Part of Starbase 86: New Day, New Assignment, Same Old Headaches

A Whole New Beginning

Starbase 89
October 18, 2399, 0800 hours
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“Well,” Carrie mused to herself, “this is another fine kettle of fish we’ve gotten ourselves in, haven’t we.”

Her new posting was to Starbase 89, though what she’d be doing here would largely be up to the people in charge, as she hadn’t been told yet and her orders were extremely vague.

“I’m a counselor, damn it, not a commando. The Hell am I doing out here in the Triangle?” she asked no one in particular. “Guess I’ll find out just what the Hell I’m supposed to be doing out here later.”

She took a look around her quarters. “Not much different from what I left on the Repulse, huh. Guess I should start unpacking.” She put away her Risan horga’hn, a gift from her first commanding officer on the Thunderchild. Next was her antique collection of graphic novels. Then came the Tamarian knife that one of her crewmates on the Repulse gave her. She would treasure that knife always.

Having all that done, she set out to take a tour of the Starbase, and possibly find out what she was here for.