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Tensions in Engineering

Engineering, Endeavour
Monday, 21st 2157
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It was just an ordinary day in engineering with nothing too crazy going on at the moment, Khadijah was busy making sure things continued to run smoothly after their refit. She was also having a conversation with another engineer as she worked, “did you hear the news?” Asked Tim as he looked at her who just continued to work.

“Hear what?” Khadijah replied looking over at him from the console she was working at.

“That Commander Patel has been transferred to another assignment leaving us without a Chief Engineer or Executive Officer,” Tim replied which caused Khadijah to stop what she was doing and turn her whole body towards him.

“What do you mean he’s been transferred?” She asked seeming annoyed that she was just now finding out about this from an Ensign nonetheless.

“Starfleet seems to have transferred him as well as a few other senior members,” he responded back. “It also looks like his replacement has transferred over from the Poseidon a few hours ago.” He added though he didn’t know who it was or anything about the new Chief.

“Who is our new Chief?” Khadijah asked visibly upset that she wasn’t chosen to take over as Chief as she was the next senior-most officer in engineering, the Ensign just shrugged.

“I am not sure, though I am sure we will find out soon enough,” Tim added as he walked off to finish his work.

“Just wonderful,” she replied as she went back to doing what she was working on though she wasn’t happy about the news and it showed. “How dare he not say anything to us or even say goodbye.” She said to no one in particular, she wasn’t sure if she was going to like the new Chief.

After finishing with what she was doing, she went to another part of engineering to start on her next task. Officers were now talking amongst themselves about what was going on as it now seemed that all of the engineers had heard the news and were upset by it. Which they had every right to be upset, Patel had been a part of the Endeavour for a long time and they had a good working relationship with him and now that was changing in a blink of an eye.

“Who do they think they are breaking up a good team? What does the Captain think of all this.” Said one of the engineers to another in frustration.

“I don’t know, but I am sure they had their reasons though as for the Captain I can probably tell he isn’t happy about it. There is nothing he can really do if it’s coming from the top brass.” Replied one of the other engineers as they continued to run a diagnostic on one of the systems that seemed to be having some slight feedback, though nothing too major that would affect other systems.

“Well we don’t have to like it,” said the engineer as he walked off causing the other to just shrug.

Khadijah wasn’t sure what to think, she wasn’t sure who the replacement would be just as the doors to engineering opened and in walked Lieutenant Commander Xiang Meihui. “Looks like our new chief has arrived,” Khadijah whispered to the engineer nearby who looked at the door.

“I believe so,” he replied.

Everyone seemed to have turned their attention towards Xiang who looked around at everyone. Being on the top level she was able to at least speak to everyone, clearing her throat she began to speak.

“Good afternoon everyone, I am Lieutenant Commander Xiang Meihui, and as you have probably heard by now that Commander Patel had been reassigned. I am his replacement as Chief.” She began as the others listened though visibly not happy by the news especially Khadijah. “If you need anything please let me know I am always available,” she finished her little speech which wasn’t much.

The officers just seemed to shrug and went back to their duties as Xiang walked down the stairs until she met up with Khadijah. “I hear you have been second in charge of engineering, can you give me a brief status report of all systems?” Xiang asked looking at her who she could tell wasn’t happy by her arrival.

“Sure thing,” Khadijah replied in annoyance.

“Is there a problem Lieutenant?” Xiang asked looking at her in a more serious manner.

“Yes there is a problem, I have served aboard the Endeavour for a very long time. I have been Patel’s right hand all these years and I get passed over for promotion.” Khadijah replied upset though she was a bit loud than she probably needed to be as others stopped what they were doing to look in their direction.

“I can understand your frustration Lieutenant, I don’t know what is up and why you didn’t get chosen. All I know is I was sent here because of my knowledge and experiences to assist.” She replied looking at her, “I know that I can’t replace Patel and I won’t but all I ask is for a chance.” Xiang replied looking at the woman.

Khadijah looked at her as this was the first time she felt validated about her frustrations, “Thank you,” she replied as she began to give Xiang a report of engineering. Once she was finished, “is there anything else you like to know?” Khadijah asked as she looked at her.

“No, you been very helpful.” Xiang replied with a smile, “Just know I will be relying a lot on you until I get into my grove here. I know change isn’t always easy but I am here for each and every one of you,” she said.

“Thanks,” Khadijah replied as she went back to what she was doing before the chief came in.

Xiang walked off to compile her report to the Captain as well as start working on things that Crawford mentioned still needed to be aligned before she went and got ready for the informal dinner tonight.