Part of USS Saratoga: Horgon Conclusions

Dawn of a New Day

Captain's Quarters, USS Vesta
November 2399
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It was early in the morning, Makayla was having a strange dream which caused her to suddenly wake up. She sat up quickly as she began to look around taking a deep breath. Chon’al was asleep next to her, though her sudden movement woke him up. Groggy eyed he looked towards her direction, “what’s wrong?” He asked as he to sat up in the bed, the last few weeks seemed to have taken a toll on the crew.

Looking at him with a fake smile, “nothing it was just a bad dream.” Makayla replied realizing she had woken up an hour before her alarm. The Vesta was already on its way to Risa as her crew was cleared for some much-needed R&R.

Pulling her closer to him, he kissed her. He understood, things have been crazy the past few weeks, with unusual assignments and orders, though that was putting things mildly. “How about I fix some breakfast while you get ready,” he said as he got up out of bed putting his clothes on.

“That would be great, I am hungry,” Makayla replied looking at him for a moment before she to got out of bed and headed for the sonic shower.

Chon’al walked into the kitchen looking around, he had learned how to cook from an old friend of his back at the Academy. He could cook just about anything, from many different species as he knew that not everyone was into Klingon food. Getting the ingredients he needed he began to get to work.

The smell filled the room as Makayla walked out of the bedroom, “that smells delicious.” She said walking up to him to see what was being cooked.

Chon’al looked back at her, “I hope you like it.”

“I am sure I will,” she said with a smile.

Leaning down a bit, he placed a soft kiss on her cheek. “Can you set the table?”

Nodding she grabbed a couple of plates, silverware, and glasses from the cabinet. Walking over to the table she set them up as the coffee was brewing. After the coffee was done she took the coffee pot and filled both cups. 

Once he finished cooking he began to put the food on the plates, he then sat down across from Makayla. “I really hope you like it,” he said with a nervous smile as he doesn’t normally cook for anyone.

“It smells delicious,” she responded taking a whiff of the food. Picking up her fork, taking a piece, and placing it in her mouth. “Mmm,” she said closing her eyes for a moment, savoring the food for a bit. “Where did you learn to cook like this?” Makayla said as she opened her eyes looking at him in amazement.

Chon’al let out a laugh, “I actually learned how to cook from a friend back at the Academy, his family was in the restaurant business and he was the only one out of his entire family to join Starfleet.” He began as he to took a bite before he continued to go on about his friend and how he learned to cook.

They continued to talk while they ate, as she took a drink of her coffee she had one burning question she had been meaning to ask him that would seem very random. They have been seeing each other for the past few weeks shortly after they left Kepara Colony. “Why me?” She asked looking at him who seemed to be taken aback by the question.

“What do you mean?” He asked a bit confused.

“Of all women why did you choose me, I am your Captain,” She said clarifying her question as she stood up walking over to the replicator she placed her plate in and the dish disappeared.

“That question came out of the blue,” he said as he looked at her for a moment still taken aback by it. “You’re strong, independent, funny, you care more about others more than you do yourself.” he began as he walked over to her placing his hand on her face to look her deep in the eyes.

“I know you’re my Captain, that still doesn’t change the fact that I have fallen in love with you.” He replied before giving her a reassuring kiss, “I know how to keep things professional while on duty.” He said looking at her with a smile.

Speaking of duty she realized they lost track of time, “shoot we better get going.” Adams replied, “we’re not onshore leave until we reach Risa.” Makayla chuckled as they started to walk towards the door.

“Dinner tonight?” Chon’al asked before they walked out.

“I’d love that,” she responded as they both headed toward the turbolift.

“Great, my place at 1900 hours?” He asked as they arrived and walked in, “bridge.” He said as the doors closed shut behind them.

“Sure, I will be there,” Makayla said as the lift began to move towards its destination.

Once they arrived on the bridge they both went separate ways, “report.” Adams asked Commander Derohl who stood up from the command chair as she walked over.

“We will arrive at Risa in two hours sir,” Tajir replied as he took a seat in his spot. “Everything has been quiet,” he added handing her a padd.

“Wonderful,” Adams replied as she took the padd. “I’ll be in my ready room, I still got some final reports I have to submit before we reach Risa,” Adams replied before heading into her office.

Once the doors shut behind her she let out a loud sigh as she walked to the replicator to get her some more coffee. Not being able to sleep well lately, she needed the extra boost. After grabbing her cup she headed over to her desk and sat down, there was a pile of padds on her desk that still needed to go through and finish.

Taking a sip of her coffee, she began to go through each padd one by one. Most of them were duty rosters needing approval, minor repair acquisitions, and other reports that Command wanted finished. She would spend the remainder of their trip to Risa finishing them so she didn’t have to deal with them during or after their shore leave.