Part of USS Aquarius: Unstable Weather

Starting A New Adventure.

Approaching Devron Fleet Yards
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Alton managed to get a lift on the Kirk which was going in the direction of the Devron Fleet Yards, where his new assignment, the USS Aquarius, was docked, where if was completing her repairs and upgrades.

In exchange for his ride, the captain asked him to help out in engineering…seems they were having issues with some of the ship’s systems. Alton was happy to help doing diagnostics and repairs…it helped pass the time.

Being back on the Kirk, he was able to catch up with his friends….especially a certain ensign named Leslie Parsons. Leslie and he were friends, but he often thought there might be something more. She was assigned to the science section, but she was working in engineering for the moment.

Leslie was an attractive woman, of Hawaiian descent. Image result for Vanessa Lachey. Size: 116 x 170. Source: She was intelligent, never took anything for granted.

It felt like there was a static charge whenever they were near each other, the type of charge that would stand your hair on end.

For some reasons, maybe a sign, the chief engineer assigned them together as a team to find and repair any malfunctioning systems. Was it kismet?

The next morning, Alton arrived at her quarters so they could start working. She opened the day, and when he saw her, it took his breath away. She smiled at him and it felt like all the stars in the heavens went nova because they were envisious of her.

Leslie have our assignments on her PADD, so off we went to our first one. Working with her, side by side, felt natural. We’d laugh at each others jokes. Gossip about the crew.

They spent the tour checking off each assignment as they went along. By the end of the day, they had finished everything on the PADD.

They had dinner together, when their duty shift was over. Many people can up to them, wanting to say ‘hello’ to Alton. He smile at them, shook their hand, and off they went.

He escorted her back to her quarters at the end of the evening. She invited him for a drink, an offer he couldn’t deny. She got him the drink from her replicator, and they sat down on the couch. They talked for a long time.

Suddenly it got quiet. They moved towards each other. Their lips just about to touch, when….

The first officers voice came over the comms. ‘Lieutenant Johnson. We’re approaching the Devron Fleet Yards. I suggest you get yourself ready for transport.’ Johnson tapped his commbadge, ‘Thank you, commander, I’ll be ready.’ He looked at her. ‘Guess fate has played a dirty trick against us. I should be going.’ They stood up and walked towards the doors. She looked at him, ‘If it’s meant to happen, I’m sure fate will somehow get us back together.’ She kissed his cheek. ‘You better get your things.’

And with that, he left.