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Meeting the First Officer

Captain's Ready Room
December 2399
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Tajir was in his ready room finishing setting it up, wanted it to have more of a home feel to it than a bland office. Sari had to get back to work, so he was in there alone playing some soft music as he unpacked what he wanted before getting rid of the crate. Once satisfied he walked towards the replicator, “coffee, black.” He replied as the replicator came to life, giving him what he asked for he picked up the cup and walked over to his desk. Sitting down he picked up a PADD which had crew assignments, and other items.

Before long, the chime to his door rang informing him of his first visitor, “Enter!” he stated in response.

The doors hissed open to the petite human Commander. She looked back to her Security escort and thanked him for his company, indicating that he could resume his duties before stepping into the ready room and allowing the doors to close behind her. Noticing the cup of coffee on the desk, she decided to use that to break the ice with her new commanding officer, “Black coffee I see. Straight and to the point. Unaltered. I like that. Commander Akiyama Makoto reporting as ordered, but feel free to call me Aki for short.” she said extending her hand in greeting.

Looking up at her for a moment to study the Commander, “Indeed Commander.” Tajir replied as he stood up, “Welcome aboard the Aquarius.” Tajir replied before taking her hand in a shake, which was firm. “Care for something to drink?” He asked as he stood there for a moment.

Aki stood there in pause for a moment. She’d not considered the idea of a beverage whilst she was on the station but didn’t want to appear impolite, “A Fukamushi Sensha tea, 79 degrees Celsius would be lovely, thank you.”

As Tajir went to get Aki’s drink from the replicator, she continued “While I am grateful Captain, I must admit I’m a little surprised that you selected me personally to be your first officer. Do you mind if I ask why?”

He smiled, “I needed an Executive Officer who has the skills, and based on your service record you were right for the job. I know it’s unusual to pick someone who already had a position or one that didn’t request a transfer.” Tajir began as he brought back the drink and handed it to her, “I needed someone who would have my back and I can rely on.” He added as he finished and took a sip of his coffee.

“For that, you can rest assured, you have no worries there. I’ve been told on occasion that I’ve been a ‘mother hen’. I know it was used merely as a term of endearment referring to my protective nature, but I never could get used to the term. My primary duties are to the ship and crew in which I serve, including her captain.” she replied.

He nodded, “very good.” Tajir replied as he looked at her for a moment, “I know I can just read your service record though I like to get to know people on a more personal level than what I can get from just reading a record.” Tajir began taking a momentary pause before continuing, “Tell me about your last post?” Tajir asked looking at her with a smile.

Aki took a deep sip of her Shensha then set the mug down on the captain’s desk before taking a seat in a more relaxed cross-legged position. “Well…I’ll be frank. It wasn’t the most prestigious position compared to that of one on a starship, but it was one of importance. Most of my daily routines consisted of monitoring Cardassian and Breen activities, especially in the last five years as we reopened diplomatic channels with the Cardassians. It’s not been easy, but both sides appear to be holding up their commitments. One can only hope that relations remain stable. The Breen on the other hand…their raid on Barzan II earlier this year gives me pause. The last thing we need is another conflict.”

She took a moment to judge her captain’s reaction and then continued, “Would I miss it? Perhaps. I left many friends and colleagues behind. Would I give up the opportunity of serving aboard a starship? Not a chance.”

Hoping that her answer was enough to answer the captain’s question, she leaned forward and took another sip of her tea awaiting his response.

Nodding, “What happened on Barzan II was a bold move and a tragic one.” Tajir said recalling the events of that day, “I am sure you will have plenty of excitement on the Aquarius as we will be primarily operating in the old Romulan Neutral Zone.” He said as he took a sip of his coffee, “now tell me what do you look for in a Captain? I know that is an unusual question, I am just curious mostly.” Tajir asked with a smile adjusting in his seat again.

“Unusual, but not uncommon. First and foremost, when challenged I’d expect a captain to be both amenable but firm when needed. It should also go without saying that a captain should put the safety of their ship and crew above all else. Lastly, as an added bonus, I’d like a captain to be counted on not only as a co-worker but also as a friend. If we’re to be working closely together, we’ll no doubt learn a lot about one another and therefore I endeavour to make myself the type a person someone can come to when needed.” she replied.

He smiled, “then we will be a great team.” He responded looking at her for a moment not able to think of anything else at the moment. “Do you have any questions for me?” Tajir asked opening the floor to her to see if she had anything of her own to ask.

Not really able to think of anything specific that she needed answers to at the moment, more so for the fact that there was still other crew to meet and duties that needed to be taken care of before the Aquarius launched, all Aki could think of was a bit of a tongue-in-cheek response, “Merely, when do we get started?” she said with a slight chuckle.

“We depart Devron tomorrow morning at 0800 hours,” Tajir replied looking at her. “If there is nothing else I’ll let you get settled in and familiar with the crew and ship,” Tajir added as he stood up. “Again, welcome aboard Commander I am looking forward in working with you.”

Mirroring her captain, Aki also rose from her seat responding at the meeting’s conclusion, “Thank you Captain. I appreciate the time you’ve given me. I’ll check in with the department heads and see you first thing in the morning.”