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Treating Under Pressure

Endeavour NX-06
Tuesday 5th April 2157
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Before Jerran-Lar left the cargo bay, Petty Officer Knight spoke up. “It’s obvious you want the captain alive, so don’t be foolish, let the doctor take him to sickbay where he can properly treat him.”

Turning on his heel, the tall muscular Orion man stomped over to the young, smaller human man and picked up his waist. “You don’t get to call me foolish, puny human.”

The uncharacteristic surge of courage from Knight continued, “I’m the captain’s yeoman and I can tell you know the fact he has locked out the main computer and primary systems means you are desperate for those codes. He is the only one who has them. None of the rest of us have access to them, so I’m betting you need him otherwise you wouldn’t have left him in his state.”

Sneering at him, Jarren-Lar then changed his expression to one of amusement…or arousement…Knight couldn’t tell at this close proximity. “I like you. When I have finished with your captain, I think you may come my next play thing.” He looked at one of the guards. “Take the captain, their doctor and this pretty little thing to their medical bay.” He looked at Knight and rubbed his hand over his face. “If either of them try anything while they treat their captain, then shoot them.”

The Orion subordinate, who was just as tall and muscular but had more clothing on, simply nodded and gestured with his particle rifle for Wishmore and Knight to pick up Campbell and leave the cargo bay at once.

Campbell, who was barely conscious, looked up at his officers and tried to give them hope with a weak smile. Pushing himself up as they picked him up, his smirk hurt from the cut, fat lip he now bore along with the huge bruised right eye.

“Thanks Romeo.” Campbell coughed up.

“Anytime, sir.” Knight said he placed the captain’s right arm over his shoulders as they began their walk.

Moments later they had arrived in sickbay, the Orion grunt not saying much after they entered. After helping lay the captain down on the main surgical bed, Knight turned to the doctor and asked if Campbell would live. “Will he make it?”

“I don’t know” Jacob responded bluntly as he moved to set various bits of medical equipment to work, “It’s hard to say anything definitive but he isn’t in good shape.”

“Tell me whatever you want me to do to help.” Knight offered.

Nodding at Knight as he strode purposefully across his sickbay, it was simultaneously frustrating and not at all surprising to feel the large hand of their guard drag the doctor away from the drawer he had opened, emitting a low growl as he did so.

Sighing as he pushed passed their captor to remove the hand held scanner and empty hypo that the drawer contained, the Doctor stared the armed Orion square in the eye as he spoke, pointing toward the Captain as he did so “You listen to me! He is dying. I am the only person on this ship capable of stopping that from happening but I cannot do it if you’re going to get in my way.”

Pushing past once again, he grabbed one of the many unoccupied seats that lay strewn around the room after his team’s rapid evacuation and slung it toward the main entrance, “Now if you must be here, fine. but sit down and stay out of my way!”

Watching as the slightly taken aback Orion begrudgingly complied with the Doctor’s request, Jacob turned his attention to the task at hand, “Mister Knight, kindly fetch the Inaprovaline, three vials of Sonambutril, one of Trinephedrine and have three parts Tropolisine to two parts Niaxiline.” Gesturing toward the pharmacy stores, he softened his voice as he addressed the Petty Officer, “Just over there, Romeo.”

Knight just nodded and went off to find the drugs the doctor wanted. He had no idea what the doctor needed all of them for, he just hoped that it would keep the captain alive.

Setting various pieces of machinery to work on the captain, it was immediately clear from the first scan that whilst the captain’s wounds were unpleasant and whilst they would take some time to properly heal, with the proper application of modern medicine they were all relatively straight forward to treat given adequate time and conditions.

Those last two things were luxuries that Wishmore was almost certain would not be afforded to them before the Orions were removed from Endeavour and whilst he didn’t yet know how they would achieve that, he did have a plan in mind to buy enough time to at least get the ship’s Captain on his feet, even if he would have to remain in a state of discomfort for a while longer.

Knight brought back all of the medication as requested and handed them over to Wishmore. “Here you go, sir.”

Taking the various assortment of drugs from the ship’s Yeoman, Wishmore nodded to the young man before speaking quietly, “Stay ready.”

Taking a second to observe the latest readings from the assortment of sensors that the main surgical bed contained, Wishmore frowned as he begun slotting each vial into an empty hypospray. The first couple were for the captain to help along the healing process. In the perfect situation, he’d have liked to keep Captain Campbell in for several days to ensure he was properly fit to return to duty but needs must.

Leaning down toward Endeavour’s CO, Wishmore whispered loud enough only for the man himself to hear, “This isn’t going to feel pleasant, but I promise you’ll be alright.” Taking one deep breath, he applied a second Hypo – the Sonambutri – to the Captain and took a step back, watching as Campbell once more fell unconscious – alarms from every vital sign sensor blaring, “I’m sorry, Romeo. I did my best” Jacob said loudly.

From the corner of his eye, the Doctor could see the Orion guard stand and march toward them, “What happened?” He growled, grabbing Wishmore by the front of his shirt in anger.

“I’m very sorry, his injuries were just too much” Wishmore responded calmly, Touching the green man’s bare shoulder with his right palm as he feigned condolence.

For a moment there was nothing and a fear grew inside Wishmore that his idea was a dud but just a moment later and the Orion released his grip, the man’s expression turning from one of pure aggression to an almost surreally wide smile before the green one stumbled backward and back to his chair. Looking back towards Petty Officer Knight, Wishmore lifted his wrist to show the final concealed hypo containing the concoction of hallucinogen and mood calmer, “Give the Captain a shot of Trinephedrine and he’ll be wide awake. Lock the doors” Jacob instructed Knight as he went about brining Campbell out of the deep sleep he’d been put into.

Nodding to his orders, Knight did as Wishmore commanded (still shocked how devious the doctor could be and the fact that the captain wasn’t dead). After injecting the captain he quickly moved over to the door and scrambled the access codes. “Done, sir.” He took a breath and looked at the Orion guard who was not with it anymore. “What’s next? We should attempt to escape sickbay, surely?” Knight suggested.

Though the doctor’s main priority there and then was treating the captain and ensuring they didn’t loose him.