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Profile Overview

Mero Tomuya

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Fleet Captain Tomuya


Division Commanding Officer
USS Neptune


Mero Tomuya


Mercy Hospital


Mero’s time in Starfleet has been eventful going through many positions and finally ending up with a huge promotion to Fleet Captain and the CO of the Neptune Advance Exploration Division.


Mero was born in 2360 on Earth at Mercy Hospital. The only difference for Mero and the other children born that day was that she was human. Her parents met through a chance encounter at Starfleet Command. Her father was an attaché for the admiralty while her mother, a contractor asked to come in for a consultation. 

Mero grew up in the main part of LA, but unlike most of the kids her age she found a fascination with martial arts. It could have came from her heritage of the Japanese culture

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