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Starfleet Academy
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The shuttle craft landed in the middle of the plaza and a half dozen cadets shuffled their way through the exit. Earth, the heart of the Federation, upon arriving at Star Fleet Academy, R’Tor was struck by how bright and blue the sky was with its puffy white clouds. Thinking back to his planet of Narval, it’s sky was more an inky green with wisps of light blue clouds.

 “Cadets!” A voice pierced R’Tor’s moment.  “Sir.” His voice mixed with others as they replied with the standardized response. A short stocky human with thinning hair addressed the huddled group of fresh cadets. “I am lieutenant Jamareck and I am your drill instructor.”  He looked over the mix of cadets, mostly humans and other races that populate the Federation. His eyes fell upon R’Tor, a tall Caitian with white fur and black stripes. The lieutenant’s eyes widened in surprise but continued his announcement. “I’ll be one of your many instructors helping to mold you into a disciplined and efficient unit.”

Lt. Jamareck fell into a rehearsed announcement that droned on for the next 20 minutes. R’Tor yawned loudly, which caused the rest of the cadets to snicker in response. Jamareck stopped in mid-sentence and scowled in the large cat’s direction. “As a reminder, Starfleet is not for everyone. Remember many of you may not make to graduation.” That statement stunned the cadets into silence. “Follow me cadets!” he barked. And he showed the group around the campus which included their classrooms, quarters, and other facilities.


Upon completion of a cadet’s first year, they meet with a counselor for their initial personality review.

[Report on Cadet R’Tor by Lt. Cmd A. Axelson]

R’Tor is a Caitian who was not raised on the main homeworld and his family would be best described as reclusive and at worst they could be considered outcasts from the rest of their society.

Strong willed/ stubborn / slow to anger – intelligent and curious. R’Tor is a skilled hunter as well as a bold and cunning explorer.  He tends to focus on his studies and has completed his Freshman year with exceptional marks. However, he is burdened by self-doubt, despite numerous personal feats of extraordinary skill. At times he is unaware of the admiration in which others hold and believe others fear him. He has sense of duty, and is dedicated to hard work.  His ambition and drive to succeed makes any imagined characteristics flaws fade and tempers his self-doubt.