Part of Endeavour: Through The Thick & Thin

A Warm Welcome?

Endeavour NX-06
Monday, 21st March 2157
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Deciding to meet the new MACO leader at the docking port, Campbell had taken his husband with him for this meeting. Walking up to the door controls he tapped in the commands and the air pressure cycle ran through its checks to finally disengage the locks. The airlock opened and he stepped back to greet his new MACO leader.

Stepping through the hatch, the new major walked through and straight away Campbell noticed his husband’s body expression stiffen as he stood to attention. Ignoring it for now, Campbell looked at the woman and gave her a slightly warm smile. “Major Caidin, welcome aboard Endeavour. I’m Captain Oliver Campbell, your new commanding officer.”

The new MACO stepped forward and saluted both of the other officers. “Major Saorise M. Hess-Caidin.” She said, before taking out two data pads from the bag slung under her right arm and handing them to each of the officers assembled. “As of receiving these, I have now been transferred for duty to your ship Captain, and have taken command of the MACO detachment on board, Lieutenant.”

“Your transfer orders came out of the blue, major.” Campbell commented. “I hope there isn’t anything else that is going to arrive unexpectedly?”

“It was something out of the blue for myself as well, Captain.” Caidin replied as she straightened her dufflebag again. “The Poseidon should be in the process of beaming over a shipment of new weaponry and gear, courtesy of MACO HQ, right now…though I do not know if that itself, was expected or not.”

Turning to his husband, Campbell repressed a smirk at how formal he had just become. “This is First Lieutenant Fynn Trommler, your deputy.” 

Having already saluted, the Major simply gave the First Lieutenant a nod of acknowledgment.  “Greetings.”

“Welcome aboard ma’am.” Trommler said, still remaining formal. 

“Thank you, Lieutenant” Caidin replied, her tone matching the formality of her new second-in-command.

“Fynn and I are married,” Campbell remarked. “I hope that’s not going to be an issue with you, major?”

“As long as it doesn’t complicate the command structure or operations of the ship and-or the MACO detachment.” She stated, raising her right eyebrow. “…then I have no issue…though I would comment, that being married while in two different organisations of service both attached to the same ship, is a rather novel way of circumventing the usual regulations surrounding fraternisation within the ranks.”

“It works for us and the Endeavour.” Campbell remarked.

“Indeed.” Trommler added.

Campbell looked at the major. “Now the introductions are over and done with. Major, I will let First Lieutenant Trommler show you to your cabin and see the MACO barracks. Unless there’s anything else you need to ask of me now?”

“Not as of yet, though I assume you will have some for me, soon enough.” Saorise responded as she tapped the datapad she handed to the Captain before turning to his husband. “Lieutenant Trommler, please lead the way.”

Looking at his husband, somewhat annoyed, Trommler gestured for the major to follow him. “This way, ma’am.”

And the two MACO officers headed down the corridor with Campbell watching from his spot before moving off. “A great start.” He mumbled to himself quietly.