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Part of Endeavour: Through The Thick & Thin

Tactical Introductions

Armoury, Endeavour NX-06
Monday, 21st March, 2157
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It had been some time since Major Caidin had been inside a Starfleet Starship Armoury, over 2 years in fact. She had been a passenger on the Poseidon, not a crew-member, and had been still travelling under Division 14’s medical supervision…meaning she hadn’t had the clearance nor opportunity to take a gander at the Poseidon’s critical areas and systems.

The Endeavour had a much larger and extensive on-board armament, just by basic technical specifications anyways…and a good portion of what would have been on the Poseidon had just been resupply and restock for the Endeavour herself.

Which, beyond her curiosity, was what brought the red-haired Martian commando to the Armoury, so soon after her own arrival on board: straight to work, diving head in…as it were.

Interrupted in his report writing by the sound of the opening Armoury door, Scott eyed the next new face of the many that he would encounter this day. The rank on her collar and the fact she was donning a MACO uniform, told him from his recent review of the personnel records that this was the new MACO detachment commander, but he neglected to remember her name. He set down the tablet in his hand and stood up to greet the woman, extending his hand for a handshake “Lieutenant Commander Scott Mitchel. Major…”

“Saorise Hess-Caidin.” The Major replied, glancing at the hand for a moment first before reaching out to shake it, her own hands still donned in the MACO uniform brown leather gloves, “Are you the Chief Armoury Officer, Commander Mitchell?”

“That I am. Recently transferred from the Poseidon where I served for the past year. How may I be of service?”

“I was just transferred over to the Endeavour from the Poseidon myself, actually…though as a passenger, not a crew member.” Saorise commented before returning to the task at hand. “My arrival also coincided with a transfer of gear for the Endeavour’s MACO Detachment…my detachment now, I suppose I should say…I am here to make sure that the shipment has arrived, been accounted, and has then been secured successfully. Standard protocols and all that.”

“Let me take a look” Scott said as he spun around and seated himself back in front of his computer terminal. He pulled up the Armoury inventory and hadn’t seen any new equipment added since their resupply. He then cross-referenced the cargo bay inventories and saw that there had in fact been a shipment received addressed to the major, but had not yet made its way to armoury storage. “It looks like your gear can be found in cargo bay one Major.”

“Since I have you here, I’d also like to point out that Major al-Basir apparently had a daily Armoury/MACO training session set up with Wilcox prior to our arrival. Is that something you wish to continue or did you have something else planned?”

“Joint-training is a fairly good idea. I’ve done something similar on my tours on Starfleet Vessels.” Saorise responded as she walked over to join Scott at the workstation. “…and I am currently running a through scenario ideas through my head for such things. I think not just continuing, but expanding, the program of joint-services training…I am not about to have the MACOs on board do nothing between off-board deployments. We’re here to carry our weigh-”

The Major was suddenly stopped by a pain in her neck which caused her gasp slightly and clutch the area between her left check and upper neck. “Aghhh…”

“Is everything alright Major?”

“Oh, it’s nothing…just a sudden muscle cramp.” Saorise replied, tightening her hand to increase the pressure on the hotspot. “I am sure it’s just a combination of my body adapting to a new set of environmental settings and not getting proper rest on the ride over here.”

“Well then. Might I suggest having the doctor take a look at it just to be safe? A little time to unwind might also do some good. The captain has a gathering planned in a few hours. A chance to meet the crew and it’d be the perfect place to relieve some stress in a non-work related environment.”

Saorise nodded, winced at the neck movement and then sighed. “I am already due to check in with the local physician…Might as well bring it up with them while I am getting the papers and personnel files sorted…I had heard mention of a soirée of sorts when I arrived…though to be completely honest with you, Commander Mitchell, I think a social gathering might actually be stress inducing…I am all game to take an entire raiding force of Nausicaans, single-handedly with one foot tied to my wrist; but trying to generate mindless small talk in room crammed full of other officers without tasks to focus on? That, gives me pause.”

The Major picked up a nearby data-pad and a memory chip, which she held out to the sitting Armoury Chief. “Care to copy the manifest info down and then join me in the Cargo Bay for a physical spot-check inspection? Make sure we don’t have any missing stun grenades or pulse phase rifles running around and all.”

“I’d love to oblige…” Scott began, taking the data-pad and memory chip from major, and inserting the chip into the transfer port next to his monitor “but the captain is expecting my report at eighteen-hundred. If it’s okay with you, I can have my assistant Lieutenant Jones accompany you to the cargo bay.”

“Very well then. No sneak peeks at the MACOs new toys for you, then.” Saorise replied, though her tone did not quite capture the implied playfulness of her words, with her delivery being more cold and ‘matter of factly’.

Once the data was transferred he handed her back the items. “This should be everything you need.”

”Thank you, Commander.” Saorise took the data block and loaded it in to the side port of the pad, bringing up the details as it loaded. She quickly checked to make the contents were correct and then looked back up. “I shall be on my way then…and I suppose, I shall see you at the Captain’s little gathering tonight…do you think they will serve any Vulcan dishes? I have been craving Plomeek soup all day…”

“It has been my pleasure Major. As far as the menu for tonight is concerned, I haven’t been made privy to it but it would not come as a surprise to see it being served. Until tonight then.”

Scott left Saorise to her business and returned his attention back to the computer to finalize and proof-read his report before sending it to the captain.