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As Quick As A Flash

Endeavour NX-06
Monday 4th April 2157
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Like a galleon ship crossing the vast oceans of Earth from centuries before, the Endeavour NX-06 made its way at a comfortable speed of warp four heading to Starbase One. After two months of completing various convoy duties and responding to the odd distress call here and there, the ship had completed a majority of its shakedown cruise. Now the ship was making its way to join elements of the fleet that were patrolling the disputed space between Earth and its adversary: the Romulan Star Empire.

For the last two months, the Romulans had been giving Earth forces a wide berth in avoiding any huge clashes between ships. The odd engagement here and there, but on the whole both sides had seemed to maintain the status quo while repairing and rebuilding their forces. Earth engineers had been pushed to the limit in getting more ships completed, launched and crew while maintaining what was left of the original fleet. The war was almost entering a sort of stalemate period, which meant that something was coming on the horizon.

Celebrating their six month anniversary on the eve of First Contact Day, Campbell and Trommler were enjoying a peaceful ‘date night’ in the captain’s private dining room. A candlelit dinner for two, as prepared by the chef and a few others. Calm piano melodies were playing in the background as they enjoyed their main course.

Looking up from his meal, Campbell smirked at his husband who had caught him yet staring at him. Trommler then looked up and caught the glimpse and smiled at him. “What is it?” He asked.

Not wearing their uniform, instead both men had dressed up for the evening in smart casual civilian attire. Campbell wore a black and white patterned top with grey trousers while Trommler had opted for a short-sleeved navy blue shirt and black jeans. No longer were they just captain and MACO deputy leader, but just Oliver and Fynn.

Picking up his glass of beer, Campbell’s smirk grew wider as he took a sip. He then answered his husband. “Just realising how lucky I am.”

“You get no argument from over here.” Trommler quipped back with his boyish grin, complimented by his dimples.

Chuckling slightly, Campbell shook his head at the lack of humility in his husband’s response which was mixed in with his silly humour. He loved every part of him for that.

Then the deck plating shook under them. Expression of concerns swept over their faces and both men rose from their chairs. Not needing to ask the bridge what was happening, Campbell soon saw the wing of green ships firing against his ship from the window.

However they weren’t Romulan ships…they were Orions.

Tuesday 5th April 2157

Celebrating First Contact Day seemed a sort of mute-point for the crew. The evening before the ship had been attacked by three Orion vessels, thankfully quick thinking and the use of the ship’s new systems meant they were able to disable their attackers and escape without any loss of life, just some damage to the hull.

The crew had worked throughout the rest of the evening, into the night and the early hours of the morning to complete repairs. Now their journey to Starbase One had turned into a rush job. Unable to determine why the Orion ships had attacked, beside the assumption they were after some slaves for their markets (which they were not able to get their hands on), Captain Campbell had ordered the ship to increase speed. His hope had been that getting to safe harbours would avoid any more run-ins.

He was so wrong.

While speaking with Commodore Paulsen via subspace the Orions had returned, this time with their big brothers. Ten ships in total came bearing down on the one ship. Their heavy approach resulted in the ship being forced out of warp, after trying to outrun them at its top speeds beyond warp five.

The first few attacks had knocked out the ship’s port nacelle, forcing plasma to be vented as the ship tried to evade the Orions while at impulse speeds. Being able to destroy two of the Orion ships and disable another one, Endeavour was just no match for the rest.

System after system failed and the impressive jewel of the Earth fleet soon became a drifting hulk of space debris as the Orions ripped into them.

But their endgame was not to destroy the ship, just disable it.

Once they had completed this task, they took the ship into tow with their own version of grapplers and then boarded her.

The combined forces of the MACOs and armoury officers held a valiant fight in defending the ship from its invaders but were soon overrun.

Campbell had attempted to initiate the ship’s new auto-destruct system but it would appear the attack from the day before had been deadly enough to damage the ship’s secondary command processors, resulting in the self-destruct system being disabled from being deactivated. Without being able to safely get down to engineering or the armoury to denote either the warp core or the last remaining torpedoes, Campbell was unable to stop the Endeavour from falling into the hands of the Orions. The only one thing he was able to do was lock out the main computer and deactivate all of the ship’s primary command systems.

Countless large, muscular green humanoids soon entered the bridge and took the captain as their prisoner. Several of the bridge crew were shot down in their places, all of them stunned. Helded tightly by one particular tall Orion man, Campbell was forced to watch as the rest of his crew were taken away by the Orion soldiers.

It didn’t take long until Campbell was handcuffed by the individual who had the tightest hold on him and then pushed into the situation room where his cuffs were chained up to a nearby handrail. One that he couldn’t get himself out of.

The Orion leader in question identified himself as Jerran-Lar. He had the widest shoulders that Campbell had ever seen, which wasn’t hard as he was topless. His abs looked as if they had been sculptured, appearing almost like a statue of Hercules from Ancient Greek mythology. However this man was no champion of the people or the gods. Far from it.

The tall, muscular individual’s emerald skin almost glistened against the bridge lighting as he began to gloat at his victory and that whatever he set to gain from this attack would ensure he would be rewarded handsomely. His thick black hair was cut short, but the strong black lines drawn under his eyes made him look fierce, intimidating. Almost like a pirate that Campbell had read about as a child, and not the friendly type. He meant business and appeared to enjoy that his work made others suffer.

And his hands were pleased to assist with the suffering. Straight away, Jerran-Lar took his energy out against the captain’s body. Punching him in his gut and face, the pain was intense and overwhelming for him. He could feel the cut above his right eye, the dripping of blood coming down the side of his face, along with the bruising around his right eye and across the rest of his body. Falling to the ground during another session of his beatings, Jerran-Lar kicked him in his side and stamped on his leg. He was in complete agony, but Campbell still had no idea why the Orions had attacked.

Grabbing him by the hair, Jerran-Lar pulled Campbell up close to him. He whispered into his ears, his strong breath pushing against the captain’s skin. “You and I are going to become well acquainted in the coming days captain. I promise you that.” He then gave out quite the sadistic laugh. He then wiped his sweaty palms across Campbell’s face, smearing the blood, sweat and tears. Quickly grabbing him by the neck next, Jerran-Lar pulled Campbell closer to him. “I don’t want you to tell me any state secrets or any stupid battleplans in this pathetic war you have against the Romulans. I just want you to understand that I beat you and that you’re mine now.”
With all of his strength, the Orion pushed Campbell down onto the deck plating causing more injury to Campbell as he landed. Hitting his head against the carpeted floor, Campbell took one more glance at the man that stood over the top of him and heard him mutter something about his crew being held up in the various cargo bays or in the brig itself.

Then Campbell’s world collapsed around him as he started to fall into a state of unconsciousness and at that point he felt Jerran-Lar’s hands around his body, clawing away at his jumpsuit as he ripped off pieces. His enjoyment in his work came through chuckles as he did so. Campbell without any more energy fell into darkness as he lost all ability to remain awake and aware of his surroundings.

His body had given up.

Slowly and seductively, Tifenah entered the bridge of the Endeavour via the turbolift and looked around at the mess caused by her soldiers and gave out a sigh. An expression of disgust lingered across her face before she soon found Jerran-Lar playing with an individual from the crew and causing harm to the prisoner.

“Jerran, why is it whenever we do a mission like this you never complete your tasks before playing with your new toys?” She questioned as he stopped his man-handling of the prisoner.

Looking at her, he stepped forward. “Sorry mistress.” He answered back, almost sounding like an innocent boy who had just been caught being naughty. “Our attack was a success and I was enjoying the…bounty.”

“Indeed,” She said, looking down at the man that her minion was dealing with. “Who is he?”

“Captain Campbell, in the flesh.” He answered.

Walking over to look at the almost dead body before her, she shook her head. “Our clients won’t be happy if he is dead before we hand him over.”

“Do not worry, I plan to have my fun with him first and ensure he is fit before we hand him and his ship over.” Jerran-Lar answered, looking back down at Campbell with a wicked expression. “No-one told me that humans were quite…appealing to play with.”

Rolling her eyes at his remarks, Tifenah walked away. “We need to repair this ship as well. Again the client specifically said they wanted it handed over with no damage.”

“We may have been a bit too generous in our assault, the damage is quite extensive.” Jerran-Lar reported.

“So what do you plan to do about it?” Tifenah said, annoyed to hear such matters.

“I will use the captain to get us the help we needed.” He then kneeled down, picked up Campbell’s body and chucked him over his shoulder. After taking the chain off that had held Campbell in his place, the tall somewhat handsome Orion aggressor took Campbell off the bridge and towards the cargo bay.

Several minutes later he entered into the large storage area where the bridge crew and senior staff were being held along with several others. Lar dropped Campbell’s body at his feet, called out to the one he knew was the ship’s surgeon and tossed him a medical kit.

“You have one hour to treat your captain. If you don’t patch him up in time…” He paused and looked around the room, pointed at the captain’s yeoman, “I’ll kill him as well as your captain.”

Jerran-Lar then turned around and left Campbell laying on the floor before his crew to see his broken, damaged self.