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Part of USS Saratoga: Treasure Hunt and Bravo Fleet: Phase 3: Vanishing Point

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Kepara Colony / USS Vesta
October 2399
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Damir and Jeesa had spent a couple of hours trying to figure out which order the consoles went in order to bring the beacon back online. They weren’t getting anywhere fast as they had no real way to really test it without doing it live. That in itself had its own set of risks which they were not willing to take. Jeesa sighed, “we are getting nowhere without actually activating the consoles.” She said out of frustration and exhaustion, “I wish there was a way we could test it without screwing things up.” Jeesa said as Damir nodded in agreement as he sat there for a moment then a thought popped in his head.

“I have an idea that might just work, what if we gather all the information and recreate everything on the holodeck, we should be able to input everything there and test it without the added worry.” Damir said as Jeesa looked at him for a moment thinking, “that is actually a brilliant idea, so if we hit the wrong sequence it would just reset on the holodeck and we just start over until we get the right sequence.” Jeesa said with a smile as they both decided to head to where the Captain was and tell her of their idea.

As they walked in, Adams looked up from the padd she was reading, “making any progress?” Adams asked looking at the two. “Yes and no,” Damir replied as Adams raised an eyebrow. “That’s why we are here, we are not getting anywhere as we have no way to actually test it without causing issues.” Jeesa began as she then looked at Damir, “Damir here actually had a brilliant idea that would help us in getting this figured out a lot faster than we are right now.” Jeesa replied almost excitedly from the frustration she felt earlier.

“Indeed, I believe I can replicate all this in the holodeck, where I can set the parameters needed for each of the consoles so we can then test it to see which order each console needs to be activated in order for us to bring the beacon back online.” Damir said taking a deep breath before continuing, “that way if we get the wrong order the holodeck will reset and we can start over without the chance of messing anything up here.” Damir finished as Adams looked at them for a brief moment before she nodded.

“If you think that will work then have at it,” Adams replied as they both nodded heading off back towards the beacon to gather the needed information they needed to be able to replicate it on Vesta’s holodeck. 

“Do you really think that will work?” Dazra asked as she looked up at the Captain, “I am not sure as I am not a scientist, if they believe that it will work then have to give it a try, I would really hate to have to wake up Jheria to fix a console that could have been avoided if possible which would take more time than we actually have.” Adams replied back as Dazra nodded, Adams went back to reading her padd while Jheria stirred in her sleep but didn’t wake up. 

Dazra had got up from where she was sitting heading over to where Morgan was keeping watch by the entrance. After she relieved him so he went and got some rest while she took watch. Looking outside it seemed to be a rainy day outside compared to what it was like the day before.


After gathering all the information they would need, Damir and Jeesa returned back to the ship, heading straight towards the holodeck not stopping for anyone or anything. “I sure hope this works,” Jeesa replied as they arrived walking in. “So do I,” Damir replied as he began to enter all the information into the computer that was needed. This took more time as they had to get everything matching just right or this would be a fruitless attempt.

“Got it,” Damir said as he punched in the last of the information. “Computer, begin program Damir-Tkon-1, lock holodeck doors, and place in do not disturb mode other than communications from Captain Adams,” Damir said as the computer beeped in acknowledgment. The program then came to life soon after, it seemed like they were back in the cave again. “Well here it goes, all or nothing,” Damir replied as they began to work, “I need you to keep a record of all the attempts, which were correct and which were incorrect until we get the right order,” Damir replied as Jeesa nodded in return.

Damir stood at the beacon for a few moments to figure out which way to begin, he gave instruction on the first console that he needed her to activate. Tapping a few buttons on the console after she had figured out the sequence on how to operate it. She took a deep breath the console seemed to have been the right one as a light lit up the corresponding symbol that was located on the beacon. “That is interesting,” Damir replied not realizing that it would do that. 

“That is interesting, so when we hit the right sequence the corresponding symbol lights up,” Jeesa commented as Damir nodded before he looked at it for a moment before giving the next console to try. Jeesa tapped a few buttons on that one but it seemed to have reset and the light on the symbol that was lit up went out. “Dammnit, that was the wrong one, so it’s back to the first one,” Damir said as Jeesa did so, the light came back on.

“So we know it’s not going straight down,” Damir said as Jeesa made note of it on the padd that she had kept by her. “Now to just to figure out do we go left or do we go right,” Jeesa commented which got Damir thinking which way he wanted to go. They would spend the next several hours going through the different ways it could go each time they thought they had a good streak going, the next one would reset it and they would have to do it all over again.

“How’s it going up there?” Adams came in through the comm channel which caused them to pause for a moment, “we are making progress though, there are so many different combinations that just when we think we got it we hit a wrong one and have to start over again.” Damir replied as they looked at each other for a moment, “we are getting close though, I suspect a few more hours.” He replied back as Adams nodded, though they couldn’t see it. “Understood, keep me informed, it’s starting to get dark again, so we will be camping in the cave once again tonight,” Adams replied as Jheria had already woken up hours ago. “That was a smart idea Damir,” Jheria said over the comm channel as she appreciated that they decided to do that than try it live and give her more work than what was truly needed.

“Thanks, Commander,” Damir replied as the comm channel ended and they went back to their work, working well into the late-night they finally were able to get the correct sequence which in turn caused a panel to appear on the beacon which wasn’t there before. Jeesa raised an eyebrow, “interesting.” She replied as Damir nodded in agreement before he started to study the panel.

“So it seems that once all the consoles are activated it brings the beacon console to life, now we just need to figure this part out.” Damir replied as they nodded, “could be the final control to activate the beacon and the connection to where ever the beacon connects to.” Jeesa said as they were getting almost too excited to see how this would go and how close they were to repairing a system they probably never dreamed they would in their lifetime.

After a couple more hours they attempted a sequence on the console, almost holding their breath as they did. They were half expecting the program to reset, for them to have to start all over again though it would be quicker now since they knew the sequence of the consoles, it didn’t and it seemed to have successfully activated the beacon. Now the connection part would be tricky so they would need to wait until they activate the real one.

After downloading the data and the sequences onto the padd they ended the program and headed out of the holodeck and back towards the transporter room.


Once they were back down on the planet they saw most of the away team was already asleep as it was well after midnight. Adams was the only one that was still awake, “We believe we have solved the sequence needed to activate the beacon.” Damir replied as Jeesa couldn’t help but grin as she held up the padd she had in her hand.

“Wonderful,” Adams replied looking at the two with an almost relieved look on her face. “It is getting late though so I suggest we get some sleep and worry about activating the beacon in the morning,” Adams said as the two nodded before realizing they really didn’t have time to eat.

“Well I think first we will get something to eat before we call it a night,” they both replied almost in unison before they laughed. Adams couldn’t help but smile as it seemed that Damir finally had come out of his shell since he first came on board. She could use someone like him on her team, “oh Damir can I have a word with you real quick?” Adams asked looking at him, he looked at her then back at Jeesa who just nodded and walked off to get something to eat before she went to bed.

“What is it, Captain?” Damir asked as he was curious as to what she wanted to talk to him about, “I was thinking how would you like to become a permanent member of the crew?” She asked looking at him as he had an almost stunned look on his face. “Seriously?” he asked as he wasn’t sure if she was being serious or not.

“Yes I am dead serious, I have seen how you and Jeesa work together and could use you on my team,” Adams said with sincerity in her voice as he thought for a moment, he was used to being on his own going from assignment to assignment. Never really having a solid assignment aboard any ship, “Yes I would be honored to serve aboard the Vesta.” He said finally looking at her with a huge smile.

“Once we are back on board I will make it final Commander,” She replied as she made a mental note to promote Jeesa as well. Though she knew that Jeesa would outrank him by position rather than rank she has deserved it as well. “Thank you, Captain,” Damir replied and walked off to get some food as well before calling it a night.