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A Night Out

The Hearth Bar & Grill, USS Vesta
November 2399
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The USS Vesta had already arrived at Risa a few hours earlier the majority of the crew were off of the ship enjoying themselves on the planet below. That didn’t change the fact that Tianna Anai was busy getting The Hearth Bar & Grill ready for opening in a few hours. They were only open from 1700 hours to 0500 hours, which was a bit unusual but it worked for her business. 

Walking into the kitchen “where is the menu for tonight? I need to review it before it’s sent to the menus.” Anai said to her head chef Antonio. 

“I am just about done with it,” he replied looking up.

“It should have already been done,” she said a bit annoyed.

“I know that and I apologize, last night was so busy I stayed later to help clean up. When I got back to my quarters to do the menu I fell asleep.” He replied looking at her apologetically. 

Looking at him, last night was a pretty busy night as it was a full house. “Alright, just get it to me as soon as you can.” She replied as she walked off to check on other things.

“Yes ma’am,” he replied with a sigh as he got back to work on the menu.

“Is she always like that?” Asked one of the new servers as he had overheard the conversation as he entered the kitchen to get items needed to get the tables set up.

Antonio looked at him, “no not all the time.” He replied, “only when things are behind she likes to keep on schedule.” He added before going back to what he was doing, “I suggest that you get back to work as well.” He said as he reviewed tonight’s menu before he would give it to Anai.

Raising an eyebrow and shrugged before he walked off to get what he came in there for before he walked back out onto the dining room where others were busy making sure everything was set and done correctly. 

“That is not how you do it!” Anai said to the new guy that was left by himself setting a table, “where is your trainer?” She asked a bit annoyed as he shouldn’t be by himself yet.

“I haven’t seen her yet ma’am, I don’t want to just stand around and do nothing so I decided I would help.” He replied looking at her, “I am sorry, I didn’t mean any harm.” He added as he stopped what he was doing.

Anai looked around the room a bit annoyed that one of her staff wasn’t there, “Where is Sara at?” She asked one of the other staff members as she made a mental note to have a talk with her about her attendance.

“I haven’t seen her since closing last night,” the server replied.

“Very well, you get to train our new person then,” Anai ordered as the server nodded in reply.

“Next time, until you are done with the training you are to come and find me if your trainer isn’t here.”

“Understood ma’am,” he replied before walking off to the other server.

Once Anai walked off, “Tony” he replied as held his hand out.

“Toren,” replied the Vulcan server though he didn’t take the hand in return.

“Nice to meet you,” Tony replied before they got to work.

Meanwhile back in the kitchen the chef finished the menu and brought it to Anai’s little office near the back. “Here it is ma’am,” the chef replied with a smile as she looked up and took it from him.

“Thank you,” she replied as Antonio left her office and went back to work. Once he left she began to carefully look it over to see if there would need to be any changes made before putting them on the menus. Once she was satisfied with what was chosen for that night she pressed a couple of buttons on the padd and pushed it out to the others that were located at the main entrance’s welcome booth. They would spend the next several hours setting up for the opening.


Deza was just sitting in her quarters with nothing else to really do as she had already been down planetside, though she decided to come back onboard instead of stay at one of the many resorts. She wasn’t that much of a social person though she had her circle of friends aboard the ship, she had a tendency to stick to herself. 

“What shall I do?” she asked herself just as the door to her quarters chimed, raising an eyebrow wondering who it could be. “Come,” she replied as the doors opened to reveal Teila, Dazra, and Odan, they smiled as they all walked into her quarters as the doors closed shut behind them.

“What’s up?” she asked wondering why the three of them were here.

“We are actually going out tonight to The Hearth Bar & Grill and wanted to know if you wanted to join us?” Odan asked as the others nodded, “it will be fun, and you won’t have to be just sitting here by yourself all night.” Odan added with a grin on his face.

Thinking for a moment, it would be good to get out of her quarters and that sounded like a good excuse. “Sure, I am down,” Deza replied with a smile as Teila almost jumped up and down in excitement.

“What time?” Deza asked.

“2000 hours,” Teila responded still grinning in excitement.

“Great, I will see you all there,” Deza replied as they all nodded and walked out of her quarters so that they could all get ready for tonight.

“Computer, time,” Deza asked as she walked towards her bedroom.

“The time is 1800 hours,” replied the computer.

“Two hours to get ready, what shall I wear?” she asked herself as she opened her closet door and started rummaging through her clothes trying to figure out what she wanted. She didn’t want to wear anything too fancy as it wasn’t that kind of place, though she wasn’t going to wear something that looked like she just rolled out of bed either.

After what seemed like hours but in reality, it was only about ten minutes she decided that she was going to wear black dress pants and a bluish-green blouse that had ruffles going down from the shoulder to the center of the chest. Semi-long sleeves that had ruffles around the end of each. She also picked out semi-high heels, that were black in color that wouldn’t hurt her feet.

“Perfect,” she replied as she laid out her clothes on the bed. She would spend the next hour taking a shower, getting dressed, and doing her hair and makeup for their night out. 

A few hours hand passed by and even with so many of the crew being down on Risa, The Hearth Bar & Grill was still busy. Music was playing near the bar and dance area where people were either sitting at the bar drinking or out on the dance floor. The restaurant area was also busy, with people eating and chatting amongst each other.

The staff was just as busy with serving food and drinks to the customers at each table as well as making sure everything was running as smoothly as possible. Deza walked in looking around to see if she could spot the others. 

Telia looked up just as the doors opened to see Deza walk in, waving in her direction she spoke up “over here.” She replied as Deza heard her and looked at where they were sitting at a corner table near the back of the restaurant and headed over.

“About time you showed up,” Teila replied as Deza just rolled her eyes.

“I am not that late, only five minutes,” Deza said taking a seat next to Dazra.

“They seem to be pretty busy tonight,” Odan replied looking around. “I’d figured more people would be down on Risa.” He added as he took a drink of his tea, he would drink alcoholic beverages once they were done eating and headed to the bar area.

“I noticed that,” Dazra added looking at the two.

A few moments later, Ms. Anai, the manager of the establishment came around, they were a bit understaffed tonight so she was helping wait on tables until things started to slow down. “Welcome, have you decided what you would like to order?” Tianna replied looking at the four of them.

They would each take turns ordering their food from the menu, “wonderful I’ll be back in a few minutes with your orders.” Tianna replied walking off towards the kitchen, one could almost hear her give the orders to the chefs in the kitchen.

“They must be short-staffed, it’s unusual for the manager of the restaurant to be serving tables,” Odan said looking at the others who just shrugged.

Deza shrugged, “probably.” She replied before changing the subject “what do you guys have planned for tomorrow?” She asked looking at them as she really had no plans on doing anything or going anywhere.

“I am planning on having a picnic on the beach with Damir,” Teila replied with a smile.

“Ohhh, you two have a thing?” Dazra joked before Odan interrupted.

“That was a bit rude, who cares if she does or not,” Odan replied a bit annoyed as Dazra held up her hands.

“I was just joking,” she replied just as their food arrived and thanked Anai before she walked off to tend to another table.

“It’s alright, no we’re not just a friendly lunch on the beach,” Teila replied as they were just friends.

“We are going to be doing some sightseeing, maybe some hiking,” Odan replied as he took a bit of his food as he was referring to his wife as this would be their honeymoon after their wedding a couple of weeks ago.

“I am probably just going to stay up here,” Dazra replied with a shrug as she ate. She really wasn’t a social person and preferred to just stay on board the ship and relax.

“I haven’t really decided yet,” Deza replied.

“You could always come and join us for a hike,” Odan suggested which got her thinking.

“That sounds like fun, as long as I am not going to be interrupting your honeymoon time,” Deza replied as she knew that this was their time together after their marriage.

“Oh, it wouldn’t be a bother we would love to have you join us, same goes for you Dazra,” Odan replied as Dazra just shrugged. “Suit yourself,” Odan replied as they all finished their food and continued to talk for a while more before going over to the bar to grab drinks and possibly some dancing for the next several hours.