’m not mistaken, we should have a visitor soon.”

Debrah cocked her head to the side, and a chime at the door could be heard. Debrah returned her gaze from the door to Vausees, a grin lingering on her face.

“Enter,” Vausees said, as the door slid to the side.

“Captain, you have a priority communication from,” Cody said, pausing for a second to look down at the incoming name before looking back at her, “Thý’ella.”

She reached out and took the PADD, dismissing the Commander. Vausees tapped the PADD as soon as the door closed, a holographic image of Thý’ella appeared.

“Good day, Vausees. I’ve gone over the logs and, regrettably, I don’t have that type of experience as you said, but I believe one of our own Engineers should be able to help. I’ve sent for one of them, but before you get too upset, I haven’t notified them of the problem.” As Thý’ella continued to speak, the vision transformed from Thý’ella to another Angelikós. “This man will be there in a few seconds to help you with any problem you are having. I hope he can fix the Heracles,” Thý’ella remarked just as the holographic image vanished and the message finished itself.


—Outside of the Heracles—


As the Heracles and the convoy sat in complete suspension, a bright flash appeared off the Heracles’ nose and a wormhole appeared out of nowhere. A single ship emerged from the wormhole and proceeded to the Heracles.

Jonton looked up from his console for a moment as the wormhole appeared, and then his console blew up from incoming hails. Ignoring the hails, he tapped the captain’s ready room icon and informed Vausees that a single Angelikós vessel had exited an artificial wormhole.

Vausees acknowledge the Lieutenant and stepped out of the ready room. She sat in the captain’s chair, waiting for a hail from the ship. It was then that she realized Jonton’s console was chiming nonstop.

“Lieutenant, send a message to the convoy that the incoming vessel is here for the Heracles,” she ordered as she waited for the hail that she knew was on its way.