Part of Endeavour: Through The Thick & Thin

Settling In

Quarters - Endeavour
Monday, 21st 2157
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After their arrival onboard the Endeavour Xiang had arrived at her quarters after separating from Scott on their walk. A lot was going on through her head about their new assignments. She was just getting in her grove aboard the Poseidon, making some friends along the way. Now she would have to start all over, though she did have her best friend here with her which will make things a lot easier to bear.

Walking in she looked around, it was a lot different than the shared quarters she had on her last assignment. She had it all to herself which was going to be nice for a change, she noticed sitting in the middle of the floor her belongings was already there waiting. Setting her bag that she had kept with her down on the bed, she just made mental notes in her head of where she wanted everything to go.

She had a lot going through her head with everything that is changing, she opened one of the totes and began to unpack it placing things where she wanted them. She had a calming cent-type candle that didn’t require any use of flames. It helped her with meditation after a long day, to unwind before going to sleep. She placed that on the nightstand near her bed.

She had some pictures she hung up on the walls, that were calming to look at. Where you would get lost just looking at. She would focus on some of these pictures when she meditated as well. She would spend the next thirty minutes unpacking and placing things in their rightful place.

Looking around once she finished, making any adjustments if needed. “Perfect,” Xiang replied as she sat down on the bed and smiled. She looked at the time, she still had a few more minutes before she met with the Captain so she decided to grab something quick to eat.

After ordering her food she sat down at her desk area and began to eat, and think. “I wonder what the Captain is like?” she asked herself, though with the war going on it was hard to tell. Though from what Commodore Paulson said he was a good officer and commanding officer.

After she finished eating and putting the dishes back she straightened her uniform and took a deep breath. “Well here goes nothing,” she said to herself as she headed out of her quarters and down the hallway just as she noticed Scott walked out at the same time.

Seemed they were both heading to see the Captain, at least she wouldn’t be on her own and they talked all the way until they reached their destination pressing the door chime. They waited for their turn to be called in, she was nervous hoping to make a good first impression.