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Part of USS Serenity: Meeting Serenity

The Surprise

Task Force 86 XO’s Office
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Lieutenant Heather Kowal entered the office of the Task Force Executive Officer aboard Starbase 86. She had changed into her fresh uniform and enjoyed some caffeine on her way over. She carried a padd in her left hand and told the XO’s assistant that she was there to see her. She gave her name and stood against the bulkhead near some chairs that were a waiting room but she was feeling too anxious to sit. She looked at her watch stopping momentarily to take notice of the yellow uniform wondering if this would be the last day she wore that color.

Francesca had been swamped with her duties making sure that Mek was not overloaded with work. She took a sip of her coffee and looked at her agenda. She saw that she had the privilege of giving Lieutenant Kowal her personal command. She had approved the command after looking at the impressive service record that Kowal held. She got a notification that the Lieutenant was waiting after telling her assistant to send Kowal in, Francesca straightened her uniform and stood preparing for the new guest. 

The door slid open and Franceesca motioned Kowal into the office. “Welcome Lieutenant, please take a seat. Can I get you something to drink?.”

“No thank you ma’am,” Heather said, moving toward the offered seat. “I had taken a few minutes for some caffeine before I came. I just got off shift,” she explained. She doubted that the Task Force Executive Officer was familiar with the Starbase schedule or cared but she really had nothing else to talk about with the officer who was very senior to her. She took the offered seat and smiled at the woman.

The curt reply was not what Francesca was expecting nor as a task force officer was it what she wanted from her officers. She wished that they would be more open with the senior staff instead of being intimidated by them. Natalya smiled nodding to Heather.

“Ahh yes I wasn’t sure if you would come right after your shift or after getting some sleep. Anyway I think you are wondering why I called you here. You have been selected to take command of a Diligent class frigate the USS Serenity.”

Her original statement was going to be how she didn’t want to keep her waiting but then her face lit up at the second part of the TFXO’s statement, “a diligent?” Heather asked, excitedly. She had been hoping to get command of a small vessel like the Defiant she XOed but this was even larger than what she’d expected. A Wallace, an Aquarius, a Defiant… but a Diligent?

“I’m honored to be selected for this command, ma’am,” she said, she almost shook with excitement as she processed this announcement.

Francesca smiled “It is well deserved! We have planned a ceremony, but I figured you would want to see the ship before the official ceremony and announcement is given.”

“When would the ceremony be?” she asked, standing up, eager to see the ship.

”As soon as myself and the Task Force Commanding Officer have the time. Should be this week or next.” Francesca said with assurance.

”Shall we go and take a look?” She said as she got up from her desk.

“I would love that,” Heather said, taking a deep breath as she felt her heart rate raise.