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The Suspended

Starbase Bravo Starfleet Academy Campus
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“Damn her Vulcan ass!!” Sh’ill yelled, bursting into Dorm No.288, his and his friends room. “What happened?” said the Andorian, Koli, short for his name Koliahr Th’taaqas, whilst turning away from his monitor, on which some historical data could be seen. “She-. So, you remember how we decided to prank the Temporal Mechanics teacher?” “Yeah.” said Koli. “Well, I turned the fire alarm on during her lecture, and she, of course, immediately sent me to the Medical Center, and after that, I was to come straight here and wait.” “Well,” said Koli, “let’s hope that nothing too bad happens. She probably will come here and yell at you for half an hour.” “You do know that you and Koli both will be punished for this?” said a voice from the living room. “Well, that cheers me up to hear!” Sh’ill said, when hearing the beautiful voice of his Boslic girlfriend. “You always cheer me up, with your beautiful, long hair, and large smile. Are we still gonna go to the holodeck later, provided Admiral T’Vrell doesn’t make me write an essay or something like that?” “Well, of course. I can never say no to that Caitian beard of yours!”

The door beeped and Admiral Tv’rell and Admiral Wolf entered.

“Cadets.” said T’Vrell, looking over the room. Everyone immediately stood up, and looked at the door, where the two admirals stood. “Cadets Sh’ill and Koliahr Th’taaqas, please come here, and follow us.” said admiral Wolf, whilst looking at the two men, and staring them down. “Yes ma’am.” they both said at the same time, waiting for the two admirals to start walking.

The admirals started leading them to the exit of the dorm building. When they were in the common room, Sh’ill said to his friend: “I hope nothing too bad happens.” “No talking!” Wolf yelled at them, turning her head in an almost inhumane way, and staring them both down. “Sorry, ma’am.” said the Caitian, apologising.

They walked through the entire campus, straight to the sports centre. “Cadet Sh’ill, go put on a wetsuit, as for you, cadet Th’taaqas, put on swimming shorts. After that, go to the pool, and wait for us. Still, no talking.” After they had done so, they came to the pool. The Admirals were there, waiting. “Swim 10 laps, now, no breaks.” said admiral Wolf.

After they had done that, they got out of the pool, and admiral Wolf said: “Now. Take those swim clothes off, dress into your regular uniform, and meet admiral T’Vrell outside. She will tell you what to do next.”

After this, they met the admiral outside, now alone. “We will run 10,5 kilometers around the campus, and go to admiral Wolf’s office. Let us begin.” So they ran for about 30 minutes, finally reaching the main building. They walked through the massive lobby, into a turbolift. They rode it up to the topmost floor, all of which was the Commandant’s office.

“Ah. I have been expecting you. All of what I just made you do wasn’t pointless. During your suspension, you will have to do more of this. Though the things you will have to do will differ, mainly because of the difference in species. Cadet Sh’ill, you will have to do 75 laps in the pool, but run 22,5 kilometers. As for you, cadet Koliahr, you will have to swim 100 laps, but run only 20 kilometers. You will also have to write essays in Federation History for you, cadet Sh’ill, and in Warp Theory for cadet Koliahr. You are to hand in these essays by the end of your suspension week, together with PADD’s detailing when you did the different exercises. You may do the exercises whenever you want, and you may split them up. I want you to know, I don’t enjoy doing this. This is because suspension is something we give only when we believe you have fallen too low. After this, you will also sign up for extra classes in subjects in which you believe you could use some improvement. Now, please, return to your dorms, and begin work on all of… this.” Admiral Wolf finally finished her monologue, and turning to the window behind her, to signal to them that they need to leave.

“Well, it seems that this will take a long time to finish. And we’ve only got a week until our suspension ends.” the Caitian said, whilst walking with his friend back to the dorm. “Well, the hard part is going to be the running for me. The environmental controls already keep it at 26 degrees Celsius, so it seems like Vulcan to me.” Said Koli. “Then we should get started. I think we can still do that double date this evening. Have you picked out a program?” said Sh’ill, in a cheerier voice. “Yes. The Ba’aten peninsule, on Cardassia Prime. The last place on the planet with jungles.” “Good. Now, let’s get back.”


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